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Anchorage MeFites, I'd like to meet you!

The Alaska Library Association conference is taking me to Anchorage. I'm not sure what the MeFi population there is like, but I'd love to meet folks if there are any. Maybe this Friday night the 5th? I'm staying downtown at the Captain Cook [which is also where the conference is] Decent place to get food/beer/coffee nearby?
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I think there's only, like, two of us though. HOWEVER twitter is insanely popular in town and I can easily get people together on Friday.

Food: Glacier Brewhouse is good for lunch, dinner, as is Humpy's. Urban Greens on G St and 3rd has good sandwiches and a salad that I'm completely addicted to. Snow City Cafe is THE place for breakfast - the line is super long, but the trick is to call to get on The List a half hour ahead.

Coffee: I am partial to Kaladi Brothers on 6th & G St. Local roaster that's really involved in the community. I've also heard Side Street Espresso has good coffee and atmosphere. There's a Starbucks nearby if you prefer

Beer: Moose's Tooth sells growlers and I hear they are awesome (I don't drink), but they are in Midtown and only really accessible if you have a rental. Also awesome pizza, no deliveries though. Humpy's and Glacier Brewhouse downtown have beer, but I'm unsure how special they are. Crush Bistro is good for wine.

I am so excited for this you have no idea.
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Also, I just mefi-mailed every user in the state about this thread. There were 9!
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Win! I am partial to places that aren't screaming loud, walking distance from where I am, and prefer divey to fancy. I like beer, don't care about wine and wouldn't die if the place had delicious food and only so-so drinks. There are also a few librarians I know at the conference, so I might invite them along.
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Friday night is good- but I teach and my spring break starts at 4 that afternoon, so pretty much anything would work.

Apparently rhapsodie and I are actually the same person in terms of food preferences, although we've never met. Or maybe the options in Anchorage are just that sadly limited? :)

I vote no Humpy's because it's hard to talk there, but Glacier Brewhouse would be good for both beer and food and is walkable (they take reservations, and it's usually not too terrible to get a table on the bar side without one, either), Beartooth is always a solid bet (I can give a ride from downtown), Kaladi is great, Side Street has good coffee and nice places to sit although sometimes grumpy service. There's also a very quiet and reasonably tasty Thai place strangely marooned in a parking lot immediately across from the Captain Cook (name is Bangkok Cafe, no liquor license).
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I am so jealous I can't be there that you have no idea.
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I'm shruggo on Thai. Howabout the Glacier Brewhouse, maybe 7:30? I'm on a long flight for the next half day so if that's good, woo! If not, feel free to pick something. I like almost anything that's not APPLAPLPAPPA noisy sports bar scene.
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Sounds good to me, I'll likely drag a few along with me.
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rhapsodie, you rock. Sorry I can't make it---it's a bit too long of a drive from Fairbanks.
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Brewhouse, 7:30 sounds good to me. I'll plan on being there, perhaps with one hanger-on. Whoo!

Table vultureing works fairly well in the bar area, but only up to about 4 or 5 people- if there's going to be more than that we might want to do a reservation for the regular side if people are averse to sitting and waiting for a half hour or so.
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Can we push it to 8? I am a dork and there's some library event at the same time and I'd like to at least say hi and give a few high fives. Promise I will smuggle some snax out with me.
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Or, since it's already out on the Twitter I will be fine if 7:30 works best. Sorry to be a fidgety nerd.
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You weren't fidgety with my too-fast exit ramps and meowing at cats. ^__^
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Meh, twitter is flexible. 8pm might be easier to get a table.
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8 PM is fine with me, too.
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Yay I am here. 8 pm it is on Friday at the Glacier Brewhouse.
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Unfortunately, the Alaska State Library doesn't pop for anybody but librarians to go to AkLA so I will not be attending. However, enjoy my annual report that the director will be handing out. Also, I hope I win a prize in the library graphic design contest. Last year, I bought some kick-ass books for our library with the money. Check it out! Anyway, have fun. I love the Brewhouse's bread pudding.
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Boo, stuck working Friday night. But rhapsodie, that was a cool trick. ;)
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Drat! I won't be back until the 8th...
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