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Nerd Prom Meetup!

Surely there are MeFites who are going to be in San Diego this week for the annual San Diego Comic Con. I have it on good authority that MeFi's own asavage is going to be there at a Mythbusters panel. Circumstances have conspired to place me in San Diego for the Con for the first time despite having wanted to go ever since I'd heard about it. So come on! Let's go crash the Miyazaki panel or go watch the Middleman cast do a script reading of the final unproduced episode! Better yet, let's all go get drinks and talk about Metafilter!
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I will not be able to attend. Instead, I will use this opportunity to urge SDCC-attending MeFites to stop by the Red 5 booth and check out Atomic Robo, because it is an awesome comic book filled with robots and stuff.
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Thought that was "Nerd Porn Meetup".
posted by WalterMitty at 3:52 AM on July 22, 2009

Wait. There's a MythBuster's comic?
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I imagine Adam owns quite a few comics.


Apostrophe does not mean, "CAUTION: S APPROACHING"
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i hate you
I hate you.

*smiles sweetly* Can you buy me a ticket? and airfare? and hotel?
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*Hides in desjardins luggage*
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O'K I had a typo, but that 'still doe'snt an'swer my que'stion. What a's'sociation i's there between Mythbu'ster's and comic's other than "here thyre bee Nerd's"?
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DU. Who cares. You're missing the entire point. ZACHARY QUINTO is going to be there.

*hates ooga booga some more*
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Zachary Quinto, who also doesn't have anything to do with comics?

Purposely pretending that I don't realize that Comic-Con has become a catch-all nerd convention rather than remaining strictly focused on comics
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Zachary Quinto, who also doesn't have anything to do with comics

Hello? He's a prominent character in a series inspired by comic books, illustrated by a comic book artist and which has tie-in graphic novels. He and other cast members have previously been on ComicCon panels.
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49,143 / 20,821 = STFUn00blurkmoar
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I might have an extra ticket for preview night tonight. I should know in a few hours whether my friend can make it or not. Does picking me up in North County and driving me to and from Con count as a meet-up? No? Sigh.
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Zachary Quinto? Spockkake? *faints*
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eh, I borked my last link.

...and, now I can't find it again, but ZQ was at Comic Con in both 2007 and 2008.

greekphilosophy, this is the link you're looking for.
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if it works in around my work sched, i'd love to attend a meet up. i'll be there all day, every day, forever and ever and ever. also, if anyone comes to the dc booth and asks for sarah, ill make sure all your fancy freebee needs are taken care of. that's just how i roll, since i know the number one reason anyone goes to comic con anymore is for oodles and oodles of free crap.
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(In other news, I was just watching old episodes of Six Feet Under with piratebowling, and he was in one of them as an art student in Claire's class. It renewed my not-so-secret love for him.)
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Ugh, I need to find someone else's luggage to hide in - y'know, like someone who wants to go to COMIC-Con for the COMICS.

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Atomic Robo is indeed awesometastic! And yes, there are comics down at Comic-Con. I, personally, will be haunting Artists' Alley for the most part. If any other MeFites are going to be there, don't hesitate to ping me on Twitter during the Con itself.

desjardins, I feel ya. I wouldn't be going if the pass hadn't fallen in my lap and I hadn't miraculously found a hotel which had rooms available for less than an arm and a leg. (It just cost me a leg!)
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I clicked thinking there was an actual prom for grown up nerds. I was all excited. Tease.
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Wait. There's a MythBuster*s comic? (*apostrophe removed)

SDCC: Commercialization: In the 2000s, the increasing prevalence of video games and major-studio movies has drawn criticism from those who believe that Comic-Con is losing its focus on comic books, movies, and fantasy literature (which was the original focus of the show as is evident by the three circled figures appearing in Comic-Con's original logo) and instead has become a showcase for large entertainment corporations.

In short: your comment about SDCC no longer solely focusing on comics a few years late. Big sci-fi and action films have had sneak previews there before, and this year Comic Con 2009 will debut the first clip from 'Saw VI'. Sure, there was that Saw comic, but there's also Saw: The Ride.
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