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Copycat: Toronto's first meetup of 2010?

Short notice maybe, but how's Sun Jan 10 for people? Perhaps something a bit earlier than our usual late night carousing?
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Brunch-up? I might be able to FINALLY make it this time.
posted by setanor at 10:36 PM on December 27, 2009

Hey good idea! I'll be hung the fuck over (my birthday is the day before), but brunch would rock.
posted by dirtynumbangelboy at 10:38 PM on December 27, 2009

Wonder how many people we could fit into the Winnebago at Oddfellows...
posted by setanor at 10:46 PM on December 27, 2009

Brunch! Brunch! Brunch!

I have yet to make a Toronto meet-up, but this sounds wonderful.
posted by carabiner at 5:31 AM on December 28, 2009

A Sunday brunch would be great.
posted by FishBike at 8:37 AM on December 28, 2009

A daylight meetup sounds good, but we're not talking about "mornings", are we?
posted by maudlin at 9:13 AM on December 28, 2009

To me, "brunch" means 11-ish at the earliest. I'm hoping others use it similarly, because, yeah, times much earlier than that don't really exist for me on a Sunday. What is this "7 in the morning" of which you speak, and so forth.
posted by FishBike at 9:24 AM on December 28, 2009

what is a 'morning'? is that when you weep in sadness?
posted by dirtynumbangelboy at 9:24 AM on December 28, 2009

Whenever I hear the word "brunch" I'm compelled to respond "Dim sum?". And so, forgive me, I can't help myself...

Dim sum?
posted by If only I had a penguin... at 1:58 PM on December 28, 2009

Oh, I like dim sum. A lot. I second that, but if others disagree that's fine. I might chicken out at the last minute. I've always wanted to attend a meet-up but I'm a wimp and chicken out often. It's me, not you, I swear!
posted by carabiner at 8:37 PM on December 28, 2009

carabiner, I'm a shy person who has been to a few meet-ups now, and it really is fine, people are very nice at these things.

If it's the whole potential embarrassment of walking around a place trying to find the MeFi table when you don't know what we look like, at the last meet-up I printed out some paper "MetaFilter" signs to put on our tables, specifically to address that issue. I'll do the same for this one (and if for some reason I can't make it after all, hopefully someone else will bring signs).

And if it's not that, just let us know what makes you nervous (and this goes for anybody else in the same boat) and maybe we can come up with something to make it better? As a shy person myself, I kind of feel a bit of a responsibility at this point to help others like me actually go to these these things, you know?
posted by FishBike at 8:48 PM on December 28, 2009

I'd consider going. Also kinda shy in person.
posted by Ouisch at 8:52 PM on December 28, 2009

Yes, Dim sum. The best Dim sum places seem to be in Markham and Mississauga though, and that would just be wrong... So, Bright Pearl it is :)
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Carabiner, what part of the city do you live in? Maybe somebody could pick you up/drag you out! Then you wouldn't be able to chicken out and you wouldn't have to arrive alone.

Bright Pearl would be my choice too. Rol San across the street has better food but much smaller and getting a big table on a Sunday morning would be next to impossible. Also, when you dine at Bright Pearl on the weekend you get a coupon for 50% of dim sum on a weeknight. I vote we come back for dinner one night and make them regret it.

So umm...don't tell anyone over in the Mefi fitness challenge thread that I suggested dim sum, k? Our little secret.
posted by If only I had a penguin... at 9:32 PM on December 28, 2009

Aw hell. I'm out for this one. Enjoy!
posted by Schlimmbesserung at 1:27 AM on December 29, 2009

I am tentatively in. Bright Pearl sounds just about right.
posted by voronoi at 5:15 AM on December 29, 2009

Can't believe I am out of town for a dim sum meet-up.
posted by typewriter at 6:18 AM on December 29, 2009

yeah, alright. Mid jan dim sum!
posted by scruss at 6:30 AM on December 29, 2009

I just moved to Toronto four months ago, and continuously have been surrounded by kindness (online and off) by strangers in this city. If this continues, I might fall in love with this city and never leave (but what would happen to your reputation within the rest of Canada, since everyone is supposed to hate this city?). Toronto mefites, you are no different, thank you!

