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Dallas: meetup December 26! , 27, or 28?

Yes, this coming weekend. Yes, very short notice. I figured folks might have a bit of free time after the Holiday and before the Other Holiday. Do folks have any free time after the Holiday and before the Other Holiday? If you are in the greater Dallas/North Texas/ Oklahoma area, or if you care to fly/drive/skip/jetpack in to said area and you have some free time after the Holiday and before the Other Holiday, then you really have no excuse to not come. Really.

I have a few places in mind, but suggestions are welcome. Remember, Dallas meetups tend to be unforgettable events filled with the making of memories - special memories - that will last for generations. Reach into your heart, right on in your chest cavity, and come enjoy the company of this bundle of joy. Disappointment is something that will not happen.
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If it isn't in a bar, I might venture down from Plano. I have no place suggestions, though- I'm pretty sure all y'all are cooler than me :D.
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We can do someplace that isn't exclusively a bar, yeah. I'm a fan of Mariano's Hacienda, which so far is the only suggestion I've got that isn't just a bar. It's a great place to hang out, the food's really good, and their tequila selection is one of the best in town.
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I might be able to do something on the 26th, but I have family commitments the other night. And there's always the question of whether my flight from Seattle will actually get me there on time.
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I should've mentioned - the 26th is my first choice out of the 3. What time is your flight - I assume it's DFW - scheduled to arrive? Hell, I might even be able to snatch you from the airport, provided you need a ride and/or it'll mean you can make it to the meetup. You're in Seattle? Hacienda has pretty much perfect Tex-Mex, that marvelous culinary mutt that doesn't exist in true form anyplace but the Lone Star State. Man, I'm torturing myself right now. I want Hacienda & I want it now.

If we can get enough (8? 10? I'm not sure) people to confirm they can make it, there's a nice private room at Hacienda. If I remember correctly, I asked about it a year or two back & was told that it's free to reserve provided your party has enough people & you make a reservation.
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I'm supposed to arrive on the 25th. Considering the weather in the northwest right now, there is a small question of whether that will happen. I won't be able to confirm any appearances until I get there unfortunately. Although good Tex-Mex sure is appealing.
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I'm driving back from Tulsa on the 26th, but then driving back out to Colorado early (like 3am early) on the 27th. so depending as long as its sufficiently not late at night, I am definitely in.
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Okay - let's go ahead and schedule this thing for this coming Friday, December 26th. We'll leave the venue TBA until a few more people wipe the sleep out of their eyes and see this post. I'd like to have someplace set in stone by tonight, though, so there's no overlap in scheduling with Moses' birthday celebration. I'm leaning heavily towards Hacienda, especially since we'll have at least one underage Mefite among our ranks. As far as time goes, I'm open. 7:00 is always a nice time to shake an internet friend's hand for the first time.

This should be fun. I'm all about digging my fellow Mefites these days & it'll be nice to see a few in person again.
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Hey, I'll actually be able to come to this one! And I'm freshly 21, what a nice coincidence!
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Hacienda would be nice, due to the fact that I'm underage. and 7pm would work splendidly
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I'm back in Texas for Christmas, and really missing Tex-Mex after moving to North Carolina. I'm probably not "discriminating" (more like incriminating) but I'll drop in if I can.
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Woot! I'm coming back from visiting relatives earlier that day, but I should be back in time for evening things.
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I don't know about you guys, but I smell a finalized meetup plan:

7:00 p.m.
Friday December 26
Mariano's Hacienda
6300 Skillman St
(just west of Abrams Rd)
Dallas, TX 75231

It's a medium-sized joint so locating each other shouldn't be that hard. I look exactly like that bastard in the photo on my userpage, oddly enough.

May I suggest bringing an item that represents something from 2008 that you'd like to move past in the year to come? A photograph, a letter, prison release papers, remnants of a botched home operation, etc. Something not too big in size, though the more expensive the item the more entertaining it'll be once we've downed our share of rounds of the Hacienda's magnificent tequila selection & come up with a creative way to release our mementos/memories to their destinies. You know, destroy them.

My other suggestion for something to do was going to be to go play a few rounds over at I-30 Bingo. They go late, late into the weekend night, so if folk're feeling it we could head over there after the Hacienda. It's cheap as hell - from what I remember around $10 or $12 will get you a couple of hours of playtime - with the very real chance to win some very real money. If you've never been to a professional bingo hall, then you need to. This one's BYOB, to boot. It's worth the price of a few cards to engage in some of the best people-watching you'll find anywhere, and it's twice as fun with a group of Mefites - or so I'm told.
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A couple of hours ago I received some pretty bad news regarding a member of my family. Because of this, I'm sorry to say I'm not going to be able to make this meetup. You guys need to keep this meetup alive - kick-ass Tex-Mex, bingo, & a violent purging of the past year should make for an unforgettable time.

Have fun.
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Oh dear, the 26th is the one day that does not work for me. My friends and I are having a Christmas party/gift exchange tomorrow night- at 6:30, even. Have fun, and maybe I'll be in town for the next one :).
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Please don't sweat it, MadamM. As I alluded to above, there was a death in my immediate family and as much as a meetup would help take my mind off of what's happened, I just can't make it.

No one's commented here in a couple of days. I realize it's Christmas, but the meetup's scheduled for tomorrow. What's everyone's schedule look like this coming week? I could do something Tuesday evening, if anyone's interested.
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I'm so sorry, Item.

I'm free all next week, and I'm all for keeping the dream alive for tomorrow night.
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Probably not going to make it due to family obligations. See y'all next time perhaps.
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...Aaaaaaand car trouble.


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