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I'd like to organize a 1st Annual Great Mefi Scavenger Hunt

Teams of 6-8 people, digital camera, and list of flash mob-type activities (form the longest conga line, reenact any scene from any movie, etc.) to accomplish within an allotted time. Then meet up at a lounge, hang out, drink, and watch all the movies and cast votes, with prizes for the top teams.

Wouldn't be limited to Mefites (bring all the friends you want), or come by yourself and form a team on the spot.

SF Bay Area (probably organized somewhere around the Haight), sometime around late Summer.

So a couple things for people who might know a little bit more about this sort of project...

What sort of legal ramifications could I be responsible for? Would I need people to sign waivers of some kind? What other issues may arise?

A lot to take on solo, who'd enjoy helping me on such a task?
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Christ, what an asshole: if you want this to be MeFi, why the "meet up at Haight" part? That kind of locks out 99.2% of The Community.

Figure out how to do the last phase online, and that would be something to run with.
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Oh, for christsakes! Make your own damn scavenger hunt, Meatbomb!

Seriously though, he has a point. I'm probably going to smoke everyone in the Bay Area, so I'm all for making this worldwide.
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There's plenty of ways to do this without being location specific...
Find somebody wearing MeFi blue and pose with them in a picture.
Create a MeFi music entry using found instruments; must incorporate MeFi Meme quote in lyrics.
Order a plate of beans in a restaurant.
Take a picture of an object mentioned in one of the first 10 current FPPs.
Pick a topic, do some on-foot research, make an FPP, and compete for best real-world researched post.
Confirm a Best Answer (yes, they *do* sell blocks of ice at the market on 56th and Harrison, etc.)

Bonus points:
Follow a recipe from the Green and bring it to a meetup
Take a picture of your desk
Go to woods. Find porn. (Or make some)
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I've run photo-scavenger hunts with dozens of participants (from multiple locations) and hundreds of items, and I never had anyone sign any waivers. I did specify in the rules to not do anything illegal and that I wouldn't be bailing anyone out.
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I like iamkimiam's idea. More (admittedly in-jokey) suggestions:

- Record yourself asking someone at a store "this ___, it vibrates?"
- Buy some portobello mushrooms.
- Find a can of PepsiBlue.
- Take a picture of yourself actually spitting up a beverage on your keyboard.
- Go for a pony ride.
- Cook pancakes. Find rabbit. Place pancake on rabbit.
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Another idea:

Take a picture of a pissing elephant.
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- Find a real, live hipster (They must identify themselves as such!) and take a picture of yourself hugging them.
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- Make homemade video for "Punch 'Em in the Dick"; post on youtube.
- Stick a fish in your pants; take picture.
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I like iamkimiam's and googly's suggestions. I was hoping to do something like this for the 10th anniversary meetup in Philly, but would hold off on it if multiple cities had some sort of coordinated and/or broadcasted event.
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- A picture of you posting all the required items of the hunt on the net (including this picture.)

Though to make it more "hooray interacting with internet people in real life," perhaps teams by location?
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You should be able to create a scavvy that's entirely doable by online teams.
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> Find a real, live hipster (They must identify themselves as such!)

Doesn't identifying yourself as a hipster automatically disqualify you from being a hipster? Seriously, the scene kids I know talk more shit about hipsters than Mefites, even.

I silkscreened myself a shirt that says "I Deny Being A Hipster Who Denies Being A Hipster" because publicly declaring my hipsterdom and refusing to deny it means, of course, that I am in fact not a hipster. Peep that paradox.
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Can we have one thread without a mention of hipsters?

brb, I'm going to twitter this.
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I think your risk depends on how serious you want to make this. I have a couple friends/friends of friends who participate in "The Game" and various puzzle hunts (both as players and puzzle creators) in the Bay Area, which I think involves more risk than what you're asking for here. But I could see about putting you in touch with them if you wanted.

Other ideas:
Recreate a picture of a mod
Recreate a SLYT vid
Plates of beans being overthought at local landmarks
DIY something from an fpp (orange swan's posts tend to be good for that)
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Yeah, you should have a waiver, regardless of how dangerous you think the event might be. It would suck to get sued because one of your participants knocked someone over in their enthusiasm. Here's an example of the kind of waiver Bay Area Night Games uses.
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"1st Annual" ought to be "Inaugural."

just saying.
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you candyhammered it.
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One of the best scavenger hunts I've ever done was a single item hunt, one or two "items" per week over the course of a few months. Points were awarded for completion as well as the gusto with which the events were completed. The teams were tracked in a leader board. It made it so more people could spend an hour or two at intervals and exert a small amount of effort or go all out for a few events and still be competitive. It made it so the creative rather than the frantic won.
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Poor candyhammer. It's not about someone simply using a phrase incorrectly. It's specifically a newb incorrectly applying in-speak. You managed to candyhammer candyhammer!
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Yes. The proper term is, obviously, "cakethrash", as in "you cakethrashed it".

Which might just bring us to our next item.
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I totally support the idea of this potential MeFi Scavenger Hunt being an internet-localized event -- mostly because I want to be a part of it and I'm over on the other coast. Or, better yet, it could involve smaller localized groups that form a larger group via the internet, similar in concept to the 10th Anniversary meet-ups.

I think the list of activities-to-accomplish-and-document and things-to-find-and-collect should include both in-jokey and non in-jokey things.
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The Bay Area already has the great Chinese New Year Treasure Hunt. Don't be greedy!
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I suggest Tenderloin, it really picks up around 1am.
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I've been hunting scavengers for years!
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Sorry, klangklangston. The correct answer is: ALL MY LIFE.
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I think if I added the term 'candyhammer (verb)'
to the wiki, it would probably be looked back on as a low point in my life.
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Lobster. Lederhosen. We're already working on the list.
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"1st Annual" ought to be "Inaugural."

Thank you for this! One of my pet peeves....
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We should also have one of the hunt items be: Take a picture of a sign that serves as a new "Metafilter: community weblog" tagline. Most favorited photo wins the point for that hunt item.
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candyhammer, stick around metafilter. I guarantee you that you haven't hit bottom yet.
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Where am I ever going to find the candyhammer? At least I know where to find the more.

Hint: it's inside
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I do hope Banhammers are on the list...ohpleaseohpleaseohplease
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I've been doing events in SF for years, two rules

Better to ask for permission than forgiveness; and K.I.S.S: Keep it simple, stupid.

Ping me if you need help.
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I'm probably going to smoke everyone in the Bay Area

Make sure they're well-dried first, or you'll find them hard to light. Trust me on this.
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Meatbomb: Figure out how to do the last phase online, and that would be something to run with.

This would actually be very cool if it was a scavenger hunt that required multiple Mefites across multiple states/countries/continents/planets.
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Don't forget the tatertots.
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Yes, I am nowhere near San Francisco and I want to play!! If we could have a worldwide event that would be awesome.

However, during the last scavenger hunt with which I was involved, participants unexpectedly went to my house while I was at work and thieved my underwear, then showed up at my workplace and attempted to steal my front bumper. I do request that we leave my lingerie and vehicle out of this.
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Yes. The proper term is, obviously, "cakethrash", as in "you cakethrashed it".

Speaking of which...

-buy/make a beautiful cake. Eat it with your hands and use the cake decorations to decorate yourself.
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Is it possible to snap a picture of something wendelling?
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Yes, but it won't be pretty.
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