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Hey San Antonio! I'm comin' over! My partner and I will visit the River City from the 17th to the 21st Anyone wanna have a beer?

We'll be staying in what I'm told in dead center downtown, right on the Palacio Del Rio. I wont have a car but I'm open to suggestions.
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Oh! And I should mention I'm tagging along for a conference so my evenings (and some afternoons) are wide open.
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I tend to avoid The Riverwalk, or at least the bars and chain restaurants. Blue Star Brewing Company is a little south of downtown, but there's a trolley system that runs through that area.

On the Riverwalk itself the only unique-ish place for beer is Waxy O'Connor's, but it's very small and gets loud after dark.

Or, there are a bunch of places to get margaritas.
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17th through 21st of October or November?
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October! As in this week. I should have been more clear about that.
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Nah, it seemed implied but I just thought I'd check. There was a much greater likelihood that I could drive across the state if it was November. But unlikely that it is going to happen this weekend. :(
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Apparently I'm the only Mefite left in SA?

Sunday afternoon works best for me, but I'm pretty flexible all weekend.
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There's me! I'm free most of this weekend. When/where are you meeting?
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Right now thnking Sunday afternoon, around 5ish, within (somewhat far, we
re fearless walkers) walking distance of our hotel on the riverwalk. Any suggestions for places that are affordable, cool, and not jampackingly loud?
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I would make the drive, and i love blue star, but i think i may not be able to this sunday.
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Looks like Blue Star is closed on sundays.
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Oh yeah.

There's Madhatters Tea House and Cafe - it's well-known as a brunch place but I know they have a full bar and dinner food and such.
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The link goes to the reviews for some reason - scroll up for map and hours.
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Or La Tuna, also in Southtown. It's more of an ice house, with outdoor seating, but I hear the food is pretty good.
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Okay, I'm finally here after nearly breaking my hand and getting Surprise Kitty and a 4-hour underground tour of the not-yet open riverwalk (long story). Huh, looks like La Tuna is closed today too. Hamph. Can someone poke Bigmusic?

I'm calling it now, to avoid last minute farcas and to enjoy local beer, I call Blue Star Brewery at 5:3pm (ish) on Monday.
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er 5:30, the zero got ated.
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Sounds good. I probably won't make it till closer to 6 depending on traffic.
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We plan on being exhausted from a bike ride up from San Juan Mission, so not going anywhere quickly.
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See you guys there... it's just across the street from my house.
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I can't make it. I'll be at work till the wee hours of the morning, but you kids have fun!
posted by Partario at 11:54 AM on October 19, 2009

Wooo! That was mega-fun in the bright sun. Thanks for everyone who came out, I'll try to get pics up shortly.
posted by The Whelk at 8:57 AM on October 20, 2009

I had a great time. I won't speak for MuddDude but I was utterly charmed by the company!
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Yay! Unfortunately I woke up after taking a nap this afternoon with Con Pox, so I had to cancl further plans for BBQ, so Boo. But there is always next time.
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Oh! and hey I totally drew a comic about my trip.
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Wish I had been able to make it over for this - but in lieu of actual human contact, a comic will do just fine. I lol'd at the imaginary internet conversation. Terrifyingly accurate.
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