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I've got a round trip ticket to New Orleans.

My sweet Liz has purchased me a ticket to New Orleans and I'll be in the city Feb. 5 through the 7th. Anyone want to get a drink that weekend? Haven't been to a Mardi Gras in 3 years so I'm thrilled to be back in town. Looking forward to hanging out and having a good time.

Note: Bitter Old Punk I'm still gonna take you up on drinks and chicken wings in Birmingham just not this time around. Don't think I don't love you.
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I don't.
posted by Mike Buechel at 10:15 PM on January 21, 2010

Eposyn- aww hell.
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I'd love to but I'm on the wrong continent. Have a few for me, bonny lad.
posted by Abiezer at 11:14 PM on January 21, 2010

Please hoist one for me while you're there, nola. It doesn't matter what.

I sure did love that place and intend to go back as soon as I can. Oh, and I would really enjoy a food blog of your travels, please.
posted by lilywing13 at 1:40 AM on January 22, 2010

I'd be up for a drink. Keep in mind, the Saints will be in the Superbowl on the 7th, so be ready for a hell of a time.
posted by gordie at 5:41 AM on January 22, 2010

Fine. That's fine. Leaves more beer and chicken for me.

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hey nola! in addition to the superbowl brouhaha, here's the parade schedule (included met'ry, but ... you know):
* Oshun - Uptown, 6:00 p.m.
* Atlas - Metairie, 6:30 p.m.
* Cleopatra - West Bank, 6:30 p.m.
* Excalibur - Metairie, 7:00 p.m.
* Pygmalion - Uptown, 7:00 p.m.

* Pontchartrain - Uptown, 1:00 p.m.
* Shangri-La - Uptown, 2:00 p.m.
* Caesar - Metairie, 6:00 p.m.
* Sparta - Uptown, 6:00 p.m.
* Pegasus - Uptown, 6:45 p.m.

* Alla - West Bank, Noon
* Carrollton - Uptown, Noon
* King Arthur - Uptown, 1:15 p.m.
* Barkus - French Quarter, 2:00 p.m.
* Rhea - Metairie, 2:00 p.m.
* Centurions - Metairie, 5:30 p.m.

able to pick up/deliver airport runs if you need transport, and happy to grab a po'boy & a cool frosty barq's at the dive of your choosing. welcome back!
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Keep in mind, the Saints will be in the Superbowl on the 7th

Oh, now you've done it.
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I have been fiending for a bbq shrimp po boy and some gumbo from Liuzza's for the last month. I can't make it down, but if you happen to be in mid city/bayou st. john, please go in there in hook yourself up, if you don't already know. So very very good, it's not actually bbq, but more of a very peppery tomato sauce on a million shrimp stuffed in a hollowed out baguette, maybe the best sandwich in a town that is basically made out of the best sandwiches in the world. Man, I miss New Orleans so bad. Really cool people work there too, really nice, have fun.
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I love Liuzza's. I'm staying with a friend who lives just a few blocks from there. I'm for having lunch there saturday the 6th around 12. How does that sound for starters? If anyone would rather do Parkway over on Hagan instead I'm fine with Parkway for lunch. As for saturday night I'm open to suggestions. Looking forward to the trip. Memail me if you want my cell
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Ahh, I used to live on North Lopez, just five blocks from Liuzza's.
posted by Divine_Wino at 8:58 AM on January 22, 2010

Which Liuzza's? This Liuzza's (not by the track) is an old family favorite.
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I'm cool with either. My first choice was by the track but I've been to the other and like it fine. I'm just not sure what to do that night. I'm thinking a parade but I'm not sure. My buddy Kevin will be up for a nightout on the town so saturday the sky is the limit. If anyone has a preference don't be shy. I've been to Cure among the many fine drinkeries [is that a word?] (incidentally Kevin did the photography for their website) and that was cool, maybe a little to cool for me but the drinks were wonderful.

Hey New Orleans where Y'at?

msconduct, that first barq's is on me.
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Stands in Seattle street all sweaty and Kowalski-like and yells "NOOOOOLAAAA".
I went and moved away but I'll know mid-week whether I'm back for a visit when you are down there. Keep an eye on your memail. And my complements to Your sweet Liz, now I've got a precedent to cite to My sweet Bev*.

*The redhead with me that you met last year, she's my wife now but alas she will be stuck at work.
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I've got a round trip ticket to New Orleans.

