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Hello San Francisco! How about drinks this coming weekend?

A sudden trip to the west coast has fallen into my lap. So I'll be in San Francisco Thursday - Sunday and would love to meet some mefites. I'm staying in Castro (the Castro?) according to Google maps - Dorland St., to be specific - and won't have a car so walking distance or excruciatingly detailed public transport directions would be great. I'm coming in late late Wednesday night and leaving early early Monday morning so any evening Thursday - Sunday is good by me. Also, all tourist hints and suggestions are awesome as well. I have never really been to the west coast before and everything will be new and strange. Museums! Galleries! Cheap as hell shopping! Strange Californian food! Strange Californians! I am psyched.
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We already got a meetup planned, so come to that!
posted by rtha at 5:18 PM on February 28, 2010

This week is booked up for me.

rtha: We still got two more weeks for that meetup.
posted by special-k at 5:32 PM on February 28, 2010

Alas, yeah, I'll be gone by the 12th.
posted by mygothlaundry at 5:55 PM on February 28, 2010

Oh, my bad - I can't read a calendar, apparently. Sorry!

I don't think I have anything on the evenings of March 4th or 5th (Thursday/Friday), though I should check with gingerbeer, aka my backup brain.

At the very least, we can feed you a Mission-style burrito, in the Mission, which is easily accessible by BART. You like beer?
posted by rtha at 6:09 PM on February 28, 2010

What a fabulous idea! May I suggest a venue?
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Yes, frjtz, please do. I was thinking pistols at dawn somewhere in the presidio. Sound good?

SF Mefites: Just in case I don't make it, remember that I love you all.
posted by special-k at 6:34 PM on February 28, 2010

*nukes frjtz from orbit and kills it with fire, just in case*

mygothlaundry, frjtz is a Belgian beer & fry place that's become sort of a joke with SF mefites, since we went through a period of having a lot of meetups in a row there, or at least it seemed that way. Now we do our best to go somewhere else!
posted by rtha at 6:36 PM on February 28, 2010

On second thoughts, how about a knife fight, frjtz? I'm feeling somewhat stabby this evening.
posted by special-k at 6:38 PM on February 28, 2010

Yes, let's meetup this Friday! We could go back to Mission Bar, or try Rosamunde, or something in the Castro.
posted by gingerbeer at 7:41 PM on February 28, 2010

I live in Tennessee so I'm not gonna make your meetup but I can't recommend hanging out with mygothlaundry enough. She is a real class act, if you get a chance to meet her do. Raise a glass for me my southern belle.
posted by nola at 7:55 PM on February 28, 2010

;ooh! I'm gonna try to make this! I'd love to meet you mgl :)
posted by supermedusa at 8:45 PM on February 28, 2010

Oh, outstanding! I won't be able to make the GDC meetup, so I hope this one comes together.
posted by cobra_high_tigers at 9:27 PM on February 28, 2010

Hooray! I've been through a long stretch of not making it to meetups but I'm damned if I'll miss the chance to hang out with you.
posted by tangerine at 9:43 PM on February 28, 2010

I also can't make the March 12 meet up, so let's make this happen.
posted by stop sign at 11:20 PM on February 28, 2010

I'm not going to be there... but will someone please make sure to get mygothlaundry to el faro or preferably El Farolito for a proper Mission burrito so she can understand what the hell I was raving about?

MGL? You'd also probably like the De Young Museum, some time in Golden Gate park and a view from Twin Peaks. Avoid Fisherman's Wharf, but do go to Alemany Farmer's Market on Saturday morning if you can. If you see a big graffiti covered building full of weirdos there, that's where I used to live.
posted by loquacious at 2:49 AM on March 1, 2010

All this is awesome, y'all, thanks for the compliments and suggestions! Just tell me where and when to be and I will be there. Looking forward to it!
posted by mygothlaundry at 12:10 PM on March 1, 2010

I'll hitch my horse to Mission Bar on Friday if folks are down. It has the advantage of being really close to BART for those that are into that kind of thing. It is also El Farolito which is correctly identified by loquacious as the best goddamn burrito you can eat in this town.
posted by Doublewhiskeycokenoice at 12:32 PM on March 1, 2010

So I'm gonna go ahead an propose: Mission Bar, Friday March 5, 6 pm - till whenever. It's walking distance to several excellent burrito joints, so forays to said joints can be made and burritos brought back and consumed with beer at the bar. It's also just block from 24th St BART.

