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Hello nutmeggers -- I just moved here for FL and noticed you guys haven't had a MeFi meetup in over a year. Let's remedy that.

Now I'm brand new around here and way down in Fairfield county, so I might not be the best person to do a lot of the legwork on this, but I would love to meet you folks. Anybody wanna get together? Where's the best place to meet, anyway? New Haven? Hartford? What do you guys think?
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Sorry to hear you are out of the area, we were going to invite you over to our house I hope your family is doing well up north!
posted by Jazz Hands at 5:28 PM on January 7, 2010

I was contemplating calling a New Haven meetup.

Our last one was NICE AND EARLY. Anyone want to do a nice breakfast meetup again?

While I'd prefer the New Haven area, I'm flexible.
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@Jazz Hands -- we totally would have come over, too! But now it's time for an exciting new chapter, and frankly I think the technology environment (of which I and your husband are part of) is just better "up north".

@cobaltnine -- breakfast, really? but I don't normally drink beer with breakfast...this'll be a break with tradition. :P
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I am so in. Going to the NYC meetups is fun but that's a hike. And there was a proper turnout to the last CT one.

New Haven or further down the shoreline are equally convenient/inconvenient to me.
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Yes please!

There's a little concentration of Mefites in New Haven--thank god for you out-of-towners calling meetups, though, or we'd never see each other. Last time we hung out at Koffee on Orange, which was nice but is gone now. Koffee on Audubon would disturb studiers, Cafe Romeo is crowded, Willoughby's might be cramped...better ideas?

If people want to do evening instead, I'm partial to Firehouse, on Crown St. It's low-key and uncrowded in the early evenings, and has big comfy booths.

Or whatever. I'm willing to travel. Hell, we could carpool.

Caveat: My schedule's a lot more open after the 20th.
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Another southern CT mefite messaged me thus:

New Haven is probably a good bet:

Some suggestions so far:

Best Mexican Food + Great Bar = Mezcal
Breakfast = The Pantry
Good Bar For Talking In An Inside Voice As Well As Drinking = Firehouse 12

I'm not really looking forward to a breakfast meetup -- but it IS different, and I'd go with the majority rule.
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The Pantry is sort of notorious for long waits, I think--it might cancel out the benefits of doing things Early. But that's by reputation; others may know more.
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New Haven is good for me. Bridgeport is even closer, if it can get a gentrificational renaissance in over the next couple weeks.
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(Hi! I won't be at this , 'cause I don't live in New Haven! But I did, for many years, and thus feel perfectly justified in lurking and kibitzing)

Anyway if you end up at the Firehouse and Carlos is tending bar tell him YOUR GOOD FRIEND JTRON FROM THE INTERNET SAYS HI and maybe he'll give you a hook-up, who knows

and man, the Daily Caffe woulda been perfect for a meetup
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So I guess the Pantry still has lines out the door every morning? Damn, I'm getting State Street nostalgia now, and I don't think any of my old neighborhood haunts even exist anymore
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I'm so there. I missed the last one because at first it looked like it was going to be in Hartford, but then it ended up being in New Haven and I didn't find out until after!

The Pantry on a weekend morning would be too crowded, but I'm totally down for Firehouse 12 or any of the cafes. Bru (formerly Koffee on Orange, fomerly Mocha) is probably the least crowded option.
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Sadly, The Pantry is totally unacceptable for something like a meetup - it's great, but not for lingering or really for groups over four people. There are indeed still lines out the door, and Yalies staring at you while you eat kind of kills the chill-out vibe.

Mezcal is pretty good for hanging out - the New Haven Collective use it for their meetups every once in a while, and Mezcal seems pretty amenable to large groups, especially during the week (Mondays or Tuesday evenings, eg.)

I'm down with Firehouse 12, but I've actually never been there; if others think it's good, then I'll roll with that. I will acquiesce to not a morning meetup, not forcing it, but whatever it's called down on Orange is usually empty on the weekends.
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I think everybody likes the idea of going to Firehouse 12 down in New Haven. How about February 6th, 2010, after dinner? Once I get a head count I'll see if F12 can host.
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Do all the bars in New Haven get crazy busy on Saturday nights?
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I would strongly suggest a Tuesday or Wednesday for Firehouse 12, not a Saturday. I live here and I'm not driving downtown on a Saturday night while Yale's in session, never mind out of towners who don't know the secret parking locations.
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Sunday would work too.
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I'll be in DC for Shmoocon the weekend of the 6th, so can't make it then. Have a pint of something for me!
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A Sunday, Tuesday, or Wednesday night sounds great to me.

...and if it's Wednesday Carlos probably will be there.
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Whatever happened to this?
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I think no one called any venues. I was going to resurrect it after I came back from vacation, but if anyone else wants to, they can. (I'll be out of town 2/27-3/6 and would prefer actually coming to the meetup, since we've put it off long enough.)
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