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Salt Lake City Meetup?

I'm currently in Iowa, driving to Salt Lake City. Should be there tomorrow evening. Anyone up for conversation/dinner?

I don't know if there are any mefites there, but I (317) welcome telephone (946 miles to go) calls while on the road. I'll have very limited 'net access between now and then.

With any luck, there will be 9535 people living in the area.

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That is a fantastic communication strategy. Keep safe on your drive, pjern!
posted by Stewriffic at 10:42 AM on February 24, 2009

Is your car running? You better catch it, then!
posted by not_on_display at 2:20 PM on February 24, 2009

That is a short fuse. I'm near SLC, but I'm not sure I can do tonight. I'll try, and I won't count on you checking in here.

If a possibility opens up, I'll call you.
posted by SlyBevel at 7:59 AM on February 25, 2009

That's great. I'm parked, temporarily, at the Sapp Brother's truckstop on the 215, taking advantage of the free wifi. If not there, I'll be roving around doing self-directed tourism. My phone is always on.
posted by pjern at 6:45 PM on February 25, 2009

Yeah, it didn't work out. Sorry about that. There was crazy family stuff going on, and I was a little sick as well.

Hope you liked SLC, though!
posted by SlyBevel at 7:39 AM on March 3, 2009

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