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oh, goodness, now even my mother will know about weblogging. Time magazine columnist gets weblog.
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of course, I'm just feeling a bit of whoo-hoo pride because the columnist is using my template design. :)

oh, and via Blogger.
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The fine people at national review jumping on the bandwagon as well. I just love that Jonah Goldberg...
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national review? ::grimaces::

I wonder if this will help the push for Blogger Pro.

I wonder if my kid sis will read this in mom's copy of Time and start a weblog.
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And yet another failure to distinguish between online journals and weblogs.
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so how do you distinguish between the two?

yes, I think he (article author) focuses a skosh too much on the soap-opera potential of the form, but I really do wonder where that boundary is. is it a certain ratio of linked goodness to personal editorializing to recording of daily life?
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PC magazine (feb 26) has a column about weblogs....we just got it in the mail, don't know if it hit newsstands yet......mostly talking about the diary form tho.

I am the last living sentient being on the planet without one-at least that is what it is starting to feel like. I don't even have a web page. I have the technology,(aka genius teenage son), just never got around to it.
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I've found the last living sentient being on the planet without a web page!

Now, hand me the tranquilizer gun...carefully, carefully! That's got her!

*no bunnies were harmed, or fired, in the composition of this comment*

I'm Marlon Perkins for Mutual of Omaha.
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"congratulations! bunnyfire.com is available"

courtesy of the fine folks @ network solutions.

y'know, once you get outside of the cozy world of the 'bloggers, there are lots and lots of people who don't have web sites.

not that I claim to understand 'em myself....

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Iteesh a vishhious rohdent! Wit' big, shaarp pointy teeeth!
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quietly backing away....

actually, almost none of my "meatspace" friends have web sites, nor weblogs, and that sucks. I hate the phone, I'm a terrible correspondent (both snail- and e-mail), but I keep a pretty good weblog/journal. (a legacy of damn near 20 years of keeping various diaries.) and I love reading other people's weblogs, so why not my own friends?

but no.

(which is why I'm kinda hoping that the sis will read that article.)
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poor Marlin Perkins......he could have used some salt (burp)...........
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Ken Layne's response (scroll down a touch):

That fruit pie from Time Magazine thinks a personal Web site should revolve around "whatever ramblings come to mind ... "

Sure thing, Pablo! ...

And check back soon for new updates! The prom's coming up, I'm wondering about getting my ass pierced, and I've conjured some sort of blood-sucking devil monster out of the pile of chicken heads in the living room! Love ya lots, jackass! Stay cool!"

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Actually, Bunnyfire, you do have a weblog.

It's called MetaFilter : )
posted by Ptrin at 6:31 PM on February 5, 2002

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