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Probably doing this wrong, but...I'll be in York, PA on the evenings of April 6 and 7 for an ADA/ADAAG conference...

I realize that's not exactly a central place to anywhere, and I don't really have time to drive to Philly, but I'm usually kinda lonely at these things.

Last time I had some excellent Pho and plan to go back to the Pho Bistro again, certainly wouldn't mind some company.

And no, I have no idea where anything there is but I do have gmaps and a gps.
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I live in Hershey and would not be entirely opposed to driving out to York for dinner on Wednesday the 7th, though Harrisburg would be a more convenient venue.
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The very thought of a meetup in my hometown is so weird and cool that I'd be interested in driving out to a Wednesday 4/7 meetup if such occurs. But the whole thought is sort of bizarre... either York has developed significantly in the last fifteen years, or Metafilter has....
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I think Harrisburg is probably do-able. Google says 30 minutes or so.
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I'll stop threadsitting. We have trainings in York because the DBTAC likes to sponsor them in locations that are fairly central. It's like 4 hours from me, but it gets DC/Philly/NYC/Pittsburg, etc, all there somewhat uniformly. :)
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I never thought I'd see the day that my wee little town would get a mefi meetup. TomMelee, where is your conference/hotel? That would allow me to better fine tune my venue suggestions :)
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The HolidayInn Hotel/Conference's right by the whateverplex that has the Gander Mountain and a bunch of other department store-y places I won't bother to go. It's at 2000 Loucks Road.
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you're on the west side of town, and yeah, for a meet up you'd probably want to head downtown: Market, Philadelphia, George and Beaver streets are going to filled with all good restaurant/bar choices, but depending on the size of the meetup might preclude some of the smaller ones. I'd be down if I can get a babysitter that night.

some suggestions, all googleable:

Roburritos (punk decor, yummy burritos)
Pho Bistro (vietnamese)
Esaan (thai and gelati)
Bistro 19 (bar & grill type food)
White Rose Bar & Grill (bar & grill, duh)
Maewyn's (an Irish pub (though they seem to be wearing scottish kilts...))
Colosseo (Italian)
First Capital Dispensing Co (pub)

if you're free for lunch on 6th be sure to check out Central Market (only day they're while you're in town)
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Oh, hey...I grew up in York. Definitely go to the Central Market. I also like Brown's orchards for apples and baked goods, and they have a coffee/cafe thing now.
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Hi again. My current plan is to go back to the Pho Bistro tomorrow night, say...6:30ish if anyone feels like making it. If not, no worries. If there's interest in the night of the 7th instead, I've got to eat that night too---so speak up!
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