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I'll be traveling in Oaxaca from the 29th to the 4th. Are there any northern-hemisphere MeFites up for a Mexican-style meetup?

Short of that, does anyone have sightseeing suggestions?
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Are there any southern-hemisphere MeFites up for a Mexican-style meetup?

They'd have to travel to the northern hemisphere for the meetup.
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Everyone knows that "Hemisphere" comes from the words Latin meaning "in relation to the United States".
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Ouch. Geography fail. Clean up on aisle 18615!
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Not going to be in Mexico, but Oaxaca is one of my favorite places on Earth! Make sure you visit the Tule Tree "the Largest tree in the World." And definitely sample the chocolates at the various chocolatiers, including chocolate con chapulines :). And go to the mezcal factories on the outskirts of town to have some tastings.
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If you were traveling in Veracruz, and not on those days, definitely! I live in Xalapa, and maybe next time. Another vote for the Tule tree, it's amazing. Monte Alban in Oaxaca is very nice. Don't miss the Autorickshaws on the way to Monte Alban.
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Fixed your geography!
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If you can take the bus 15 minutes out of town (on your way to the El Tule) and stop at Teotitlan de Valle, you'll be able to visit the Zapotecs, one of the oldest peoples of Mesoamerica. They make famous handwoven rugs, called Tapetas, which are gorgeous and definitely worth checking out. Sometimes they give a little demonstration about the dyes and process of making each piece.

Check out my 17-set Flickr collection for Oaxaca. You'll get an idea about places to see, such as Hierve el Agua (the natural hot springs tucked in near the top of the Benito Juarez mountains), Alebrijes in Xoxo (famous hand-painted wood figurines), the Dominican ex-convent of Santiago Apóstol, called Cuilapan de Guerrero, or of course Monte Albán (one of the first cities of the new world). Also, in there you'll see places to eat, such as Las Dazantés*, Biznaga, and Beneva (mescal factory, with restaurant serving amazing and authentic Oaxaqueña plates)! Poke around in the collection and you're sure to find more things to do and see. Also, feel free to MeMail me with any questions!

*Las Danzantes is also very cool because their bar and random 'statues' are made from square blocks of classic crushed cars. All under a big tent. It's pretty surreal and the food is delicious. There's also a pretty fun night club in the restaurant.
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Fixed your geography!

Yet left our comments which now make very little sense!
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I might also suggest Mitla, which is a fairly early Zapotech site.

Also in Oaxaca City, the Panteón General is pretty incredible, and is located off the Periferico a few blocks down from the main highway out of town. (It's 10 or so blocks NE of the Zocalo.) I got locked in there once at closing and it was not that easy to find a wall short enough to get over.
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