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Last minute call for a Nordic birthday meetup? Stockholm in that case.

We batted it back and forth in this thread a while back, but came to no conclusions. So I am now taking matters into my own hands.

Friday 17th 18.30 in Himmeln (the sky bar in the old tax offices on Södermalm). Map.

It's right between Medborgarplatsen and Skanstull subway stations on the green line, but it's also an easy enough walk down Götgatan from Slussen where red and green lines meet, as well as the busses from the Finland boats.

Anyone in? I think I we need to be three minimum, so shout out here in the thread.
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May I hijack and announce that at least I will be at Carib Kreol in Malmö this Friday at 8:30 - just waiting to hear back from someone that I mefimailed. Join if you're in the hood.
posted by dabitch at 3:54 AM on July 12, 2009

(can't make it to Stockholm I'm afraid).
posted by dabitch at 3:55 AM on July 12, 2009

No worries dabitch, feel free. Btw, if anyone reading this is coming, but doesn't want to post it, memail me cheers.
posted by Iteki at 5:49 AM on July 12, 2009

Oh man. An excellent initiative, and I wish I could join you. But somewhat unfortunate for me, I'll be cruising the archipelago that Friday.
posted by soundofsuburbia at 10:59 AM on July 12, 2009

I would have loved to be there, especially as its only 5 minutes walk from home. Unfortunately,having gone native, I do what most Swedes do in the summer. That is push off into the country or archaepelago for the duration. I'm on Öland now until september.
Great initiative though Iteki.
Autumn (fall) for another try?
Then I'm in - all the way.
posted by jan murray at 12:23 PM on July 12, 2009

no can do, I'm afraid.
posted by mr.marx at 2:25 AM on July 13, 2009

Bah, Swedes. All vacation and boating in the summer. Viking ways never die huh? ;) I'll be at Carib Kreol anyway.
posted by dabitch at 3:35 AM on July 13, 2009

Sorry, would love to come but will be busy doing nothing at a friends summerhouse. Good idea though
posted by uandt at 4:06 AM on July 13, 2009

What is it with these Americans and having birthdays in the middle of July?
posted by Authorized User at 5:28 AM on July 13, 2009

To be honest, I will be in Åland myself, even though I am only a fake-swede, but will be back by the evening. Guess we will look toward doing something in the autumn?
posted by Iteki at 12:00 PM on July 13, 2009

Can we schedule one when I come to pick up my Prize?
posted by pjern at 11:34 AM on July 14, 2009

Rackarns! Didn't see this until now, the morning after. Did enough people turn up? Otherwise we should celebrate in Stockholm when people get back in town. "In aftershot" or how to put it. August? September?
posted by pica at 1:58 AM on July 18, 2009

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