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Valparaiso, Indiana meetup Monday the 26th or Tuesday the 27th?

So, pjern is coming up this way and we thought it'd be great to invite everyone. It's not far from Chicago and if you're in Illinois you can catch the South Shore out here for $7.50 or less ($7.50 is the fare from the farthest train station - Millennium Park - to Beverly Shores). It's not far from South Bend or southern Michigan either.

We have yet to determine a time or location, suggestions welcome! It's a bit cold to hit the Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore. Schoop's is a great 50's restaurant here, or we've got plenty of Greek restaurants with huge menus.
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So, if someone does take the South Shore out there...what happens when we get to the station? Is it walkable from there?
posted by adamdschneider at 7:16 AM on October 20, 2009

I think the best suggestion for South Shore might be Dune Park station, at 49 and US-12. Not too bad, but definitely not walkable. I'm sure we could arrange pickup if we knew someone was coming out, but I'd defer on that to IndigoRain, since she lives there :)
posted by pjern at 7:57 AM on October 20, 2009

Seconding Schoop's. Best burgers in the world. They have little crispies around the edges that make you think you've died and gone to heaven. We always eat there when we are back in da region.

I can't come, but I'll be there with you in spirit.
posted by double block and bleed at 9:39 AM on October 20, 2009

Note to travelers: When you're there, you're supposed to call it 'Valpo.'

*waves hi to aunts, uncles, and cousins in Valpo*
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Yes, pjern and I could pick you up. I'm hoping to convince a couple of you Chicagoans to come and join us!

Thanks pjern - silly me, I meant Dune Park. I always get it confused with the Beverly Shores station.

Oh, and Schoop's has Irish Nachos. French fries with cheese, bacon, green onions, and ranch sauce. It is the best thing ever.
posted by IndigoRain at 12:20 PM on October 20, 2009

This Schoop's sounds fantastic. I am considering this pretty hard.
posted by adamdschneider at 1:57 PM on October 20, 2009

So let's nail down the date/time- my hunch is that Tuesday will be better for me. 6:30/7:30 ish?
posted by pjern at 7:43 PM on October 20, 2009

Erm, it looks like I wouldn't be able to make it until 8:36, according to the timetable.

And the last train out is at 8:59.

I work in Evanston until 5:30, so I wouldn't be able to make the train until 6:55. Blarg.
posted by adamdschneider at 8:05 PM on October 20, 2009

Which station are you looking at Adam? Millennium? You can't get there before the 7:10? :( Blarg is right.
posted by IndigoRain at 9:06 PM on October 20, 2009

Yeah, Millenium. I get out of work in Evanston at 5:30. I wouldn't be able to make it downtown in time for the 5:58. Nuts.
posted by adamdschneider at 7:48 AM on October 21, 2009

If I can manage to get out of work at 4:15, I might be able to hang out for a couple of hours. Let me work on that.
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Also, I just remembered that Tuesday I have an opera to go to. They were running a deal: $20 for a ticket for anyone who hasn't been to an opera so far this season. Looks like it's not in the cards this time, but I wouldn't have trouble doing a weekend day sometime soon. I always look forward to meeting new Mefites, not to mention seeing those I've already met.
posted by adamdschneider at 2:23 PM on October 21, 2009

Okay, maybe I'll make it to Chitown sometime soon. :)
posted by IndigoRain at 1:23 PM on October 22, 2009

That would be great, but I'm definitely willing to come to Indiana; the weekday train schedule is just awful, so it would have to be a weekend meetup.
posted by adamdschneider at 10:54 AM on October 23, 2009

I understand. :) Pjern's just going to be in the area Tuesday so that's when we planned it for.
posted by IndigoRain at 9:47 PM on October 23, 2009

Yeah, wish I could make it. I need to visit this Schoop's place. Seriously.
posted by adamdschneider at 10:46 PM on October 23, 2009

Since no one else made it we decided to meet tonight. We had a nice dinner and pjern is cool. :) Now I've been to my first meetup, lol.
posted by IndigoRain at 4:52 PM on October 26, 2009

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