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I need to know who ended up taking care of beers at ATX 10yr so I can give them the dosh sent to my paypal address. Also...

1) My apologies to anyone who was inconvenienced or even unnecessarily baffled. If I owe you communication, rest assured I'm working on it.
2) I wanted to thank several of my fellow ATX mefites for offering help, ideas, or encouragement as things began to get dodgy. adamrice in particular is always very free with good advice and resources when I've appeared to be flailing for just those things. Y'all made a tough time seem a lot less futile. Thanks.
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I remember someone (fontophilic and tomorrowful?) huddling over the bill, checking off items as they were paid by all in attendance. I seem to remember everyone chipping in at that time to settle the bill. Here's a pic of what I mean.

I remember coming out of the bathroom and someone asking what beers I had, I pointed them out on the bill, and they said "then you owe $xx.xx including tip", which made my life easy.

To answer your question, I think it's going to be difficult to remember who paid for what. Everyone paid their own way I think. I can't remember what I had for breakfast yesterday; now you're asking me to remember how many beers I consumed at a party a month ago. Mission Impossible. Whatever I spent, it was worth it, and don't worry about paying me back; chip it in for the next meetup or donate it to charity or whatever. Or if someone else at the party got shafted at the bill, hopefully they speak up and they can get it settled.
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Oh, and if you look at the full size version, you can see that the bill was $154.85. Way to go, folks. I'm proud of you.
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Handling drinks at the next meetup sounds like a brilliant plan. Thanks bunches, slmtd&hcjrm.

If a mod wants to close this out, I'm cool w/ that.
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Well that's just my opinion. I say leave this thread open for a little while to see if anyone else in attendance has a better idea.
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I wasn't in attendance but I say we all get nekkid and dance in a mud pit.
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$10.12 tax? How regressive! (Oregon voters veto a sales tax every couple of years)
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Yeah, but we have no income tax.

but we should
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That doesn't help. Sales tax is regressive — it burdens the poor more than the rich. Income tax, done right, is progressive — it places a higher burden on the rich than the poor.

When Texas refuses to impose an income tax, it's a favor to the rich, not a consolation to the overtaxed poor.

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chip it in for the next meetup


or donate it to charity or whatever

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the bill was $154.85.
Beat you by (US)$3.97.
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If you say "Carlton Schmiddy" in your best James Bond, it's unexpectedly delightful.
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I can't remember what I had for breakfast yesterday

Thank you. The chic 2000s style of autobiographical narrative had convinced me that I'm the only person who doesn't remember these things.
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… from 25+ years ago etc.
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I had bacon and scrambled eggs for breakfast 25 years ago. Many times. Other times I had cereal, but never sweetened cereal, because my mom was uncool.

Yesterday? No idea.
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