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Boulder meetup? soon-ish?

Hi all,

looks like there were tentative plans for a Boulder area meetup sometime next week-ish. I propose the Southern Sun as easy and do-able, any day next week beside Tuesday (because peachfuzz can't make it on Tuesday, and it was our idea basically).

Who's in?

Nails, I know you'll be out of town and I'm sorry about that. Alternative suggestions welcome but the SoSun is probably one of the more meetup-friendly venues, as well as being right next to the main transit line from Denver.
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I could do any evenings except Mon, Wed, and Sat. Sun lunch/afternoon is probably possible, the missus is doing a 10K that morning that I believe is in Boulder. Sat afternoon is also possible.
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We'll I won't be in China, like the last Denver meetup, which is a plus. But my MIL is town starting on Thursday and all through the weekend.

I guess I'll call it a tenative depending on the day.
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We're in, and we could prolly swing Tuesday after all if it was the day that made the most sense for everyone.
posted by peachfuzz at 2:41 PM on March 4, 2010

I'm in! Tuesday is the least good day for me, but I would probably still come anyway.
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A week later and I can make it down. Next week, not so good.
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New to mefi and new to meetups, but I'm in Denver and might be able to come. I'd also prefer week after next, but as it's a bit of a drive for me, you might consider me less likely to make it and discount my opinion accordingly.

Still, I'll keep an eye on this and see if I can make whatever time you guys decide on.
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man I wish meetup threads had some sort of poll/calendar option.

Saturday and Sunday are both booked for me this week already, and weekend days are bad in general - not that it matters but I'm a competitive bike racer, we're currently in the heart of heavy volume training and racing season starts next week. So weekend days are off the table for me (do feel free to do a brunch meetup without me if that's all that works tho).

SO, I have options available for evenings anytime after 6ish for:

Monday 3/8
Tuesday 3/9
Wednesday 3/10
Thursday 3/11
Friday 3/12
Saturday 3/13
Sunday 3/14 (ooh Daylight Savings starts that day... hmm)

and noting that DST item, things become just that bit more dodgy for me as it's possible I'll be on the bike after work.

USE YOUR WORDS O FRONT RANGE MEFITES lets do this thing, eh?
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I am extremely flexible as far as timeframe is concerned, and I'd love to come. So count me in!
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I could do 9th, 11th, 12th, or 14th.
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OK THEN let's say:

howzabout Thursday, 11 March? Looks to be the least constrained for the most of us. anytime around or after 6PM works. If I make it out of work early I'll just go down and try to scam a party table. Oftentimes it's busy so if you show early and we've not scored a table yet, we're typically just standing around drinking pints and eating fries in the "big booth" wait area up front by the patio doors.

Y'all can always do another meetup with more notice so that people have time to plan. This happens to be the peachfuzz / -t "anniversary" meetup and we had been discussing doing it sometime around now, so let's just go for it! MOAR MEETUPS! Seriously, for a major metropolitan area, I'd say the Denver Metro rolls a tad slim on this regard.

hrm. fieldtrip is notably absent from this thread. Anyone got his email master list of doom? I can always just dig thru my archive for it.

SO, Thursday March 11th at the Southern Sun pub, starting at 6PM and we go until we've drunk the whole damn brewery dry and they kick us out, if past experience is any guide. If you can't show up till late, then show up late, we won't tell on you. We will, however, mercilessly rag on you if you flake out.

oh hai koeselitz!! nice to see you in this thread, where the merry fuck were you last go?? oh right, moving house or some silly shit. LAME :P

Transit peoples; if you're coming in from Denver, the bus you want is the B or BX westbound out of Market St or Union Station. The closest stop to the SoSun is the Broadway stop just past the intersection from Table Mesa. You get off on the northeast corner of the intersection, and SoSun is in the shopping centre on the southwest corner, a half block south of the gas station. It's in the same building just above the crappy Mexican place that you can see as you walk past. I can happily recommend the bus as a car-free resident of both Denver and Boulder these past few years. The regional busses in particular are very bike-friendly.

The pub has a full food menu, it's yummy food, and they have quite a bit of variety including tons of veggie options. Disregarding all that, we normally just start a communal foodshare with a ginormous pile o' fries and a grease-laden trough of nachos and it goes steadily downhill from there. BRING CASH. No, seriously, bring cash. SoSun are like a fair number of locally owned Boulder places in that they don't take plastic in any form. They do have an ATM inside the pub with a $1 withdrawal fee if you forget, plus there's a credit union ATM just around the corner near King Soopers.

