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Vancouver. Before the weather becomes too nice, shall we meet?

Myopicman recommends the first weekend in May. Typing the current month exceeds any iphone skills currently possessed by the typist.
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posted by sleslie at 9:57 AM on April 10, 2009

For what it's worth, I will be there in June.
posted by ricochet biscuit at 4:48 PM on April 10, 2009

Provided it's a weekend and not a weekday, I can probably do this. Weather? Nice? naah, that won't happen until August for 1-1/2 weeks. betcha it rains.
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I'm interested, but I'm shy and don't know anyone! Eep.
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So come and then you'll know people. I don't know most MeFites in Vancouver either, but the conversations are always good as most people (after consideration) everyone I've met in the two (yes, only two) meetups I've been to have been interesting to talk to. And there'll be drinks and food. Well, there'd better be.
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I feel like I should mention that this was typed on my phone by myopicman in a tiny Filipino restaurant at Powell and Gore that happened to be where we ended up for karaoke because Hoko's was closed and it was two doors down.

I am pretty sure I was singing something at the time that I have no real desire to remember but will undoubtedly be reminded of in rather an embarrassing fashion at an inopportune time by myopicman.

...things got a little surreal last night.
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You do, of course, realise that you're re-enacting that part of the night at the meetup, yeah? Words don't really do it justice.
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iPhone commandeering aside, does the first Friday or Saturday in May sound? Based on the relocation required last meetup, finding a place that can handle us random internet folk without reservations. We settled on Fogg 'n Suds on Robson last time, we've done the Brickhouse in the past. How do those sound, or has another spot surfaced recently that's worth a look-see?

richochet biscuit: let us know when you're in town and we can always reconvene. I'm sure some of us won't make it in May but with enough lead time, people can put aside their paddles and their surfboards and their toeclips and sit on a patio somewhere and inbibe a few libations with any Easterner.

After surrendering said iPhone, I left karaoke before things got interesting there — got my Hazlewood in though —, so my leverage is minimal, though I heard things. Then the dubstep kicked in and I could no longer hear things.
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Don't make me plan this one again...

I'm thinking Ovaltine Cafe. They're licensed. Excellent wait staff.
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*cricket cricket*
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I just signed Vancouver up to be part of the 10 year bash - so head to the 10th tab, and help us decide when and where to specifically be in the date range available (I suggest the Friday or Saturday as the better evenings - or maybe even Saturday late afternoon into evening so that if we are webcam-ing, we can better synchronize with the East-coasters.) I will cross-post this in the thread there.
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