That is totally the opening line of a song I'm gonna write.
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I will probably come down for the day on Saturday, weather and dead people permitting. Looking forward to finally meeting you in person. Who Dat?
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liuzza's by the track is the home of the bbq shrimp po'boy : ) the other is home to many things, but i don't think they have da schwimps swimming in bbq.

and you gotta do a parade. hell, you'll be hard pressed not to. if you wanna hear music & just gotta get your brass band on, soul rebels are throwing down at dragon's den friday night, and the hickoids are playing with guitar lighting at saturn bar. whatever is happening at dba is bound to be good. the tricky part is finding a place that isn't going to be packed to overflowing & noisier than the inside of a bass drum. (see: super bowl/mardi gras above.)

i don't know much about the bar scene, but i think gordie can vouch for mick's irish pub on bienville in mid city. and i know that in addition to alcohol, the beach corner makes a mean burger. closer to the uptown parade route (and therefore more difficult to get to), the saint is a cool little dive. i'm pretty sure they'll be rockin' all weekend.
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Can't think right now because I have family in town, but I'm down to hang out. Somebody remind me to revisit this thread on Monday!
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Man, your trip just took on a whole new dimension. The Saints are going to the Superbowl. You might want to consider changing your plane ticket to fly home the next evening. If the Saints win the SuperBowl, there's going to be one hell of a party in New Orleans.
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I rest my case.
posted by gordie at 10:13 PM on January 24, 2010

Yes this should be an interesting weekend.
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I'm glad the Saints are going to the Super Bowl, but that wasn't pass interference. The ball was uncatchable. *grumble*
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oh, yay! I impulsively booked a solo ticket right after the Saints win, and I was just about to post a meetup request!
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I'm gonna get a BIG bowl of gumbo real soon, and that makes me happy.
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I'm gonna get a BIG bowl of gumbo real soon

Lucky bastard.
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So many questions! I just got to New Orleans and may be fortuitously left here at the end of this week after a tour of Mississippi (!) for work, but would love to meet y'all

1) Is this lunch still on for the 6th, per nola's comment?
2) Anyone interested in going parading/people-watching?
3) Are any of you yes-to-2 people couchsurfing-types (yes yes, I will check the social networking links in the profiles), who might be interested in a MeFite on their couch for the weekend when not out eating and cavorting?

(Also, if the meet-up is happening, it should get added to the MeTa sidebar schedule.)
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1) Is this lunch still on for the 6th, per nola's comment?


2) Anyone interested in going parading/people-watching?


Also, if the meet-up is happening, it should get added to the MeTa sidebar schedule

I was waiting to see if any ideas for a place/time, as we got closer to the weekend. If none are forthcoming I'll just pick one I know and we can go from there. As of now liuzza's by the track is the only certain meetup, but that's because I can walk there from where I'm staying and they make a hell of a roast beef po'boy.
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I've added this link to the sidebar.
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I'm down with lunch on Saturday, but I've got to get back by early evening. I'm going to an all-day superbowl party on Sunday, and I've got tons of food to prepare.

Here are the parade routes, by the way.

I'm two hours out of the city, so I can't provide couch space, but I could buy a round or two. Who Dat!
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Drat; being called back to Houston before the weekend. Count me out. At least I got my French Quarter walk-about before heading out to Jackson this afternoon...
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Well shit. Maybe next whatzit.
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well hells bells....received a phone call from nola. he's stuck in atlanta tonight and isn't going to make it into new orleans until 3ish tomorrow (saturday). if you're interested in getting together after that, memail me and i can get you his number if you don't already have it.
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This, of course, proves my lifelong theory that it's only possible to meet up with people during Mardi Gras if you accidentally bump into them. Otherwise, it's a fool's game.
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Yeah I'm sorry to anyone who I've put out. The flight out of Nashville was delayed and by the time I got to Atlanta my connecting flight was long gone. Long story short; I spent the night in Atlanta and didn't get into New Orleans till about 3 pm. So I'm in town now but I may take ColdChef's words to heart about trying to meetup during Mardi Gras (not to mention the Saints being in the Super Bowl) being a fool's game. :p

But I'll check back on this thread while I'm here. I'm still open to hanging out but at this point I'm gonna just roll around town and what not.
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"I'm still open to hanging out but at this point I'm gonna just roll around town and what not."

Like when you are walking around at night and you see a cat and you think "here kitty kitty" but if you show too much interest, present as predator the cat is apprehensive. Hunker down and act like you don't care. Feigning disinterest fools the cynical Fates and lures the optimist Fates.
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