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Portland Meetup, at the secret house at NW 21st and Hoyt. Friday Oct. 16th, 7pm. Memail me for address and secret password.
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I've been getting memails saying that posting a second meetup in the topic for the last one is a bit confusing, so here you go. Brand spanking new.
posted by msalt at 3:07 PM on October 11, 2009

So that password. It's "There is no cabal," right?
posted by Chocolate Pickle at 8:19 PM on October 11, 2009

Tell me more. I missed the original discussion.
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There's not much more to say than what's in the O.P. -- meetup this Friday at my house in NW. I'll have some beer and wine and N.A. drinks, you may want more or more to your taste ones. I'll have some snacks, and I have a grill if you want to bring something. There's a patio if weather permits.

If people think the place is dull or overcrowded, there are 9,000 bars around here and we can go hopping. Hell, there are 6 liquor licenses on my side of my block!

Memail me and I'll send you the address and my cell phone number. Mark
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Oh yeah, and I just put in a tetherball too. (No, not Napolean Dynamite hipsterism, I have two young kids.)
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Ah, so they're the Napoleon Dynamite hipsters, eh?
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Incredibly pointless comment such that this thread stays in my recent activity screen: I'll be there.
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Hell yes Portland Meet-Up!

Wimpy's used to be one of my favorite bars in town. I mean, it's nautical themed! sort of.
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The moose flatulates at twilight.
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Baravelli: ...you can't come in unless you give the password.

Wagstaff: Well, what is the password?

Baravelli: Aw, no. You gotta tell me. Hey, I tell what I do. I give you three guesses. It's the name of a fish.

Wagstaff: Is it "Mary"?

Baravelli: [laughing] 'At's-a no fish!

Wagstaff: She isn't? Well, she drinks like one! ...Let me see... Is it "Sturgeon"?

Baravelli: Aw, you-a craze. A sturgeon, he's a doctor cuts you open when-a you sick. Now I give you one more chance.

Wagstaff: I got it! "Haddock".

Baravelli: 'At's a-funny, I got a haddock too.

Wagstaff: What do you take for a haddock?

Baravelli: Sometimes I take an aspirin, sometimes I take a calomel.

Wagstaff: I'd walk a mile for a calomel.

Baravelli: You mean chocolate calomel? I like-a that too, but you no guess it. [Slams door. Wagstaff knocks again. Baravelli opens peephole again.]
Hey, what's-a matter, you no understand English? You can't come in here unless you say, "Swordfish." Now I'll give you one more guess.

Wagstaff: ...swordfish, swordfish... I think I got it. Is it "swordfish"?

Baravelli: Hah. That's-a it. You guess it.

Wagstaff: Pretty good, eh?
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Wimpy's used to be one of my favorite bars in town

It's just about the only bar on 21st/23rd that's I don't hate. (Although I do kinda like that new bourbon bar on Glisan. They have frito pie! And Hot Brown sandwiches!)

Oh, and yeah, I'll be there unless work intervenes.
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OK, you won me over with the Marx Bros. The password is "hi, are you 7 bespectacled hipsters listening to indie rock by any chance Mefites?" (or whatever variation you prefer. "Hey, I brought jumbo shrimp and this superb yet obscure IPA" is a particularly good one. )

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I'm too old. :(
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'fraid I can't make this one; my brother's in town so we'll be running around and doing stuff. Have fun, though, guys.
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Can't make it this time around, but it was good to see folks at the airport last week, and I look forward to the next meetup. Have fun, all!
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This thread is linked in the metatalk sidebar as "Portland/OR" -- as opposed to "Portland, OR". I am too drunk to think of a good joke that somehow incorporates this canny observation.

If you MeMail me this address and secret password then I would love to come and I will mix everyone

☑ Manhattans
☑ Manhattan Perfects
☑ This Drink I Just Invented Where The Ingredients Are Bourbon And Ice
posted by churl at 10:51 PM on October 14, 2009

I can vouch for churl's Manhattan Perfects living up to their name. But I counter his third invention with my own, involving Good Scotch And A Splash Of Water. I challenge you to a sip-off!
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Yes, seconding churl's bar wizardry. I thought about bringing absinthe, but with churl's Manhattans, what's the point?
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Yay for bar wizardry! Any preferences on whether I should I bring something bourbon related (additional mixers or ice?) or snacks or treats? I work in NW near Whole Foods, so I'll be foraging on my way from there to NW 21st and Hoyt.
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I am completely ignorant of the ways of bourbon, which started giving me hangovers years ago. (However, the people downstairs just moved here from Kentucky and might bring some knowledge.) I don't even know what the mixers would be.

I have several old school ice cube trays, which I'm even filling with fresh Brita-ed water for the occasion, which might however fall short if the crowd is over 10.

Snacks -- I'll have a few (would pork chops cut into squares with tooth picks be too odd?), some crackers, maybe something savory from Trader Joe's, maybe I'll bake some muffins or cookies. But more is always good.
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Thanks for being way less douchey than the folks at the neighbor bars, and going along with the invention of pork tots. That was fun! Also, memail me if interested in joining our every-two-weeks low stakes poker game. Next is a week from Wednesday.
posted by msalt at 1:59 AM on October 17, 2009

mad props to msalt for being a gracious host (and for iphone charging wizardry). Thanks to everyone else who showed up, as well :)
posted by geckoinpdx at 3:27 AM on October 17, 2009

Thanks for hosting, msalt!
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Awesome time! Nice to meet some new people, and thanks to msalt for the hosting. Sorry we bailed so abruptly, I was being probably overly conservative about catching transit home, travel instincts still sort of ticking away a little I guess and treating Portland like an unfamiliar town or something.

Did peeps ever end up getting candled? Was there any further tetherball?
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Thanks for hosting, msalt, it was a nice evening.

And now I too can testify that churl can make a perfect Manhattan Perfect.
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the peeps didn't so much roast as ignite.
posted by geckoinpdx at 3:11 PM on October 17, 2009

Was there any further tetherball?

It would be unseemly for me to comment, since I was half of the GREATEST TETHERBALL MATCH EVAH.

Well, maybe not the greatest, it was more like a tetherball battle of the Monitor and the Merrimack: heavy guns pounding thick armor at close range for hours, until it was called a draw. Certainly, it seemed to scare off other potential players.
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Thanks so much for hosting, Mark; I love your house, your house's wonderfully bizarre location, terrifyingly steepening stairs, and tetherball court, and also your bourbon-master downstairs tenants.

Also thanks everyone for indulging my budding mixological experiments (also my boisterousness; I got a little ahead of myself on the bourbon woooooooo)

posted by churl at 2:23 PM on October 19, 2009

The mixology was great and really made the evening. By the way, the name of that place in LA with the great Manhattan's is Musso and Frank's, on Hollywood Blvd. since 1919. Oddly enough, Musso's first restaurant was in Portland; he moved to LA after that failed.
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