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I am traveling to London tomorrow from the US, will be there for 5 days. Would love to find a few laid back pubs w/ live music -- any suggestions? (I am staying near Soho.) Any UK mefites out there care to meet up for a pint?
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Gosh I'm just seeing this -- Mrs Mutant & I are normally very into meetups, we've organised several here in London actually and always make an effort.

But I'm writing a finance book, working one word at a time towards a deadline, and I've got a couple of private client research papers due as well ("All eyes on Greece but what about Spain?" and "Hello England I'm the IMF. We last met in 1976"), so it would be difficult for me to meetup, especially so in Soho as we live on the other side of town, The East End in fact.

If you are out and about, I can recommend The Intrepid Fox.

Of course if you end up in The East End there is absolutely nothing like The Mad George Tavern.

Its our local (we live on the Estate it adjoins) and the pub comes highly recommended. Not just by ourselves.

Have a great time in England. I've emailed you my mobile just in case we can help in any way (information, advise, bail) while you're here.
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If you're around Soho on Wednesday night, drop in to the Royal George between 8pm and about 10:30pm. The pub itself is nothing particularly special, but on Wednesday nights the basement bar hosts a ukulele jam session which is fantastic fun. I don't know whether I'll be there myself, but it's always packed out and should be a good time. Oh, and anyone's welcome to sing along, even if you don't have a uke. (And if you want one, Denmark Street's many guitar shops are practically next door!)
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Mutant - You are the third person in three days to suggest The Intrepid Fox - it is on the short list! Sorry that you and the Missus are not able to meet up this go round - and thank you for your mobile number in case of any, er, infraction I might find my way into. Mefites know our kind, eh? Good to know across the pond someone will still have my back.

ZsigE - I appreciate the heads up on The Royal George. It just so happens that I grew up on Oahu, and I play a pretty mean ukulele, so that will be just right! It is close to my hotel, so I plan to have Sunday dinner there tomorrow - the menu looks wonderful.

I am moving to London in September to attend school - perhaps we could all grab a pint then?

Any suggestions on where the best place to pick up an international sim card for my mobile phone would be? My company does not have international plans, but I did have my phone unlocked.
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The is good fun. It's a pub with separate venue though...and how chilled out depends on the act.

I would be up for coming out.
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The missing link
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Not Supplied - I have heard some good things about a few pubs in Shoreditch, although I am not sure where it is exactly in regard to where I will be in residence, I am certain I can find my way via the tube.

My connecting flight picks up soon, will be in London in the AM, let me know when/where works for you.
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I'll likewise identify myself as part of the ex-pat Mefi network. Moved here from San Francisco two years ago now.

Don't know where you're studying but as I live in the UCL/Bloomsbury area, happy to help out with anything regarding this part of town too.
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I also posted this if anyone would like to go, or has any information on the subject of pony rides...
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I could be up for a meetup - after work rather than late night would be good.

You've had some good suggestions already. I like The Ship in Wardour St (which is Soho) - decent music (of the rock/indie variety).

[Plus, it was immortalised in Underworld's Born Slippy, and Irvine Welsh's Fortune's Always Hiding]
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Infinte Jest - Not supplied is game for a meetup, had not settled on a place or date (I leave Thursday morning) - tonight, I am heading out solo to the Royal George for a pint, and the Bree Louise for dinner (and another pint) if you'd like to join.

Probably make it to TRG around 6:30. All others are welcome to venture out. We Mefites tend to be able to identify one another in the wild.
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