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Last-minute São Paulo meetup! I'm in town, around MASP, for the next five days - any MeFites around and up for a meet?

Just landed now, which is apparently the 10th of May, and leaving on the 15th of May. And terribly busy on the 14th of May, so that'll be the next three days then.

In my defence, I don't have a clue what's going on here, how to get around, or speak a word of Portuguese. Also, OMG THEY DRIVE ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE ROAD FROM WHAT I AM USED TO!
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Whilst I'm some distance from Sao paulo right now, I did a couple of months there as a visiting researcher a while back.

If you don't get any local mefites answering, if you're short of things to do, eat Feijoada on wednesday (most cafes will do it on a weds, I found - it takes too long to cook to do it everyday so it's only done on weds and sun); go to Liberdade for sushi; churrascarias (barbecue houses) are must do events. And you can get around by subway which is clean and efficient. There's quite a big couchsurfing community there I think - at least, I met a few, and that might be worth investigating if you're looking for random internet strangers to chat with. Yes, most of my recommendations are food-based, but my, the food is fantastic!
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Also, if you're near MASP you might as well go in. It's really cool inside. There's also a fair underneath, which I think is every day. Hell, just sit in front and wonder how they made the damn thing without any supports (is the whole thing really suspended from the brackets?). Lina Bo Bardi's not telling.
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Oops, looks like the Feira de Antiguidades is only on Sundays.
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Ho thanks everyone! At least, Handee and Stinker! Food's a funny one as I'm a strict vegetarian. The basics are good though!

And MASP is pretty crazy as well. I've not had a chance to go upstairs, I'm setting up an installation in the basement - if you're around on Thursday, drop in - we're running a telematic shared space event between SP and Manchester, UK and it'd be great to have some semi-familiar faces around.
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Strict vegetarian eh? That's gonna be hard.
If you can put up with watching others eat meat, and with being laughed at by the waiters, a Churrascaria is probably still worth a go - when I visited my Brazilian mates in Porto Allegre they told the story of asking around about where to take a vegetarian guest, and all the advice was to go to a Churrascaria, because the salad bars there are awesome (not just salad but also cheese, hummus, beans, sushi, guacamole, ... pretty much everything that can be served cold, and they're sure to let you in for a look before you pay anything). The staff ended up not charging her at all, but they came out to laugh at the strange foreigner occasionally. However, she ate very well indeed. Your other good option is a Quilo, much cheaper and popular self-service place, where you choose your own food and then pay by weight.
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Brazil. Nom Nom Nom. Another thing to try - from a juice bar - is an orange-carrot-beetroot juice. I thought it sounded awful but my god is that stuff glorious.
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And Acai!!! With Bananas!!!

I'll stop now, I'm making myself hungry.
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Thanks Handee. I slurped down pineapple and orange (invigorating!) while one of my companions drank orange/carrot/beetroot, which I had to say sounded more like cold soup.

Beans and rice very good over there - and vast quantities of cheese and palm hearts, which I'd never eaten before.

FYI, I was in the basement of MASP doing this http://now.thenextweb.com/user/MartinSFP/view/6543534 - though all credit for the project goes elsewhere. I was just an equipment and discourse mule.

Fantastic place. Very much want to return, I fear I'll have to reforest Northern Europe to get the carbon offsets again...
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