(I'd love to suggest Rosamunde's new location at 24th & Mission, but MAN IS IT LOUD I MEAN IT'S REALLY LOUD, but if others feel strongly, we can give it a shot. It was wicked loud - and crowded - when we were there a couple Saturdays ago around 6pm.)
posted by rtha at 12:32 PM on March 1, 2010

It is also El Farolito which is correctly identified by loquacious as the best goddamn burrito you can eat in this town.

THEM'S FIGHTIN' WORDS. (I will stroll to Taqueria Can-Cun for my burrito. mygothlaundry, I hope you'll be prepared to eat - or at least try - lots of burritos from each mefites favorite taqueria.)
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each mefite's, that is.

Speaking of food, and the Alemany farmers market, you should also not miss the Saturday farmers market at the Ferry Building. Alemany is my home market and I love it more than I can say, but the one at the Ferry Building is amazing. Much more expensive, generally, than Alemany (lots more organic stuff is available), and the interior of the Ferry Building is stocked with little shops selling delicious local foodstuffs, which you will want to eat all of.
posted by rtha at 12:38 PM on March 1, 2010

Dammit! Mission Bar is not El Farolito. They are different places. It is close to El Farolito which remains superior. However I cannot counsel against eating any burrito in good conscience so you'll just have to decide for yourself.
posted by Doublewhiskeycokenoice at 12:52 PM on March 1, 2010

Whoo! Friday night at 6 it is. I will do my level best to eat as many burritos as possible and judge the amazingness thereof.
posted by mygothlaundry at 12:53 PM on March 1, 2010


mygothlaundry, will you add this to the sidebar, so local mefites glancing at the front page of the grey will see it?
posted by rtha at 1:16 PM on March 1, 2010

Ooh, cool, yes, I have never added anything to the sidebar before. So if it shows up as three years ago in Uttar Pradesh, it will be my fault.
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Cancun FTW!

I'm in. Looking forward to it.
posted by gingerbeer at 7:08 PM on March 1, 2010

If anyone wants my cell phone number in case of running late/being lost/whatever, mefimail me.
posted by rtha at 7:49 AM on March 2, 2010

Count me in!
posted by Gussio at 11:44 AM on March 2, 2010

FWIW, the new Rosamunde recently added some fabric tiles along the ceiling - it helped a little, not a ton. I'd bet that once the crowds die down a little, it might be tolerable. :)
posted by kcm at 2:30 PM on March 2, 2010

mygothlaundry, and anyone else who's interested: this Thursday is the awesome Divis art walk.

(Not sure if I can make Friday yet.)
posted by esprit de l'escalier at 3:43 PM on March 2, 2010

I was going to say I can't wait to go to my first SF meetup, but I almost forgot Stern Grove a while back. So, I look forward to my second SF meetup.
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(does that make me look like Johnny Weir)
posted by scrump at 11:48 PM on March 2, 2010

I missed the meetup 3 years ago in Uttar Pradesh so I will try to make it to this one. If only to champion the One True Mission Burrito, which can be had a mere block away at El Taco Loco. Carne al pastor, regular, no cheese. You can thank me later.
posted by Quietgal at 9:00 PM on March 3, 2010

If you like noise: Grouper is playing at the Partisan Gallery thursday night.
posted by stop sign at 9:24 AM on March 4, 2010

I'll be there!

But I might have to make a brief excursion to Humphry Slocombe, half a mile away, for some urgent business.
posted by aubilenon at 2:11 AM on March 5, 2010

Some of us might have to join you....
posted by rtha at 5:02 AM on March 5, 2010

This is just to say

I will attend
the meetup
that is in
the Mission

and which
you will probably
also be

Forgive me
this is indulgent
and stupid
but I am stoked
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Meetup attendees: If I bring blood orange caramels and caramel corn, will you eat them?
posted by mollymayhem at 12:44 PM on March 5, 2010

Oh hell no, mollymahem. Why would we do that?

