Anyone play or want to play werewolf/mafia in London? March 4, 2010 2:55 AM   Subscribe

Does anyone play the game Werewolf or Mafia in London? Or do you want to start?

I got interested in this game after an article was posted on the front page, so does anyone have a game I can get in on or if you're interested we can get the rules and figure it out.

If people are into it, we could post it as a meetup...I'm in London from next week.
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I run a monthly event called the Sandpit which generally has a fair bit of Werewolf - a couple of scheduled games with an official moderator, and then enough cards for a pile of people to run their own games. Usually the Werewolf players are the last people left at the end of the night; after the rest of us have packed up and gone home, they sit there killing each other until the venue chucks them out.

(Our next event is on 26 March at the V&A - it'll a lot bigger than usual so we're still working out the details, but there's a good chance there'll be Werewolf going on; if so it'll be mentioned on the website next week. After that everything will be back to normal in April).

Tate Britain's late-night opening tomorrow night is game-themed, and will have Werewolf games, though I don't know who's running them (sounds like you won't be here for that, but in case anyone else is interested).

There's not, as far as I'm aware, a regular open Werewolf-only meetup in London - there was a group that used to run in Shunt a couple of years ago, but they kind-of melded into the Sandpit.
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I think you know what to call it.
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I can vouch for severalbee's Sandpit events, which always seem to have Werewolf games, along with plenty of other fun urban games (some of which are very lupine-like).

I'm sure you could easily get enough people together for a MefiWerewolf night in London, simply because there's a good overlap between the two communities (along with newcomers). The best thing to do is pick a general date range a few weeks from now, and work out a fairly central venue; probably a room at a pub or something.
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Just to say if this gets arranged, I'm in.

And thanks severalbees for the links, I know where I'm going to be tomorrow :)
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I'd be very tempted to join in, been meaning to give werewolf a go for some time.
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So excited for a minute, thinking there was a game called "Werewolf or Mafia."
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All things are possible.
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Sandpit looks like a laugh anyway. I'm gonna try and go on the 26th.
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I'm not sure how much interest there is, so what I'm thinking is to arrange to meet in a couple of weeks for a quick drink and see who turns up. Then we can talk about finding a venue if theres enough to make it work. In any case we could all go to the sandpit night if there's a game on.
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