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Eugene Meetup?

So, I've (very) recently relocated to Eugene, Oregon! Yay! I recall there being a handful of MeFites in this neck of the woods, and I'd love to meet you all. How about a meetup? Suggestions for appropriate places to congregate are welcome, as I'm still finding my way around town.
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yeah! Eugene! it's so cold right now! we can meet up and tell jokes about californians.

I'm partial to Sam Bond's, over on 4th and Blair. Downside: there's a cover every night except for bluegrass night and bingo night, tuesdays and mondays respectively. sunday afternoon is the irish jam, though.
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I would definitely be interested if it is before the 15th.
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Sam Bonds is an excellent suggestion. It is really loud there, however. Luckey's (a block south of the LTD bus station and near the library) is another option. I refuse to go to John Henry's -- I think you can catch an STD there just by walking through the front door. Other than that, there's lots of good choices in Eugene. I'm a big fan of Max's (might be hard to find enough room) and the Steelhead (tables are too small), but someone else should throw out some other suggestions here.

Anyway, I_love_the_rain and I are up for a meetup on any Friday or Saturday night as long as we can arrange a babysitter :-).
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Excellent! Downtown will definitely be most convenient for me. I've heard good things about both Sam Bonds and Luckey's. Keep the suggestions coming! As far as meeting up before the 15th, that would be fine for me if it works for everybody else.
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I'm around & might be able to show up. Steelhead is a great place to go, though the Bier Stein is also something to try if you're new to the area.
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I'd love to have a meetup! I'll be out of town from Dec. 15th to Jan. 5th, but would be down for wherever before the 15th. I'm in the midst of exams at the moment, but how about next Saturday, Dec. 12th or Sunday, Dec. 13th? (If folks want to get together earlier than that, I'll still break away for a few hours and come join the fun.)
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Sunday isn't good for me, actually, so I believe it's sounding like this next Saturday would be best for everybody so far! Let's say the 12th?
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This would be lovely! Anything post-finals week works for me, including Sat. the 12th.
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So, Saturday the 12th it is? Any input as to location? I'm partial to Sam Bond's, though it will likely be crowded (and isn't exactly downtown). I'd prefer to stay away from campus, if possible, because the area surrounding it will likely be a total madhouse.
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I'm up for it. Starlight lounge has tables and booths, and is slightly quieter depending on what time we get there. Eugene City Brewery is quieter as well, but more expensive.

I always like the Horsehead, and if you can get a booth it's a fine place: cheap drinks and good food.

The Oak Street Speakeasy is also underrated and underused, but they might have a band going on.

What time are you thinking?
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Hi, guys. I'm sorry for the short notice, but I have a family member who's just gone into the hospital, so it turns out I won't be able to meet up tonight. I'd still like to meet up sometime soon, though. I know some folks can't make it after the 12th, so if you'd all like, we could push this back til after the holiday? Again, apologies. This has been a rough weekend.
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