To FishBike, If only I had a al: thank you! I promise I won't chicken out this time - put me down as a "definite"! I think it was a combination of a few things: not knowing others, being a bit shy, finding random people in a crowd, and fearing that I'm not cool enough for you all :) I actually live in Cabbagetown, so getting to the meet-up will be very easy via the TTC.

I'm now pumped!
posted by carabiner at 7:21 AM on December 29, 2009

I just moved to Toronto four months ago, and continuously have been surrounded by kindness (online and off) by strangers in this city.


Dim sum, let's go.
posted by setanor at 7:51 AM on December 29, 2009

I'm in! I've been in TO for about 4 months now so it's about time I started getting out a bit.
(I'm assuming the Bright Pearl is the one at 346 Spadina?)
posted by troll on a pony at 2:38 PM on December 29, 2009

Whoa, carabiner, I'm totally in your neighbourhood!
posted by Ouisch at 7:39 PM on December 29, 2009

Ouisch: Hey cool! Small world. Maybe this information would help nudge you from "considering" to go to brunch, to "definite"? We could always meet up in our 'hood and journey to the meet-up together.
posted by carabiner at 9:10 AM on December 30, 2009

Oh man, a meetup that combines two of my favourite things; Toronto when I am actually there, and dim sum. I like the way you think. Alas, however, I am also shy and my other, Metafilterier half will be back in New York by then and thus will be unable to offer his calming presence. But I will think of it longingly...eventually I'll make it to one of these.
posted by ilana at 9:37 AM on December 30, 2009

I'm definitely interested in this.
posted by sevenyearlurk at 3:58 PM on December 30, 2009

drat. sounds like fun, but I'm such a night owl, I'll never get up that early.
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Well, you can always stay up REALLY late.
posted by maudlin at 10:14 PM on December 30, 2009

Has anyone side-barred this yet? I'd do it myself, but I'm a meet-up noob and I have no idea how these things work.
posted by carabiner at 5:09 AM on December 31, 2009

I'll try to make it :)
posted by soft and hardcore taters at 6:02 PM on December 31, 2009

posted by dirtynumbangelboy at 12:24 PM on January 1, 2010

Is there room at the table for a (relative) newbie and mostly-lurker? I keep missing these meetups, and would like to attend.
posted by tantrumthecat at 6:54 PM on January 1, 2010

get yer ass in there, cat.
posted by dirtynumbangelboy at 8:25 PM on January 1, 2010

This sounds like fun! Count me in!

Seriously, if you feel shy around relative strangers, don't worry, a lot of people feel the way you do. Just show up and start introducing yourself. I guarantee you'll meet some pretty interesting people.
posted by Multicellular Exothermic at 5:31 AM on January 2, 2010

i can haz dim sum?
posted by jacquilynne at 10:15 AM on January 2, 2010

And again, this site has no way to clearly and unambiguously set out the details of the event and participants in this thread haven’t bothered to try.

If I just got here, where is the single specific place I go to learn the full details of the meetup?
posted by joeclark at 11:58 AM on January 3, 2010

The site has a way -- linking from the sidebar to the post in which they appear. But since the details of the meetup have not yet been clearly and unambiguously determined yet, there's no post of that nature to link to.

The consensus seems to be settling around Bright Pearl on the 10th around noonish, but someone (who isn't me, because I don't make phone calls) is going to have to step up and see if they'll take a kind of diaphonous reservation, because Bright Pearl can be a hella zoo on Sundays and we don't know how many people are going to be there. Which is sort of the problem of sit-down meals in general -- people would have to be more willing than they usually are to actually a) commit and b) show up at something resembling the right time.

This is the tally of expressed interest so far. 3 general interests and 14 who seem fine with brunch / dim sum in general.

