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Seoul, man. I'm gonna be there from 7/25 to 8/2. Meet-up?
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let me sleep all night in your Seoul kitchen.
posted by UbuRoivas at 11:08 AM on July 20, 2009

Heart and Seoul.
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So, you two are in, right?
posted by klangklangston at 2:36 PM on July 20, 2009

I'd be there in twenty four hours, if I could.
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While you're there, please stop in where The Simpsons are animated and find out about that Viking thing, okay?

And if stavrosthewonderchicken doesn't show up in this thread in the next eight hours, MeMail the dude!!!
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cos you're a seoul man....
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That period is precisely the time when I'm going to be busiest at work this year. The first weekend is my father-in-law's 70th and I'll be in Busan, the weekend after is my own birthday and I'll be at home. And it's about 500km from here to Seoul, and even if I could get up there, travelling during rainy season makes the wonderchicken cry. So: poop.

Love to have some drinks with ya, klang, but as per usual with these things for me, it seems, the timing just ain't gonna work.
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Hey, klang, why don'tcha swing by Tokyo? You could bring me that punk mixtape you've been promising me, and I've got that Ukrainian underwater nose flute band 7-inch I've been meaning to get to you. You know, the one where they cover 17 burt Bacharach songs in 2 and 1/2 minutes... it's so fuckin kickass.
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I'll be free starting this Friday (25th) for summer vacation. Seoul mefites are a fickle bunch, however (myself included).

What time are you getting in Friday? Would it be easier to do something on Saturday?

I imagine you'll be wanting to see some of the more tourist-y stuff downtown, but that still puts you within a quick subway or cab-ride to Itaewon (foreigner central, but some good bars and convenient for various reasons -- everything is easy to find), Sinchon (more Korean-y area, but I know a good ex-pat bar owned by a friend), or Hongdae (university-y area that's probably the most fun for a night of carousing).

Honestly, I'd just have your brother pick a spot for a gathering around eight or nine pm for either Friday or Saturday. I might be going out with co-workers Friday night, but it'd be easy enough to meet up with you guys closer to the center of town (I live and work in Kangnam, southeast part of the city, which is also fun but a little more expensive and a little more out of the way).

And unlike every other living being in Korea, I'm easier to contact through e-mail rather than my cellphone, which I often leave at home while I'm at work.
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Gonna be rough...this summer I'm working like a dog that works a lot .
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I'm getting in 1t about noon on Saturday, I just figured out (bad with days, especially since I'm leaving tonight late, so will be over a day in transit or something). I'll have my brother pick a bar on Saturday I think.

I'll try to post here again once I've got a better idea of what's going on. Anyone have any ideas for what I should do in the Beijing airport from 5:20 am to 8:45 am?
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Cool. Let him give me a call or IM or e-mail and I'll post the details here in case anybody's still reading this thread. (E-mail is usually best for me.)

Just make sure it has air-con!
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