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Kalamazoo Meetup!

It appears we have some Kalamazooians! Let's meet up! I propose Wednesday May 19th at a local brewpub.
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Wait are we talking Kalamazoo, Michigan? BECAUSE I'M TOTALLY GOING TO BE NEAR HOLLAND THAT WEEK. Whew I got a little excited. I've been *just* missing meetups left and right. I'm totally there. And I'm totally not from Kalamazoo. And I hope that's ok.
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If you want some potential out-of-towners, the International Congress on Medieval Studies is May 13-16 at WMU. I'm not going this year, but I'm guessing there would be a few Mefites there. (Whether you'd be able to pull them away from evening conference events is another question...)
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I'm in Lansing and would be interested in driving out to K-Zoo for it.
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Might be fun to take a 2 hour trip to there... got relatives that live nearby.
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got relatives that live nearby.

you don't got a gal there?

/old guy
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If this was closer to a weekend I'd give serious thought to coming on route to visit family in Grand Rapids.
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Evey monday night (that would be May 5 & 12) the Kalamazoo Curling Club has open curling between 8:30 & 10:30 PM. A mefi meetup/curling extravaganza would draw me down from Grand Rapids for sure. Otherwise, there is the standard meetup at Bells to drink under the hop trellis in the beer garden, though if the medievalists (damnable Goliards, the lot of 'em) are going to be in town that week, it could be kind of crowded .
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I'm getting married in Kalamazoo 5/15! (probably won't make a meetup, but how often does a Kalamazoo thread come up?)
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Fantastic! Count me in...

Personally, I'd like to go to the Strutt rather than Bell's, but that's a personal choice. (Bell's may have the best beer, but a frequently-rude staff. Plus the outdoor beer garden isn't open until June 3).

If weekends are on the table, there are some great downtown festivals coming up: GreekFest June 3-5 and Island Fest is June 17-19.

Chrischris: Curling has concluded for the summer, but I LOVE the idea of a MeFi bonspiel in the Fall/Winter. Are you in the league? (I'm Eric with Team Deater).

I'll keep my eyes and ears open, and I'll stayed tuned to the thread.
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If I wasn't flying out of state 36 hours later, I would be all for this.

The beer's always been good when I visited K'zoo, hope it's good for you guys too.
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update: I would still love this to happen but it sounds like weekdays are hard. What about this Friday at Bells to see Who Hit John play featuring Metafilter's own Baby_Balrog? Could be epic.
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