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Denton, TX meetup Jan. 23 or 24? This post lists great ideas for things to do, but it would be much more fun to enjoy them with a group.

I'll be traveling to Denton for 4 days of classes from Jan. 23-26. I assume that Friday or Saturday would work best for most people. I would be up for driving a few miles but prefer not to venture into Dallas/Ft. Worth. Suggestions for specifics welcome: dinner, live music, bowling, bar-hangout-chat, some combination thereof? Any start time after 6:00 would work for my schedule.
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There was another recent askme that specifically covered what to do in Denton and North Texas.

(And as a frequently-passing-through non-Dentonian, I will now sit back and let other people make actual suggestions.)
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As the person that asked the question, I'm up for it. I don't have many good ideas, but I'd love to get a drink and chill. Anywhere in Denton or points south would be fun. If I come up with an idea, I'll be back to post it in this thread.
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Thanks, ormondsacker! Seems like a MeMail to the N. Texas contingent is in order. I'll do that to make sure they see the thread.
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I would totally be willing to drive up from Richardson, as long as whatever is going on is under-21 friendly.
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I might come. It depends on whether or not I'm helping out my sister that weekend and various other sundry factors.
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very, very little in denton is under 21 friendly and fun at the same time.
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Unless you make it fun.

Denton's a little ways from here, but if the 24th is the decided-on date, I would probably make the effort to show up. Friday wouldn't be so great for me, as I don't even get home until ~7ish. I'm also no good for suggestions on meeting places, having never really spent much time in Denton. My high school graduation was at UNT, and I've visited friends homes on very few occasions, but that's about it.
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Yay, people! I feel a nubbin of interest forming. We can definitely swing an under-21-friendly experience. How about dinner, with optional something afterward? Or drinks/dinner at a place that will have live music?

On my previous trip to Denton (Aug. 08) I found a restaurant just off of the square...Stillwater? that had good food and looked like they'd have a band on the weekend. Of course, we don't have to meet in Denton proper. I am willing to travel to Lewisville or anywhere else within about a 20-mile radius of Denton. Not trying to be an out-of-town pain-in-ass. ;)
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P.S. I have a MeFiMail with a suggestion of Saturday, 1/24. Does that work for most people?
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On the under-21 front, I assume that most bar/restaurants that serve alcohol allow under-21 folks in?
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I'm up for 1/24 an dinner, I think. Like, 75% sure I'd be there.

Most of the restaurants that serve booze also allow the kidduns in, but I'd call first. I'm pretty sure Stillwater does, though.
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Hooray! I'm comin'!
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I'm almost certain I'll be participating, and I'm not picky at all about venue. What kind of food is Stillwater? I can't find anything about them on Google(Yelp is blocked on my work internet connection, so I don't know if Stillwater shows up there or not).

There's a Cafe Brazil in Carrollton, although that may be a little farther than you want to go. Google maps places it about 22 miles from "Denton, Tx" to the street address. I've never been to that specific location, but the one in Richardson and the Greenville location in Dallas are both pretty cool places. Full meals, breakfast/lunch/dinner served all day, bottomless coffee bar, no problem with people hanging around for extended periods of time, and the Richardson location has local art displayed. On the selfish side of things, this would cut my personal drive about in half, compared to going to Denton. Their website isn't the best designed, but it has a menu with prices. Also, it appears that coffee is free with any entree this month.

There's a Main Event in Lewisville. They have bowling, pool, laser tag, an arcade, and a "cafe", although I think it's better to eat elsewhere. There are a lot of chain restaurants nearby, or it would be easy to get there from the Carrollton Cafe Brazil location. There's also an AMF bowling center, Lewisville Lanes, in (duh) Lewisville.

I'm just throwing out a few suggestions in the area I'm more familiar with. Traveling to Denton is not a problem, and I'm looking forward to this, regardless of where we end up.
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Stillwater is a sports grill with burgers and such - just off the square in Denton and pretty good food. It's kind of a UNT hangout, though, isn't it? It might be crowded on a Saturday night.
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I'm about 1.5 hours from Denton (I think...I haven't been back since I went to TWU), but I could be up for visiting with the other North Texas Mefites.

Keep in mind that Denton is a college town, and on Friday and Sat nights there will be a ton of pub crawling freshman everywhere.
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Stillwater = Sweetwater
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Thanks, Uncle Ira. That explains the Google black hole.
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Hi everyone, thanks for piling on! Since we have stated preferences for the 24th (Saturday) that will be the date. The sidebar's been updated.

