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Sydney Mefites? I am trundling over the desert to Design-EX next week and would like to meet you fabulous creatures.

I can't believe how much I don't know Sydney but will be staying Potts Point and going to Design-Ex during Thurs, Fri, Sat days [any other Mefites going?] I would love to meet some Antipodean Mefites - it's kinda lonely with [I think?] just Harriet Vane n me over here in Perth.
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Hm, I'll most likely be in Melbourne Thur-Fri; not sure what my Saturday is looking like, but I'll be back in town, at least. Are Thur-Sat the only days you'll be in Sydney, or are those just the days of the design event?

Note that you can see nearby mefites in your profile. Apart from Harriet Vane, Talez is reasonably active. The others I'm not so familiar with.
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Thanks UbuRoivas. I'll go check that little feature. I'm over from Weds to Sunday lunch and staying with some friends.

I read on somewhere that Sydney had a lot of active, friendly Mefites so I thought that MF gatherings might be a regular 'thing' there. But maybe not.
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We normally have at least one or two meetups a year, especially in circumstances like this when somebody is coming from out of town. I have no idea where the others are hiding.
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I'm here! So wait. Do you mean THIS Thursday-Saturday, or NEXT Thursday-Saturday (aka ANZAC Day weekend)?

Because I'm going away all ANZAC Day weekend. :(
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Ooooh, oooh... I"m here. Have I missed the partay? What's the story?
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I'm not sure, but I think honey-barbara may have been kidnapped by that Wolf Creek guy before we had a chance to get to her.

While we're waiting for her to show up on some desert roadside, why don't you entertain us with stories of what the little tafflings got up to in Melbourne?
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Oh noes, poor honey barbara. Such a short, but pretty, life.

Little tafflings went on a horse and carriage ride (soooo smelly, they have poop bags under their tails... not so glamorous!) and played in the water at the botanic gardens, gave money to buskers and had shed loads of dosh spent on funky clothes for them and were taken to fun and fabulous restaurants all the time. Oh, and they swam in a heated roof-top pool at the hotel. They lurved Melbourne! Bored yet????
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I LOVE Sydney! I may have to move here... Am staying in Paddington if that's useful for anyone? Once I've got through this hangover, I'll be ready to play again but am leaving Sunday after lunch.

Sure I'll be back soon. This place is awesome!
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Very glad you're enjoying yourself! I meant to check back in yesterday to say that this weekend is heavily against me making it to a meetup, but I guess that might've been obvious by now.

Paddington's very cute; probably the first inner-city Victorian terrace suburb to have been gentrified, from the student slum it apparently was until the mid 70s. Now, you need to be a couple of merchant bankers to even get a bedsit there.
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