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Baltimore meet up May 16th or 17th? Myturnplease and I will be in Baltimore that weekend looking for places to live, employment, etc... in preparation for our move from NYC to Baltimore on July 1st. Like to meet some Baltimore mefites and get the inside scoop. Courtesy of Electroboy I know of some bars, but not those of which would be good for a meet up. Ideas? Are those dates feasible?
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I think Wham City's bar the Zodiac is doing comedy night on the 16th, I will probably be there. Or on the 10th and 12th there will be a short performance of Robin Hood that I'm doing at the Zodiac. Who knows, I probably won't meet up, I'm pretty unreliable.
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I won't be there, but I heartily recommend any place in Fell's Point - cobblestone streets, waterfront setting, lot of cozy little old timey bars.
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I usually don't make it, but Fell's Point would about guarantee I wouldn't. That place is unsafe for a woman alone after dark. Too many drunken young men. On the other hand, one can get a cab there.

Then again, living where I do, I don't go out much after dark, anyways.

Baltimore is full of cute little dives. I'm sure someone will come up with some good ideas.

What kind of a neighbourhood are you two looking for? If you are looking to live in the northern part of the city, going to the SE doesn't make sense. Or vice versa.
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Probably near Johns Hopkins as that is where she will be going to school. Would like to be fairly close to there.
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I am also unreliable, but I want to try to make it. The parking situation in Fells Point on a weekend night kind of makes me want to hit myself.

Totally separate, if y'all need help with anything move or settling in related, let me know. I *am* reliable when it comes to those things.
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Probably near Johns Hopkins as that is where she will be going to school. Would like to be fairly close to there.

Ah, you're near Charles Village? There are plenty of great places on St. Paul a few blocks down from you.
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I won't be able to do the 16th (Saturday's a rugby day) and might have trouble making it in the evening on Sunday, but the best place that's a) divey and b) can accomodate a party of a half dozen or so is probably PJ's. It's pretty college-y, but it's cheap and it's right on campus (in the basement between the new dorm and an admin building). It's best avoided on Friday and Saturday nights.

Charles Village isn't great for quality bars. Other than PJs, there's CVP, but that's about it. Rocky Run/Bert's closed down awhile back, but that place sucked anyway.
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God damn, two suggestions, both immediately shot down. I'll see myself out.
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Oh, I realized I may have not been clear. We want to live near JHU. We'll drink anywhere in the Baltimore city limits.
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Frazier's (directly across the street from Holy Frijoles) is probably the best place for more than 3 or 4 people. I don't think I'll be able to make it the evening of the 16th or the 17th, so take my opinion with a grain of salt.
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