That's about it. I think. Who's in?
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holy crap lfr, you've got your shit together.

We will be there, with bells on. Meetups for all!
posted by peachfuzz at 10:17 AM on March 5, 2010

yay, 'tis added to the calendar! (tho I b0rked the city/state format, mea culpa and my kingdom for an edit function).

Last but not least: please RSVP if you plan to come, dear slackers! Why? Well because it's a shit ton easier to seat a group at the Sun if you have at least a fuzzy notion of how big it's going to get. They also don't care if the whole group's not there yet.

ciaocita, lfr
posted by lonefrontranger at 11:48 AM on March 5, 2010

I won't be able to make it...
posted by Confess, Fletch at 11:50 AM on March 5, 2010

I'll be there~
posted by mustard seeds at 1:30 PM on March 5, 2010

Wait, March 11 is next week? I thought this event was in the distant future :-) I plan to be there. I might even talk my non-MeFite wife Christine into coming along.
posted by lukemeister at 1:33 PM on March 5, 2010

I'm in.
posted by koeselitz at 1:39 PM on March 5, 2010

lukemeister, that would be great!
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koeselitz... yeah?


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OK, of the dates listed by LFR yesterday, I could have attended 3/12, 3/13 or 3/14. If this thing is now set in stone for 3/11, I sadly cannot come.

Please enjoy, I enjoyed this a year ago (when I still lived in Boulder), and Southern Sun is a great place, even if you have to wait a very long time to get a table.
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-t: “koeselitz... yeah?”

The last time we all hit the Southern Sun was epic enough, eh? Can't really afford to miss it this time.
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Tarnation. Alas, I shall be in DC. Missing the Boulder meetup again *and* it's a year since -t and peachfuzz met... darn it. Have a great time guys!

Didn't fieldtrip say that no bueno was moving to the Denver area at this time too?

I shall send fieldtrip an email nudge in case he hasn't seen the post.
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There's a wafer thin chance I might drop by.
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I am a definite maybe. School nights are tough for me. I will send an email to my Denver Area-ish MeFite List of Doom (as LFR so affectionately named it). And, if you are a newcomer to our fair city (metro area, front range, whatever) -- I'm looking at you, cirripede and no come to a meetup. We are all rather friendly, smart, interesting, and good looking. And, modest, totally modest.

[side note: no bueno memailed me the other day and said he just got to Denver and needs a few weeks to get settled. What the hell? A few weeks? Anyways...we should do another of these soon]

[additional note: if you haven't sent me your email address....please do (via memail, or email in profile), so I can add you to the list of doom as mentioned above]
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Nails you are quite possibly my favourite MeFite, at least for this week. Thanks bro!
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oh, drat AND, geez, DC? I just saw that you won't be able to come. We'll all miss you loads, dagnabit. We shall have to have a Falling Rock meetup sometime soon, for old time's sake, eh?
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man I wish meetup threads had some sort of poll/calendar option

Ask and ye shall receive.

On 3/11 I'm participating in a trivia night in Denver around 8, and I should probably be there around then. However, I get off work in Boulder around 5, so if people want to meet there a liiiittle earlier I'll be there from 5:30-7.

...well, I guess I mean I'll be there anyway, so don't feel bad if you want to come early.
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I'm pretty sure me and the missus are in, she loves Southern Sun.
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ok, heading over now!
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Google Maps says I'll be there at 7:15. Don't know exactly how much I trust them, but there you are.
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Yay! We have a table! In fact, it's the same table that we had for the March meetup a year ago!!!
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I'm blind! Just walked through & didn't see any familiar faces. I'm standing outside looking perplexed.
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Oh and for the uninitiated that would be the long booth on the north side-- scrutiny just made us a sign on yellow notebook paper that says "The Internet"
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Ok for values of "north" read "east", thanks to mr. lfr for correcting me :/
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Thanks lfr! Great seeing y'all!
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Glad y'all having good time out there. Sad I'm in DC. Ecstatic that completely-out-of-the-blue I bumped into a London buddy, outside a restaurant, who's also here for a couple of days though.
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Ah, balls.
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