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Sorry for this super last minute invitation, but: if you live in or are visiting Manila and have a blog or journal, a bunch of us (most of whom are MetaFilterians) are getting together for lunch tomorrow -- February 2, 11:30 a.m. at Press Cafe (inside Page One bookstore) at the Power Plant Mall in Rockwell, Makati.
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If you only had told me yesterday! The flight from Boston won't get me there til tomorrow night if I leave right now!

Ah, well. Maybe next time.
posted by J. R. Hughto at 6:38 AM on February 1, 2002

J.R. baby, get on that flight! Lunches in Manila have been known to last till sundown, or even dinner -- or at least the ones that I go to do. :)
posted by lia at 8:13 AM on February 1, 2002

Wish I could make it! I attended I.S. for a year many moons ago when I lived in Los Banos.
posted by rushmc at 8:37 AM on February 1, 2002

Will the Boy be there?
posted by thirteen at 8:49 AM on February 1, 2002

Naw, he's shy.
posted by lia at 9:58 AM on February 1, 2002

It was fun. Here's a photo.
posted by brownpau at 4:35 PM on February 21, 2002

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