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London meetup next week? There's a catch...

...I don't really know when I'm going to be there. I mean, I have a work thing on Thursday but I don't know if I have to also be in Koblenz on Tuesday. I haven't even gotten plane tickets yet! The absolute minimum amount of time I'll be there, though, is Wednesday afternoon through Friday morning (ha!). I am planning to take some vacation days while I'm there, so it's just a matter of when they will be.

So, just to poll everyone, what evening next week would be good? I think the best chance for me is Friday the 1st (and there's a chance I could be there all weekend). Any suggestions for a place to meet, too? I have no idea where I'm staying yet, either...

(My work thing is with the CAA - by Gatwick, I think? I realize that's kind of out of the way, but I don't mind getting into the city center if I end up with a hotel out in the sticks.)
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Amazing timing: I'm moving to London from New York next Monday. My flight arrives in the evening.

So clearly, I'm down.
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I'm always happy to meet strange transatlanticans. Friday would probably be the best day for me too.
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Just stop by the Metafilter London Offices anytime. Make sure to bring your Metafilter ID card, and someone will show you into the 24HR LIVE VIDEO Meetup facilities where you will be able to interact with MeFites around the world. £6.95/min + £8.95 connection fees will apply, unless you have your MeFi Gold Card (which entites you to a 10% discount, and a free slice of bacon).
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Sounds good to me in principle - I'd be up for it. We can nail down details of when and where when you know a bit more...
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Hmm, I've been watching for an England meetup for a while and now one comes along when I'm probably too busy. Pah. I guess I'll just have to request/start one in the future. I'll keep an eye on this and see how it goes anyway.
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Amazing timing: I'm on door duty at the London offices next week, so say hi when you come in.
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I can do Friday 1, amazingly. It'll be my last London meetup before Toronto.
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chrismear looks so cute in his bearskin.
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Alright, finally bought tickets. Unless ze Germans decide they actually want to talk to us, I will be in London from the 29th through the 6th. It's on for Friday!

Um... where is it on for?
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(I've added this to the calendar on the front page, because it's been bumped off)
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Wow! I should actually be able to make this one as well. Marvelous.
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My work thing is with the CAA - by Gatwick, I think?

If you're coming in from Gatwick, we should find somewhere central that's close to a good train station for you -- I don't want to be partially responsible for a tipsy visiting MeFite trying to negotiate Tube changes in the Friday night crush and getting eating by the gat.
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The work thing is on Thursday. I'm on my own Friday on, and I got myself a hotel near Paddington for my leisure time, so no worries about the public transportation.

It is dark. You are likely to be eaten by a gat.
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As a broad suggestion for venues, I'm a big fan of Samuel Smith's pubs. They're very cheap and very traditionally-styled English pubs. A big long list (including lots not in London) is here.
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As a broad suggestion for venues, I'm a big fan of Samuel Smith's pubs.

Amazing! I didn't have to do anything, this one came pre-indoctrinated!!

*rubs hands*

I'm going to the Dover Castle tomorrow, maybe that could be a suggestion? Only mild problem is that it is almost as far as you can get from a tube station in Fitzrovia.
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That looks fine to me. Should we settle on that, then?
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Could we pretend to have a furious debate about it for the sake of theatre?
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Dover castle?!! I'm outraged!!

Theatrics aside, hope to see you there.
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We can argue about the time, if you really need some strife.
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I'd rather die than see you at 7!
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That doesn't look remotely like a castle from the picture in the link. What are you trying to pull here, Brits?
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It's not in Dover, either. Not a cliff to be seen, white or otherwise.
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Sounds good. So, to recap:

Friday, May 1, 7:00 pm
Dover Castle, Marleybone (did I do that right?)

Hopefully I will not get horrendously lost.
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Hopefully I will not get horrendously lost.

Here are directions on Google Maps from Regent's Park tube. There is an archway, easily missed, that you need to go under. I've marked it. Google Street View is not very helpful because of the one way system and because the Chinese embassy has basically removed about a quarter of Portland Place from the database.
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Marylebone. But don't go to Marylebone, go to Regent's Park.
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Ooooh just seen this.

That's sorta-but-not-quite on my way home. The Missus is meeting up with an old friend of hers as well tomorrow, so I already have permission to go out and play.


I'll probably get there about six though as I can't be arsed to hang around at work longer than necessary.

If you see a baldy man in a Sega T-Shirt lurking awkwardly at the bar and trying not to look like a registered sex offender then its probably me.

Either that or its an actual sex offender in which case, well, good luck with that.

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Ah yes, I'm up for this.
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Hopefully I'll be able to make it later on in the evening, but I'm at an event earlier on.
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I'll have to give it a miss - I'm developing a cold, and as a sneezing person on the Tube is likely to be set upon by an angry mob at the moment, it's probably better if I keep my germs to myself.
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For those still making you're way, we're safely ensconced at a table in the back.
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I'm sorry but I'm not going to make it tonight either. I was rushing around to try to make it, but I still have a lot to get through. I really hope to make the next one.

I hope that those who are ensconced at the table in the back are having a great time.
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Yikes - I got hijacked by a leaving do I failed to leave. Hope fun is/was had.
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Note to self - do not go out drinking with British people if you have not eaten all afternoon.

It was a great time, and I'm mostly recovered at this point. Thanks!
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