Obviously, it's much too cold right now to do anything. January 9, 2010 5:18 PM   Subscribe

Pensacola/Mobile/Biloxi Meetup, once this ridiculously cold weather eases up?

I'm thinking February or March, maybe in Gulf Shores, so it's equally inconvenient for everyone. Who's in? I'll coordinate, if there's interest.
posted by ivey to MetaFilter Gatherings at 5:18 PM (8 comments total)

this would be great! end of feb, early march is great too - a nice stretch with no holidays.
posted by zalary at 6:01 PM on January 9, 2010

I grew up in Gulf Breeze! I would meet you all if I could, but alas...Houston.
posted by zinfandel at 8:40 PM on January 9, 2010

Me, too, zinfandel! Ocean Springs represent! But alas...Tokyo.
posted by misozaki at 10:30 PM on January 9, 2010

A fellow in Colorado wonders: what exactly is "ridiculously cold" in Biloxi et al? Honestly, I've never been down there, and sometimes wonder. We hear mythic tales of people who put on sweaters and down coats if the mercury drops below 87° Fahrenheit, but I somehow can't believe that's true.
posted by koeselitz at 3:46 AM on January 10, 2010

@koeselitz while it's true my grandma wears a scarf when it drops below 50, it's 23 this morning with a windchill of 12. which is cold enough that even my friends in Toronto stop making fun of me. ;)
posted by zalary at 6:14 AM on January 10, 2010 [1 favorite]

After seeing The Shed BBQ on FoodTV last night, I'm ready to make the drive to Ocean Springs, MS.
posted by ColdChef at 8:21 AM on January 10, 2010

koeselitz, it was 21 this morning for me. 21. That's obscene, in this part of the world. I think it's actually illegal in MS for it to get that cold.
posted by ivey at 11:14 AM on January 10, 2010

One of the coldest mornings I ever spent was at the beach on Perdido Bay, one January.
posted by Midnight Skulker at 11:51 AM on January 12, 2010

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