General interest in a meetup, not specific to brunch / dim sum:

Seem fine with brunch / dim sum specifically:
if I only had a penguin
troll on a pony
seven year lurk
tantrum the cat
multicellular exothermic
posted by jacquilynne at 12:29 PM on January 3, 2010

Oh, put me on the "more than fine with a dim sum brunch" list, please.
posted by maudlin at 4:23 PM on January 3, 2010

I think I'm free on Sunday....and I live for dim sum. Hope to be there!
posted by meerkatty at 6:20 AM on January 4, 2010

put me on the absolutely, Sunday, 'godDAMMIT if I DON'T GET some DIM-sum' list.
posted by voronoi at 12:45 PM on January 4, 2010


Normally I sort of assume the person who started the meetup thread will call it in terms of exact time and location, and call the venue if that is warranted. However, since dirtynumbangelboy has just disabled his account, that seems like a bad assumption now.

Shall we say Sunday Jan 10th, 12:00 noon, Bright Pearl restaurant in Toronto (346 Spadina Ave).

I volunteer to give them a call during the day on Wednesday this week to try to make some sort of reservation, based on the list jacquilynne drew up above, with any additions or subtractions people announce here in the next couple of days.

Anybody think I need to call sooner than Wednesday to be safe?
posted by FishBike at 12:52 PM on January 4, 2010

I'm interested in coming ... I'm vegetarian though, is that going to be a problem? I haven't been to Bright Pearl specifically, but I know dim sum is not usually super veg-friendly.
posted by iona at 2:14 PM on January 4, 2010

Depends on how vegetarian you are, obviously, but definitely not super veg-friendly. Might have to order a dish off the main menu to supplement the limited dim sum selection..
posted by Chuckles at 4:30 PM on January 4, 2010

iona: I would imagine you wouldn't be the only person interested in ordering something off the main menu if it were shared amongst others (like myself). Come on out and join the party! :)

12 noon sounds good for brunch at the Bright Pearl, FishBike
posted by carabiner at 4:49 PM on January 4, 2010

Great, count me in then!
posted by iona at 5:50 PM on January 4, 2010

Moving house, so thanks but no thanks.
posted by randomination at 8:08 PM on January 4, 2010

Hmm... my ratio of lurker+scaredycat to loves dimsum+has always wanted to go to a meetup is leaving me perplexed...

Put me down as a very very probable.
posted by evadery at 10:32 AM on January 5, 2010

I'm in. I have to scoot to a friend's recital for 2 but the promise of dim-sum + meet up is compelling.
posted by machine at 12:29 PM on January 5, 2010

Also, dnab, if you're still reading this, I hope you'll still come to the meetup -- it was your idea in the first place! Let's just have a nice brunch, with no talk of this flamout business, ok everybody?
posted by FishBike at 7:41 AM on January 6, 2010

And just like that - I'm out. Sorry gang, but next time.
posted by evadery at 7:50 AM on January 6, 2010

Ok, I have called the restaurant and made reservations for 21 people for this Sunday at noon. Hopefully I counted right. This was based on everyone jacquilynne listed above, plus everyone since then who's said they will or might be coming (minus anyone who's said they are out already).

So if you are one of those people who I thought was coming, and you can't make it, could you try to let us know here (or via MeFi mail to me) so that if we end up with less than 21 on the final list, I can avoid feeling super guilty for taking up extra space in a busy restaurant? (Only sort of kidding about that, I am paranoid about costing places money with empty seats!) Cool, thanks.
posted by FishBike at 10:03 AM on January 6, 2010

Don't know if I'm too late, but I'd like to attend! And if I am too late, well then, it's okay!
posted by joni. at 5:36 PM on January 6, 2010

You're not too late, joni. I'll call the restaurant again on Sunday before I head down there with an update to the numbers if that looks necessary by then.
posted by FishBike at 5:42 PM on January 6, 2010

I'm going to try and drop by to say hello around 1 pmish, but likely won't take part in the eating (dim sum once already this week and another date for Monday....mmmmm, dim sum). Would love to meet up with MeFites I haven't already met! Also, if anyone else here is free during weekdays (due to maternity leave or what have you), I'm always up for coffee or cheap lunch.
posted by Go Banana at 7:33 AM on January 7, 2010

My absence does not mean I don't heartily endorse dim sum and Mefi.
posted by generichuman at 10:26 AM on January 8, 2010

Looks like the missus (routergirl) and I will be there for this auspicious occasion.