Also, thanks for the correction on the name of the restaurant. Sweetwater is indeed the place I found on my last visit to Denton. I went on a Friday night and ate some good food (TexMex). The place was a bustling mix of townies and students (some under 21 I think), and they allow indoor smoking (I can deal with smoking but thought I'd mention it in case it might bother others).

The Cafe Brazil in Carrollton looks like a good option also, and I'm up for the drive. I'm less interested in Main Event because it looks huge and very noisy (like a Dave & Buster's I assume). I'd be cool with Lewisville Lanes though, if folks want to go bowling after food.

I was trying to look for other restaurants in Denton, Lewisville, and Carrollton but can't seem to find much that's not a huge national chain. On my last visit I got a tip from the hotel staff to try Royal East Asian Cuisine (sushi/Korean in Denton), but the online reviews of the place are mixed. I also went to The Greenhouse the last time I was in town and the food was wonderful, but the atmosphere was pretty quiet so I wasn't sure if this would be a good fit for this group.

Any other ideas or preferences out there?
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Sounds like it's possibly been narrowed down to Sweetwater. So when's a good time for everyone? When are you out of your Web Institute turtlegirl (SLIS or another program)? I would like to try to come, driving up from FTW. Sounds fun.
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I have no other obligations on the 24th, so any time is good for me. Would 6:30 or 7:00 work for everyone?
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My classes finish at 5:00. (Yes, haunted, it is the SLIS program at UNT.) Looks like Sweetwater's the place. I'll show up at 6:00 to try to get a table, since it will probably be (or become) busy. Thanks to all who are planning to drive from far and wide, I'm looking forward to this! To sum up:
Saturday, January 24, 2009
Sweetwater Bar & Grill in Denton
Starting at 6:00 pm - come when you can
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Ok, then, count me in for sure. I'll try to show up close to the 6:00 start time, traffic willing.
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I'm up for it. Sweetwater at 6 on January 24th. It'll be good to meet some of you North Texas Mefites.
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Also, in an effort to avoid potential "is this the MetaFilter group?" confusion here's a recent picture of me (on the right).
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Good idea, turtlegirl. I'll even wear Metafilter colors.
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Watch out for this guy. I hear he's trouble.(Or: a snapshot of me and half of my grandmother)
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I hope it's her good half, owtytrof! *rimshot* Sorry, couldn't resist.
Also also, I officially made it to Texas, so I'll see you kids tomorrow night. Yay!
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Sorry I didn't make it, y'all. Fiancee was sick and needed assistance.

Next time, next time. Hope everyone had a blast.
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We missed ya, SNWidget, but we managed(to have a good time). Hope the fiancee's feeling better!
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Yay, my first meet! Good food was had (except I left my takehome box at the place!) and good stories were shared by all. Now let's have those pictures.
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Thanks again for driving out to Denton! I had a great time. My contribution to the photographic evidence will have to wait until tomorrow (when my camera is reunited with my USB cable).

Sorry we missed you, SNWidget! It's your turn to plan the next one ;)
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Ok, I've uploaded my (meager) photos. Being the genius that I am, I had no one take a photo of me with my camera. turtlegirl's got the good ones, anyway, so we'll wait for hers.
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I'm bummed I missed it. I should have posted something in my calendar, rather than counting on remembering to check back here for all the details. Of course, idiots killed MeFi while I was trying to remember where it was we were all meeting.

Glad everyone had fun, I'll try to actually make the next dfw area one.
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I was wondering if that would happen to everyone. Sorry, dejah. :(
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You know, it's rather inspiring when you think about it. While MetaFilter trembled beneath the spammish fist, while our very way of life was under attack, a small band of loyalists met to show the blue flag. While servers trembled, while eminent men feared to show their face, we few made shout-outs, we few gossiped about prominent site members, we few enumerated the uses of Ella Fitzgerald. We happy few. From this day until the ending of the world, MeFites now abed will think themselves accursed they were not there, and count their favorites cheap while something, something St. Crispin's Day. Dead Server Day. Whichever.

Where are the pictures? I'm borrred!
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Well, ormondsacker put it better than I ever could have. You eloquent dog, you.
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I'm downloading the photos from turtlegirl's camera to help speed up the process. She's been busy with work and school since she got back.
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So much for eloquent.
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I don't have to be eloquent in whispers, man.
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Is that the secret? I have a new strategy for life, now!
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Finally! Photos are up, although Flickr was giving me fits and I couldn't create a new set. Thanks again for coming out, and here's to more N. Texas meetups, even if I can't join you...I'll be there in spirit. :)
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That is all.
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