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Any St. Louis MeFites interested in gathering on Friday, November 6? I'm traveling to town for a conference. Looking for suggestions on a place to get a great beer, and welcoming anyone who would like to join me.

This will be my first visit to the Gateway to the West, and I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to meet strangers from the internets. The conference is taking place downtown, right next to the Gateway Arch. I'll be without car, so I'd prefer something within walking distance of there. Otherwise, I'm open to suggestions. Start time is also negotiable, anything after 5:30 is cool.
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I'd be up for it, but closer to 9 (I'm flying back into town that evening). Laclede's Landing has bars and the like, but if you're by the Arch, you're also right by the metrolink, which can take you to other potentially more interesting places in STL. I'll defer to other people for location options, though.
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Which building is the conference in? Might help to know when considering what walking distance is.

Otherwise, I might be able to make this, but it'd have to be after 6 or 6:15 for me.
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I'd be game.

Also, I'm sure one of us would be willing to come pick you up if you're someplace where it's a hike, it's raining, etc.

And given the address, here's an even more specific St. Louis musical reference. (Previously)
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I'd say stay away from Lacledes Landing unless you like the pickup scene & dbags. Not very far from where you are at all is the Washington Avenue district. There is a bar there called "flamingo bowl" that is very campy, very St. Louis, and fun as it has a built in bowling alley. Plenty of other bars along there worth checking out. Just remember almost all bars in St. Louis are smoking allowed, and have poor if any smoke eating ventilation.

If nonsmoking is a priority I'd recommend the Atomic Cowboy. This is a bit away from you, but very very representative of the St. Louis underground scene. It is in a district called "The Grove" perhaps 3 miles west of downtown. Not terribly convenient to public transit.

One other perennial favorite is Blueberry Hill, in the University City area. Very smoky, has dartboards. Not one of my personal picks, but other people love it. Acessible via Metrolink train.

I'll be out of town, so have fun! Maybe next time.
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Can I second Blueberry Hill? Much as I love the AC, it's really hard to get to without a car.
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Yeah, I don't know of a lot within walking distance of the Arch that's much besides "meh." I'm always up for Blueberry Hill, though, if the OP were willing to hop MetroLink to the Delmar station.
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Downtown? Great Beer? Um, duh - the Tap Room!

It's out at 21st Ave and Locust.

As a hanger on topic, I've been talking about having A "Get rid of the beer"/"Play with fire in the backyard" party for a long time now...anyone free on Saturday evening? We have literally, a hundred kinds of beer in the fridge.
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(...I'm pretty sure we're up for Friday night, too...)
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I'll be in town for the weekend for a conference too, but have a reception to go to on Fri night. I haven't lived in St Louis for about 20 years, but the Venice Cafe seems like it would be a MeFi-ish place. Is the Soulard area also something of a nightspot now? I've just driven through it and it seems to have changed a great deal from how I remember it.
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Thanks everyone for the great ideas. I just wanted to clarify that walking distance for me includes walking to train/bus station, so CAN DO on the Metrolink. Car ride might be OK too but that means coordinating a ride back which, while not impossible, adds another scheduling wrinkle. (Though I appreciate the thought.)

Thus far, Blueberry Hill sounds like a good pick (I'm a non-smoker, not crazy about smoke but can deal just fine), as does the Tap Room.

For time we could say 6:30-whenever, latecomers welcome. Keep the suggestions coming!
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Blueberry Hill or Tap Room, either works for me thus far.
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I'm game for whatever limeonaire is game for.

(And yeah, notsnot, we do need to do a backyard fire/beer bash...Can't do Sat. though, going to hear the STL Symphony play movie music!)
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And you know, if the Blueberry Hill is an option? Why not Cicero's, which is just a bit further down? They have, IMO, a much better drink (especially beer) selection and their dining area has recently gone "smoke free." (Which seems to be a plus for some - including me.)

Just throwing that out for consideration.
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Oooooo, I didn't even think of Cicero's. I'd like to throw my vote in that direction, actually.
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Thirding Cicero's...
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Uh... please excuse my first question mark, make it a comma, and lowercase that "W." Sorry folks, nothing to see here... just a grammar drive-by.
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I'm cool with Cicero's! Probably will get there around 8 (I misread my plane time).

To get to Cicero's (or Blueberry Hill) via metrolink, get on the metrolink heading towards the Big Bend station - the Shrewsbury line, not the Lambert Airport line (I think blue rather than red). The closest stop that takes you through the least-sketchy part of town is Big Bend. You can walk along Wash U's campus until you get to a big ugly bridge which crosses Forest Park Parkway. Take the bridge across the road, walk down the path, all the way to Delmar. Cicero's is a block or so west of where you'll pop out onto Delmar (alternately, Blueberry Hill is on the corner of the street you'll be walking on, Melville, and Delmar).
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I like both Cicero's and Blueberry Hill.
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Looks like Cicero's is nudging ahead, and I'm happy to call it due to it's smoke-free-ness. One followup question though, am I going to be OK walking the 7/10 mile from the train to the bar alone, in the dark? Are there taxi stands at most metrolink stations?
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There's not much in the way of taxis at the metro station; however, the area is residential next to a major university. Not a problem.
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Turtlegirl, depending on when you're planning on going, I can meet you and we can walk together (there may be other Wash U students coming to this, so they can step in if they'll be earlier)! Memail me if you're interested. That being said, the walk to the Loop from Wash U is extremely well-traveled, well-lit, and well patrolled by the esteemed WUPD. I walk back and forth along that path very frequently.
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Yeah, the walk from the Delmar MetroLink station to Cicero's isn't particularly dangerous—especially not on a Friday night. There'll be tons of people on the Loop. Just keep your wits about you and you'll be fine.
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(And actually, even if you don't keep your wits about you, you'll probably still be fine. I've definitely taken similar walks around the area while near-falling-down drunk in the dead of night.)

Also, I'd be happy to give you a ride back to the station afterward.
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Oh, I see—the recommendation above is to go to the Big Bend station. That also works just fine; that's the way I used to walk to/from MetroLink to get to work. (I basically live right behind Cicero's.) The walk from the Big Bend station is quieter and less populated; the walk from the Delmar station will definitely take you past more interesting characters and sights (both sketchy and not). Six one, half-dozen the other...
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Hi folks, just wanted to thank you for the help and hospitality! Looking forward to meeting all of you.
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So we have Friday and Cicero's. Have we zeroed in on a time?
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Starting at 6:30 - latecomers welcome. Woots!
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I took the liberty of reserving a table for us. Cicero's, 6:30, under Metafilter.
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Sorry I missed it, folks - my plane was late. Bah! Next time.
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Pictures up. Computer woes prevented promptness. Is anyone reading this? Bueller?
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