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I'll be in San Francisco for Turkey Day and the weekend following. Let's meetup!

Friday 11/27/09 would be optimal. I leave it to local people to decide the where, though somewhere that serves alcohol would be nice.
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I'll be in town and may well be down, though I can't promise anything. How about Fritz? ;-)
posted by zachlipton at 7:06 AM on November 16, 2009

I'm around, and someplace close to BART would be nice.

Anybody up for doing something during the day, or is everybody diving into the Black Friday Xmas shopping madness?
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God, avoiding Black Friday shopping like the plague. We're also around that weekend. Lemme see what gingerbeer has to say about when/where. (Yes, I AM an independent person thankyouverymuch but she's the one who always remembers stuff already on the calendar and thus keeps us - well, me - from triple-scheduling ourselves.)
posted by rtha at 3:53 PM on November 16, 2009

I might be up for it.
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I'll get to meet all of you soon.

Yeah, that'd be cool. I don't think we have had a sf meetup since you got down here.
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We love it. Need a backup plan for if it's too cold/rainy, though - there's no real indoor space for hanging out.
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Yeah, indoor spot please. Zeitgeist is nice in the summer though.
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I would love to come, assuming I'm not working...
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Ooh, cool.

(Until last year I kinda figured it was called "Black" Friday as a sort of commentary on the shallow materialism that goes on...yeah, there will be no shopping for me the day after Thanksgiving.)
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I might be in, if I can get away from the family.
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I'm in!
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Just to toss out an idea for a daytime activity, how about climbing the Greenwich Steps and having a potluck picnic at Coit Tower Plaza? (Great way to get some help with those leftovers ...) Then down the Filbert Steps, where we might see the wild parrots of Telegraph Hill. We could meet at the Montgomery BART station, then get back on BART afterwards and go to 16th Street if Zeitgeist is the place where the beer will happen.
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jamaro, you should *so* fly from SJC to SFO. I double dog dare you!

There are such things as flights which go from SJC->SFO->other destination, but all they do is put you on a shuttle bus to SFO. Not sure if you check in at SJC first or whatever, but I always thought this to be a bit bizarre.
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It will take twice as long to just get to and from each airport, oogs.
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than just driving.
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And you should totally fly JetBlue, cause they route you there through JFK.
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Also, Quietgal, I love the day plan. Count me in!
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That's not the point, special-k. It''s a double dog dare!
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So it looks like Saturday afternoon at Zeitgeist is the way to go. 2pm sound good? And if someone would let me know where this is, that'd be nice. Also a backup plan for rain would be useful.
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Zeitgeist is at Duboce and Valencia, just a couple of blocks south from Market St, and a short walk from 16th Street BART. It may well be chilly, so bring your jackets. I don't think we can make a Saturday gig, but will double-check with rtha.
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hmm. So are we set on Zeitgeist? I mean, it's going to be really cold outside and not enough seating for all of us inside. It's not like we're hurting for options.
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... Okay, I'm told that Saturday will be yucky and not good at all so let's change to Friday. A little birdie told me that the 500 Club in the Mission won Best Dive Bar, and I love a dive bar, so shall we say Friday at 9pm at the 500?
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wait, Afroblanco, I just saw you on Cortex's meetup vid – I thought you lived in NYC?
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Ok, 500 club will be good. However, past experience has told me that Friday nights after Thanksgiving: bars will be PACKED. Should be fine, and fun! But if there's a good way to figure out who our peeps are, that would be super helpful and less anxiety-inducing for all. (It's kind of weird to walk up to strangers in a bar in the Mission and scream in their ears "HEY ARE YOU MATT'S FRIEND?!" as if you just randomly accepted a blind invite to a bar from a friend of some dude named Matt.)

Also, Quietgal, let me know if you're still thinking of a day meetup/hike for Saturday. If it comes together, and it's not muddy out, I'm still in!
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ALL NYC's AFROBLANCO R BELONG TO US because he moved here!

We're in, gingerbeer and I. If there are any SF mefites or non-SF-but-visiting mefites who don't yet have my cellphone number and want it so they can find out if we're still at the bar, still able to stagger around, etc., drop me a mefimail.
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...and to top it all off, I'm enroute to Central California (near Modesto) as we speak. (Currently in Cheyenne, WY). If I can find an excuse to drive the extra 90 miles and a couch to surf on.....

I'll likely be free after Wed evening.
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Kim, if I'm here on Saturday I'd love to do a little hike/meetup with you and whoever else wants to burn off some turkey and pie calories before chugging down some beer calories. Hubby just announced that he might send me a ticket to fly up to Seattle on Thursday, though, so I don't know yet if I'll be here. I'll post again when plans are settled ...
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Taking my counter off the board - I'll be in Seattle all weekend. Happy gobbling and guzzling, everyone!
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I can't do Friday (I am seeing The Books at Noe Valley Ministry, as the rest of you should be doing) but I'd be in for a December meet. As a word of warning, the 500 Club is on the smaller side and can get pretty packed.
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I'm sitting in Ripon, CA with naught to do. Any suggestions?
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I'm headed back East. Y'all enjoy yourselves.
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Sorry to hear you won't make it, pjern.

We should get there 9ish. I'll post our location when we get settled.
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I'll be there ...
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We are here-- go to your left as you come in the door.
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Still here. Hanging out with waraw and iamkimiam and claudia.
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We'll need to have another one of these when I'm not out of town.
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Totally. Did the St Louis mefites treat you right?
posted by rtha at 8:23 AM on November 30, 2009

I feel bad, because with all the post-wedding excitement and activities and lingering I was totally late to the St. Louis meetup. but kimothy and limeonaire waited for me and we got to talk for about 10 minutes before they had to get going.

I'll need to get them an extra special secret quonsar gift or something.
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