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How come, when I click on a link to a specific comment in a MetaTalk or MetaFilter post or comment--like evanizer's in the polarization discussion linking two specific comments in the Compassionate Conservatism Anyone? thread--I get sent to the top of the thread each time? The same happens when looking at comments in user profiles--is this on my end or is this something that happens to everyone now?
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are you using IE on a windows machine? Ever since version 5.5, that browser has been quite buggy with regards to simple HTML targets.
posted by mathowie (staff) at 2:30 PM on February 17, 2002

In IE6.0.2 it works. If you scroll before the page has loaded it keeps you where you were, though.
posted by holloway at 3:04 PM on February 17, 2002

Question: Do you open links in new windows?
I usually do, and have found that anchoring doesn't ever work in IE if you Shift-click. It does if you actually use the right-click menu to do it, but I personally find it annoying.

If the anchoring doesn't work for you within the same window, I have no idea. It works fine for me.
posted by Su at 3:08 PM on February 17, 2002

In IE 5.5+, there is a bug that prevents it from opening to the target if you hit the alt key before it completes loading and popping to the target, which is guarranteed to happen if you are opening to new windows and then immediately alt-tabbing back to your previous window to keep opening windows for later reading, my preferred method of browsing.
posted by NortonDC at 4:29 PM on February 17, 2002

Yep. Just noticed that extra little bit. What you describe is exactly what I tend to do when reading here.
posted by Su at 12:16 AM on February 18, 2002

slightly off topic, but...

I would like it if there were some syntax to produce a page with only one comment on it. Because of the unpredictable nature of the anchor tags and size of some threads it would be pretty useful to be able to link a single comment...
posted by modofo at 4:21 PM on February 18, 2002

This would produce a response(comment) with absolutely no context. What about if that person were responding to a previous comment?
posted by Su at 6:53 PM on February 18, 2002

Exactly. It would only have a use in MeTa, or on MeFi when responding to a comment. So I could link, let's say this, and when you Shift-Click it you would see only that comment. Which would only be useful if you were using IE on a PC and I wanted to point out that comment in that long thread...
posted by modofo at 7:25 PM on February 18, 2002

I don't open new windows and it worked just fine before I moved. Now, it works only part of the time--sometimes I go to the comment and sometimes, most times, I go to the head of the line. Most annoying...
posted by y2karl at 10:33 PM on February 18, 2002 you're proposing Matt code in a new page generation template and associated database query/ies for a single, albeit large, group of people who would use it in a rather specific situation to address a browser- and version-specific bug?
posted by Su at 12:17 AM on February 19, 2002

Karl: Can't help you there. It works fine for me within single windows. So, what browser are you using, anyway? you never actually said. Might be a bit informative, but I'm not too hopeful.
posted by Su at 12:18 AM on February 19, 2002

IE but what edition, I don't know or exactly how to find that out.

I really am not that computer savvy, as I've found out tonight wrestling with CD-DA wav conversions and then converting them to RA files with RealProducer G 2 and getting mugged by RealJukebox everytime I put a new CD in the PC. My station broadcasts in RA but, man, those programs are insidious--where did I say they could be default players?
posted by y2karl at 1:05 AM on February 19, 2002 you're proposing Matt code in a new page generation...

Actually, I'm just musing about how it would be neat if there was a way to link a specific comment on its own page. If I could link:
<a href="">
like this:
<a href="">
or something that would be neat. That is all.
posted by modofo at 2:43 PM on February 19, 2002

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