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An URL posted here has changed. I posted a link to the Glass Engine on the weekend as http://www.philipglass.com/glassengine/#. The URL now coded inside the Metafilter page is http://euphorbia1.client.dti.net/glassengine/ but it fails to connect. The www.philipglass.com site appears to be down as well (and I really hope I didn't get the place MeFied) so the original URL doesn't work either. This is not a redirect I'm talking about: the code in this Metafilter page is different. I just checked http://www.jerrykindall.com/ where I got the URL -- and his code has changed to the new URL, too. Say, you all aren't trying to glasslight me, are you?
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OK, http://www.philipglass.com/glassengine/ is working again, and the link in my comment with the funky URL brings you to what seems to be the same site (probably the true address that the domain points to). But that URL change in at least two online sources -- and my desktop shortcut -- is still a puzzle. The correct URL is still referenced at Google when you search for "glass engine" so it's not a matter of me completely misremembering what I typed on Friday.
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maudlin: it isn't the same site, the navigation links are different, at the bottom right of each page. I expect the http://euphorbia1.client.dti.net/glassengine/ URL is either a mirror or was the original and has been copied to philipglass.com. How the URL got changed in the post is a mystery, though.
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You know, I've been running on about 3 hours sleep a night since last Friday trying to analyze a massive database apparently held together with chewing gum, string and random chunks of Visual Basic. (My husband took a look at the code, shook his head and muttered "Cargo cult").

So at this point, I'll chalk up the different URL to an error of memory on my part. Even the Google cache of the MeFi comments page shows the URL currently in place here.

(now turning off the glass engine and turning on Surfer Rosa ...)
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and I really hope I didn't get the place MeFied

I reckon we need a word to describe the MeFi version of 'slashdotting'. I vote for 'mefried'.

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