I made some shitty joke about Dim Sum earlier while we were talking about, but it was so fucking awful I'll spare you all.
posted by Brockles at 11:45 AM on January 8, 2010

Noooooooooo, tell us the shitty joke now so we can make fun of you tomorrow.
posted by joni. at 3:05 PM on January 9, 2010

Arggh. Can someone volunteer to yell at me to go tomorrow? stupid brain hates fun
posted by soft and hardcore taters at 3:27 PM on January 9, 2010

posted by FishBike at 6:47 PM on January 9, 2010

Ok, I have updated the reservation to be for 24 people (reminder: meetup is at 12:00 noon today, Bright Pearl restaurant in Toronto, 346 Spadina Ave).

"MetaFilter" signs are printed and I'll try to stick a few on our table. I'll also tell the staff at the front that people are likely to ask for the MetaFilter group.
posted by FishBike at 6:26 AM on January 10, 2010

How can your brain hate fun if your name is 'soft and hardcore taters?'

posted by Ouisch at 7:19 AM on January 10, 2010

Alright shy people, time to get out of bed and head to dim sum. Carbiner, don't make us go to Cabbagetown and get you! Seriously, don't make us cause I just don't feel at ease in the east end. It's just a little foreign.
posted by If only I had a penguin... at 8:06 AM on January 10, 2010

Aw, it looks like Brockles and I won't be able to make it after all. Hope some other people show up and take our spots!
posted by routergirl at 8:38 AM on January 10, 2010

Hey, thanks again for coming everybody, that was fun!
posted by FishBike at 12:43 PM on January 10, 2010

Yay! You're not scary! Bonus for Maudlin: ROBOGEISHA
posted by soft and hardcore taters at 3:01 PM on January 10, 2010

And I didn't even have to clothesline you, after all.

That was fun, people. I liked the part where we ate dim sum!
posted by Ouisch at 3:06 PM on January 10, 2010

Hooray! I had a good time meeting all of your smiling faces. Thanks for the fun and letting me tell you about my experiences of sticking Q-tips up bird butts. Link may be NSFW/Lunch. I'm a great lunch guest, I know.

If I only had a penguin...: I came with Ouisch, you confirmed this! We may have to drag you out to Cabbagetown one day to prove that it's not scary. There's Riverdale Farm, so we might be able you a penguin to have as your very own :). Or, we could just play with the cute piglets and donkeys.
posted by carabiner at 3:22 PM on January 10, 2010

..."we might be able to get you a penguin to have as your very own...", rather.

Apparently I'm still in a dim sum coma.
posted by carabiner at 3:24 PM on January 10, 2010

Thanks to everyone for making it out today. It was a great way to start Sunday, hanging out with Mefites. We should do this again when a patio can be involved.
posted by troll on a pony at 3:28 PM on January 10, 2010

<homer>Mmmm....dim sum coma...</homer>
posted by FishBike at 3:30 PM on January 10, 2010

Now I just need dim sum dinner to complete my day. For those of you who were listening into my conversation about awesomely bad movies, I think I'll take this opportunity to post the trailers for them.

The Room actually has a cult following. It's just kind of famous for being that really bad movie. But seriously, I really suggest everyone to watch it. It's quite the experience.

Then there's Bitch Slap which will make your jaw drop.

Look forward to future gatherings!
posted by joni. at 4:01 PM on January 10, 2010

I also just realized I should've drawn a table in my notebook and written down where everyone was sitting so I know who is who - short-term memory kind of sucks.
posted by joni. at 4:09 PM on January 10, 2010

That was fun! And there was dim sum.
posted by jacquilynne at 4:11 PM on January 10, 2010

That was a fun meetup, and it's especially fun that people brought gifts of AWESOME MOVIE TRAILERS and scary but efficient cloacae afterwards! I am replete (although Transformer Geisha may haunt my dreams tonight).

