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Looking for mixtapes (Hey, I'm old. And it still sounds better than mix-cds).

Okay, I'm going to be shameless in soliciting here. I'm leaving for surgery in less than a week and I'm starting to be scared shirtless. I'm going it alone, and I'm going all the way from Seattle to Belgium. It's exciting, but scary and I really need more music. I love random mixes, and I've found most of my favorite music through friends who put tapes together for me at one time or another.

I would offer a music exchange, but my tastes just aren't cool enough or interesting enough I'm afraid. So I'm offering postcards from Belgium for anyone who's interested in helping a sister out. I like everything from classical to country. Really, everything. And I can totally pay postage. The only catch is that I'm leaving next week. If you're in Europe I can give you the address of the hotel where I'll be staying. If you're in the US I'd be happy to paypal you postage money. Or I can give you webspace to upload music and I can burn it myself.

I know this is totally weird, but some music would make me really happy.
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For a while I imagined I'd have the stamina to rip and upload all the MeFi Swap mixes I've received over the years...alas so far there's only Do Not Kink (from someone else in 2003) and the one I sent out for the last swap, A Mid-Tempo Rock Song Glut. Lemme know if the download links aren't working anymore; they may have expired from lack of use. Hope you dig em, and best wishes for a successful procedure and quick recovery!
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Here's a recent acid-techno mix I recorded live at a genuine underground warehouse party:

Share and enjoy.
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tejolote, i'll make you a mix this weekend, if you can email me a space to upload it to (or leave instructions in this thread) as i doubt i would get it in the mail soon enough. cdmcculloch at comcast dot net

and best of luck with your surgery - in advance: get well soon!
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Flemming Dalum's Italo Classix mix is pretty much the best thing I've heard in ages. Spacey, upbeat, awesome ItaloDisco this way:
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I'd be more than happy to burn a CD and send it, though it probably won't be in the mail by Monday. I'd need an address, though. Goodness knows I like to stick my music in other people's business.
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Doesn't this belong in Ask Metafilter rather than MetaTalk?
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I've been making an mp3 mixtape each month this year and posting them on my blog. They're here. They're pretty varied and cover a relatively wide range of styles. I'm proud to say that they're not just playlists but full-on mixes with segues and fades and everything.
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Doesn't this belong in Ask Metafilter rather than MetaTalk?

What're you, a narc?
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The tracks for my three most recent mixtapes are on my website. Here is a page for you with all three tracklists and the file locations for each of the songs. (I'll leave that up there for a little while, but the page will come down in a week or two.) The ID3 tags should be mostly complete, so just downloading the music should work out OK. You can use something like the Firefox addon DownThemAll to download all the tracks at once.

Good luck with your surgery!
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I made 3 "motivational" mixes full of positive, encouraging songs for my women's therapy group back when I was in it. I'd be happy to put them up for you to download. (As my best friend is also having surgery on Monday, I won't have a chance to make it to the post office.)

Also, if you are interested in Christian music, I can upload the mix I made for myself when I had my first surgery at age 20. I am no longer a Christian but I saved it, and if it comforts you I am willing to share.

I completely sympathize with you... during the 3 weeks' notice I had before my first surgery, I went from being convinced I was going to die to being convinced I'd be fine, and then repeat the cycle every hour or so. Scared shirtless indeed! As you can see, I'm fine. :)
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Uploading as we speak to here. The HTML playlists are there so you can take a quick peek and see if you're interested. If so, the zip files contain all the MP3s and the .m3u playlists (work with Winamp, iTunes, Windows Media Player, etc.).
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if you like the funky, jazzy, groovy with some international flava type stuff, check out CherryFunk for a bunch of free mixes for download...

there's also a slew of similarly groovy mixes at Monotape - Goodgroove has a couple of excellent ones there
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You might enjoy Cassette from My Ex.
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We are two of the very few people whose usernames come from words in Nahuatl, and you created yours on my birthday, how could I refuse? Since I'm way too far away to send you an actual CD, I'll send you some mp3s with
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Hey tejolote, good luck with your surgery. I asked this question in the green a while back and I go back to it all the time cause there are so many good song suggestions. Hope this helps!
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Here is an hour long mix I put up a while back

And the tracklist is here:
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A nerdy-music-blogger friend of mine posts mixtapes about once a month - they're here, and at least a few should still be available for the downloadin'.
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Five jazz songs, seventy or so minutes.
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Dude, I've got tons of mixtapes from work. Shoot me a MeMail and I can get one in the mail today.
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If you like mashups, I recommend the Bootie USA albums and the Kleptones. The Kleptones in particular can be downloaded as single-MP3 mixes. They're really good for burning on CDs.

Best of luck with your surgery.
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What're you, a narc?

Nope, just don't want to see a whole bunch of AskMe questions showing up in the grey. Better to nip it in the bud early.
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It is not an appropriate AskMe question anyway, so stop worrying.
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Nope, just don't want to see a whole bunch of AskMe questions showing up in the grey.

Sheesh, who died and made you cortex?
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Implicatures of my death have been greatly exaggerated. I think we all had stuff going on last night and this sort of slipped through the cracks.

So: yeah, this is a strange fit for Metatalk, and I'm gonna close it up.

tejolote, I feel for you and it looks like some people gave you some decent resources here so hopefully that's worked out in your favor, but this is kind of on the weird side as a use for Metatalk. "Hey, hook me up with x" isn't really something that fits here when x is something other than information related to mefi, and the quid-pro-quo tint is a little jarring too, however well-meaning I'm sure it was intended to be. If you want to talk about it more, feel free to drop me a line or write to the contact form.
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