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Howdy, Tampa/St. Petersburg, FL- let's have a meetup the first weekend in January!

I'm thinking Saturday January 3rd will probably be best, although Friday or Sunday could probably work, too. The real question is: where do we meet? Last year, we met up in deserted Ybor City; do we continue the tradition, or do we move the meetup to St. Pete this year? Let's discuss.
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I am at the mercy of people who actually live there but I wouldn't mind some place different compared to Ybor. I like new things.
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I agree with Stynx.

Downtown St Pete is a pretty hip place to meet. I haven't been there in a couple of years, but I remember The Independent, Cafe Alma, and Bella Brava as being cool, central, and walkable to other things. Maybe someone who knows St Pete a little better knows a good bar/restaurant/cafe/arcade/whatever that would be perfect for a meetup?
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I've heard a lot about "The Globe" in St. Petersburg being a cool place to hang out, but I have no idea how close it is to other things.
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Hey, I've heard that, too. I'd forgotten about the Globe. It looks very central and it's open wicked late.
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Dang. I'll be Tampa the week before. Ah, well. Enjoy!
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Sadly, I won't get to hang out with you guys this year. This will be the first time in maybe 16 years that I won't be in Tampa for New Year's... Well, have fun!
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I'm going to be there two weeks early :(
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Tampa/Clearwater native here. I say go to Frenchy's Original Cafe in Clearwater Beach (right off Mandalay, one block from the beach) and enjoy the greatest grouper sandwiches on the planet, as well as cheap beer and kickass smoked fish spread, which you should embelish with a few drops of green Tabasco sauce.

NB: It is crucial that you go to the original, and not any of the other, lesser, Frenchy's restaurants.
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Unfortunately, The Globe is a coffee house. I need liquor, or at least beer. I would suggest The Garden, Fergs, Midtown Sundries, anywhere around Jannus Landing...

I've heard good things about Cerviche but since I've never actually been there I'm reluctant to recommend it.

Frenchy's has great food but if more than 3 or 4 people show up it will be a bit tight, especially on a Saturday night.
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Plus Clearwater Beach isn't exactly an easy-to-access central location; I haven't driven there in awhile, but I can't imagine the drive has gotten any faster.
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Hey! I'll be there this year and I'll have a bunch of Germans with me as well. If it has to be that weekend, then saturday is the best for us as well. I don't know my way around there so any venue is good to me.

I'll be in St. Pete Beach but I should have some mode of transportation to any of the neighboring areas.
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I drove around downtown a bit last night, since I met someone there for dinner anyway. The Globe Coffee Lounge isn't really that bad a choice, and there are plenty of bars and pubs nearby- it's about 2 blocks from Jannus Landing. My above recommendations still stand, though. I've never actually been to a MeFi meetup so I don't really know what to look for but I've lived in St. Petersburg a long time and I could probably come up with some better suggestions if I did know.
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Alright then, I'm calling this meetup!

We will be meeting at The Globe Coffee Lounge in St. Petersburg, Saturday January 3rd, at 7 p.m. Party may move on from the Globe after awhile, so anyone looking for the party can call me- 727.475.4373.
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Thanks for getting this together, TPS. See y'all there!
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Righteous! I loves me some JoEllen and The Globe. I shall be there. I tried to talk folks into going there last MeetUp, but to no avail. Hopefully everyone shall love it as much as I do, and I shall be vindicated and possibly revered.
If you hate it, please don't hit me.

PS. They have wicked good homemade sangria.
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I am probably going to come!
I am excited about this!
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Turns out we have a family dinner, so we may be a little on the late side!
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Oh right, I just remembered that this is tonight - is everything still on?
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I'm out. Sporting some freshly bruised ribs, I'm going to take some pain killers and watch football. Everyone have a brilliant time and enjoy The Globe!
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Well, I'm still in, so my cell's in the gender field in my profile. I'll probably be there just a tad on the late side, but definitely before 8 pm.

Also, I'll try to have some sort of identifiable marking on or near me.
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We will be there. I'm bringing the Germans with me.
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We'll try to arrive before Ze Germans get there!
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My brother (The Esteemed Doctor Bunsen Honeydew) and I are en route, if anybody there already is watching this thread.
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Allright, I'm here...
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So sorry we missed out on our own meetup!!! We were on our way, and experienced some car trouble- the oil drain plug fell out of the car! My Dad had to come rescue us; the car is still sitting in the parking lot in the big puddle of oil.
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Thanks for a nice evening, all. It was lovely to meet you.

For reference, here's that thread about Germany in 1000 AD.
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We had a lot of fun too. Thanks everyone for showing up! Mmm pizza...
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I had a great time. Thanks to everybody that was there!
posted by lordrunningclam at 2:17 PM on January 4, 2009

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