And we were actually able to, like, talk during this meetup. Some of us were discussing this at the stairs after things broke up, and if we want more talk-heavy meetups (plus good food and drink), coming back for dim sum on a Sunday morning could work, or we could try going to Bright Pearl on a weeknight when we have the run of the place. Paupers seems to be another spot that is conversation-friendly on weekdays.

So when we have the next meetup, we might consider an off peak time (Thursday is weekend-ish enough, isn't it?), or start thinking now of great places anywhere in the city that will work for us even at peak times.
posted by maudlin at 8:59 PM on January 10, 2010

As the number of Chinese who even basically understand the concept of vegetarianism is so small you could fit them into a Chinese-built Volvo and none of them run the restaurants here (yes, I know: Buddhist ones), I’m not interested in going to a Chinese-restaurant meetup. There’s even pork in their rice.
posted by joeclark at 9:28 PM on January 10, 2010

Aha! I found the trailer for Journey to the Far Side of the Sun. This review shows several screenshots (click to enlarge), including the really neat visuals, the bureaucrat's stylish office, the best nested phallic symbols ever, and that wonderful live "x-ray". Also: a collection of sound from the film, including dialogue and the soundtrack. Gee, the liftoff portion sounds rather familiar ...

The Wikipedia page (with full plot summary) clarifies why it seemed so much like Thunderbirds: it was produced by Gerry Anderson. No Supermarionation, though. Those really were live wooden actors.
posted by maudlin at 8:10 AM on January 11, 2010

maudlin -- you're right. I like having the opportunity to actually talk to people. It was kind of like the Algonquin Round Table, what with the big round table and all!

But seriously, I like going to places where we can talk. Loud thumping music bores me.
posted by Ouisch at 6:24 AM on January 13, 2010

And joni. in case you forget -- I was the one on your left.
posted by Ouisch at 6:25 AM on January 13, 2010

To follow up on Ouish's comment, I was to the left of her. And continuing to the left of me, I was beside jacquilynne, who was beside If I only had a penguin..., who was beside FishBike, who was beside Chuckles (not Brockles!), who was beside seven year lurk, who was beside maudlin, who was beside soft and hardcore taters, who was beside iona, who was beside troll and a pony, who was to your right joni.

At the MeFi Speed Dim Sum/Dating table directly behind me there was jb and Dreadnought (who arrived together and thus we didn't have only one poor soul at another table).

I think I remembered everyone and in the order we were seated at, but apologies if I didn't (it's not because you're forgettable it's because I haven't had a cup of tea yet).
posted by carabiner at 7:31 AM on January 13, 2010

I'm gonna guess from the name Dreadnought that that's the guy who chatted with me about signals intelligence, haha. So jb would have told me about bog-draining in 17th century England.

Along with bird q-tipping and terrible movies, conversation at Metafilter meetups is awesome.
posted by Ouisch at 8:17 AM on January 13, 2010

I am definitely a fan of this whole "meet at a place where we can actually hear each other" concept. It seemed to work very well.

Why do bars want to drown out conversation with loud music, anyway?

Does complaining about loud music mean I am getting old?

Get off my lawn.

posted by FishBike at 6:22 PM on January 13, 2010

The Ben Wicks on Parliament is extremely acceptable in various regards.
posted by joeclark at 6:28 PM on January 13, 2010

I'm up for a more alcohol-fueled meetup, and I'll third (fourth?) the preference for a quiet place - I hate standing in a semicircle, screaming into people's ears while shitty music thumps.
posted by soft and hardcore taters at 5:19 PM on January 14, 2010

> Why do bars want to drown out conversation with loud music, anyway?

So you'll drink more. If you're talking, you're not drinking.
posted by The Card Cheat at 6:38 AM on January 16, 2010

Excellent, thank you for the 'where everyone was sitting' reminder.

We should definitely have another meetup that involves alcohol!
posted by joni. at 10:32 AM on January 18, 2010

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