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Any comics mefites going to the NY Comic Con? Odds are that I'm going to be able to make it this year - should we set up a meeting or at the minimum some identification procedures so we'll know if we run into each other?
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I might be signing with my co-author.
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I'm still on the fence. I really wanna see Grant Morrison (as I aaalllways do) and I heard Steranko's going to be there as well (though I don't really know what I'd say to the guy besides just sort of stare at him). I'm just having a hard into making that ticket purchase. Though I'm pretty sure my continued waffling is going to end up with me missing out on tickets for cool ticketed events and at door ticket prices are INSANE.

So what am I basically saying? That I have one foot in the land of "yes, I'd like to go." Why did I say that when it's not a clearcut yes or no? I don't know, IVDS (internet verbal diarrhea syndrome), I guess. I just really wanted people to know I really want to go. I always feel like a bad person for not going. I'm not a bad nerd. I just...there's just stuff man, like work...and, and, trying to figure out how light my pockets are that weekend and shit =(. And I was highly traumatized when the first time ever I went to a con (for a school assignment); it was alone, and I don't want that happening ever again. And I kind of need to see the numbers of who else will be there. I'll have a better answer closer to the date I think.
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I'll be there at least one of the days I'll be there in a recreational capacity. If you want to meet up and high-five each other, PM me and I'll reveal my AMAZINGLY SECRET wardrobe accessories.
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checking their site ... they haven't announced any bands I want to see yet, so at the moment I am not going.
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I'll try and wear the T-shirt from my profile for one of the days.

...and be continuously drinking.
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Dunno about that, but Oni Press usually has more stuff that I ever knew they published available at this kind of do, and I think in the past they've possibly had stuff that hadn't made it's way into stores.
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Well, I'm booked now, and at a fancy hotel too.

Looks like this thread died a death though.
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