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Allow me to show my gratitude in form of alcohol: Parisian Mefites! I wanna drink at you. Lets say this Monday (11th) after work?

Lets further say around 5:30ish at the Lux Bar in Monmartre? (12 Rue Lepic) It's cozy, cheapish, and filled with equal amounts American honky-tonk music and bonhomie. What say tu?
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I'm in, as I'm always in favor of re-purposing prepositions. There are in fact a lot of things to drink at, including the return of the prodigal suitcase. And snow!

Also, it's quite possible that there just might be a newly-engaged couple in town, if this thread has anything to say about it. Any good news to share, 2legit2quit?
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Aww. I've always wanted to swin down to a Paris meetup. But this is too short notice AND I have out-of-town guests AND the Eurostar is broken anyways...

So, I guess what I'm saying is that I wish I could go and I'll probably try to organize another one in a couple months.
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I wish I could, but hey, if you go up Rue Lepic a bit, past Van Gogh's apartment, there's this restaurant that specializes in galettes both savory and sweet, and I had one of the best dinners of my life there but forgot the name of the place. Go there and have a good dinner and then please let me know what it's called because this has been KILLING ME for a long time. Merci buckets.
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vacapinta, if things go well, I'll be stayin on longer - so maybe! My plans are always so goshdarned tentative.

Oadraign - I will! Finding a needle in a delicious haystack.
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Okay, let's pin this down so it gets on the board quickly.

Monday the 11th 5:30- 6ish, Le Bar Lux, 12 Rue Lepic (it's on a triangular corner covered in plastic insulation wrap), Montmarte', Paris. I will be the overdressed American with the big red face.
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Padraigin, google maps has street view in Paris. I've used this in the past to figure out the name of the pizza place near my work (not in Paris) so I could find the phone number.
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And my suspicion is that the place you're talking about is Lepic Assiette, 35 rue Lepic (01 42 55 95 95).
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I want that place to be it but it was definitely galettes, not crepes, so maybe not. I could not find it on Street View because it's pretty nondescript looking. I have extreme Paris envy right now.
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Galettes are basically savory crepes, usually made with a darker flour (I think it's buckwheat). Did your meal look anything like this? Lepic Assiette serves both styles, and the street is just not that long so it would be unusual to have two crepe/galette restaurants in two blocks. Not unheard of, however.
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As a matter of fact it looked quite a bit like that, and I hereby enspouse both sciencegeek and tractorfeed.
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Is this the place with the Indiana Jones type interior? If not, can someone name it? It might be closer to the Abbesses station. All I had was a glass of wine, so I can't identify it by food.

I agree with padraigin re: "killing me" and "Paris envy"
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We should definitely make galettes part of the evening's plan. I will be sure to take lots of photos so that a) my new spouse can verify whether in fact Lepic Assiette is spot on, b) desjardins can verify whether the interior is Indiana Jones-y enough, and c) everyone who followed the Lost Luggage Saga [tm] can finally see The Whelk's snazzy duds.
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vacapinta, I'll tentatively RSVP for your Parisian meet-up a couple months from now, after I have re-escaped the US.
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Also experiencing strong Paris envy.
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re: Paris envy -- you can live in the next arrondissement and seem a world away from fun drinks in Monmartre. So, next time, from maman in the 19th. Amusé-vous bien!
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Je suis jalouse!
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Bestest little meetup in the world!
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