/H A M B U R G E R
posted by rtha at 1:05 PM on March 5, 2010

I might be there, though a little late.

Also, yay blood orange caramels!
posted by Pronoiac at 3:41 PM on March 5, 2010

What's that rtha? I should bring hamburger?
posted by mollymayhem at 3:42 PM on March 5, 2010

Jaybeans and I are coming. We hope to make it by about 6:30, but he works way down in Mountain View, so that's a very rough estimate.
posted by mostlymartha at 4:26 PM on March 5, 2010

I am having the worst meetup envy right now!
posted by Danf at 5:05 PM on March 5, 2010

Holy cow, another one?? I will try to make it to this even though I just saw the thread right now. You guys are worth ditching a event early, right?
posted by tantivy at 5:24 PM on March 5, 2010

Yes, tantivy!

I am leaving my house. See y'all in a bit.
posted by rtha at 5:41 PM on March 5, 2010

Sorry to tease delicious treats (which are sitting on my kitchen table ready to go) and not come through, but given my Sudden! Spectacular! OhgodI'mgonnapuke! feelings, I'm gonna stay home. And in my bathroom. This sucks.
posted by mollymayhem at 6:58 PM on March 5, 2010

I'm about to finally head out and - whoa! Are you okay, Molly?
posted by Pronoiac at 7:29 PM on March 5, 2010

We miss you mollymayhem and are forced to send people out to get ice cream instead.
posted by gingerbeer at 7:34 PM on March 5, 2010

Thanks folks. I'll be fine. My lunch and I are just having a disagreement. I'm trying to beat it into submission with ginger tea.

If you're going to Humphrey Slocombe, try the lard caramels for me.
posted by mollymayhem at 7:54 PM on March 5, 2010

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Rough chopped ginger, steeped in boiling water. Not as awesome as ginger beer (or gingerbeer), but good for nausea. Or so my hippie herbalist pals tell me.
posted by mollymayhem at 8:19 PM on March 5, 2010

Mollymayhem, sorry to hear you're under the weather. I made a cameo appearance and managed to unload a grapefruit (long story) on mygothlaundry, who has a cold and needs the vitamin C. So citrusy treats were not lacking despite your absence. And ginger tea is very good for nausea, in my experience. Feel better!
posted by Quietgal at 8:48 PM on March 5, 2010

What's awesome, you ask? When you go home at noon and wake up at 5:30. Jesus.
posted by scrump at 9:00 PM on March 5, 2010

Meetuppage still going strong. Trash talk about tequila vs scotch. Come out and weigh in on the important questions in life.
posted by ooga_booga at 10:46 PM on March 5, 2010

Some of us are now back in the East Bay, showered and ready to settle into a warm bed. Hope the rest of you are, at the very least, upright.

Was much fun. Thanks and stuff.
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That was much fun, even if I didn't get to talk to many of the folks there.

Let's do it again, say, next Friday?
posted by gingerbeer at 9:15 AM on March 6, 2010 [1 favorite]

even if I didn't get to talk to many of the folks there

Which is mostly my fault, because I spent most of two hours occupying the seat between you and mudpuppie, as a result of which I talked to hardly anyone at the other table.

Come to think of it, it's not my fault. You and mudpuppie obviously shouldn't be so damn interesting.
posted by tangerine at 2:20 PM on March 6, 2010

I wish I had taken more, but here are the few snaps I got from last evening.
posted by jaybeans at 3:14 PM on March 6, 2010

Sorry it took me so long but I'm finally back in Asheville and at a computer. I had a great time and y'all are wonderful! Here are my few pictures - you will have to tag yourselves for names for the most part, because I am lame as hell at names. It was truly a great time and I hope nobody caught my cold.
posted by mygothlaundry at 5:55 PM on March 9, 2010

Ha! Many thanks--I think I've got a new profile picture...
posted by Gussio at 7:27 PM on March 9, 2010

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