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Next week, I shall be returning to my hometown of St. Louis, MO for schyler523's wedding. I will have one night, Wednesday the 19th, dedicated to non-wedding activities. River City MeFites? LET'S! MEET! UP!

McGurk's, 8PM. Mark your calendars.
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What is it with Bay Area Mefites visiting St. Louis for weddings? Weird.
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Love the title. ;)
posted by schyler523 at 6:45 PM on May 14, 2010

Arg! The KC MeFites and the STL Mefites had vague plans for a CoMo meetup sometime in the not-so-distant future. Would've been nice to do it next week so you could (maybe?) join us, if you felt like the two-hour drive was worth it (It is worth it, btw!). Next Wednesday is out for me, for sure, anyway.

Congrats schyler!
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ah, if only Baby Oh Really hadn't totally sapped my will to be awake past 7pm* -- mcgurk's is like 5 min from my house (& where i got married!).

* i know it's past midnight now but i've already been asleep & woken up again tonight!!
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chara, make sure to make more concrete plans for a CoMo meetup soon, I'll totally be there. That's home base for my lady and I. Just don't make the meetup anytime before the first week in June, we'll be honeymooning.
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I'm not in the area, but congratulations, schyler523!
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I can't come! But congrats Schyler!
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Sweet. Having just come from two Bay area meetups I have a sort of traveling trophy (but I'm not sure it makes sense to send it home with you).
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Afroblanco, I just wanted to say, I love that you chose a place and time right off the bat. That definitely makes things easier! And schyler523, congratulations!
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I wish I could be there but my folks are coming in for graduation and I can't blow them off for friends from the interwebs.
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Congrats, schuy.
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Wish you could be there jon...

Someday I'll be able to convince Katy to come to NYC to visit you and Pips.
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Damn, we'll be out of town, leaving earlier in the day.

(wish us luck..we're taking the mother in laws to the Grand Canyon.)
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I might be able to make it if schedule allows...can't wait to have a NoCoast meetup...should be awesome.
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We'll see if I can make it. Might have a 7:30 meeting for the Jazz Education Network Conference that starts the following morning. It would be nice to have a night out though...
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Oh come on, you started high school, right?
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Nice to hear your reminiscences of StL. I would come out for a drink but, I manage to get back to town only once or twice a year and tomorrow won't be it.
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Looks like I can make it! See you there.
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The real question if anyone is checking is if it is still going on? I have work for a half hour more but I'd be up for coming down.
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Bah. I'd really wanted to be there but Friday in SF my throat started getting itchy. By Sunday I was pretty sure I was going to die and, through the magic of pressurized cabins, I probably gave whatever I had to all how ever many people you can squeeze onto an AirBus despite my best efforts to the contrary. My ears popped about four hours after we landed.

I figured I'd be selfish and not share with you all.
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Considering my sleep schedule (or lack of sleep schedule) since Weds, I have to say I appreciate your selfishness, Kid Charlemagne. Any sickness would have been the last thing I could have dealt with. You were missed. I'll post photos soon.
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