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I'm back in New York City, and I'm turning thirty. Karaoke, drinks... let's do this meetup thang.

I'm thinking of heading to Karaoke 17 for some singing then slide over to Revival to just plain hang out late into the night.

When? Friday night, June 11th. I think we'd start the karaoke at 8pm and run it til 10 or 11, then head to Revival.

The charge is $8 per person, per hour (so $16/$24). You pay for your own drinks. Because of the nature of the party, I need a firm RSVP, and I need it ASAP. It's fine to tell me you're interested, but I'm going to give spots to definites first if it comes down to it.

Here's where it gets tricky: If you all want to come (like 20+ people, yaaay! you all love me!), then we can get the big room on SATURDAY night (it's not available on Friday, and the smaller room is not available on Saturday. fun w/ logistics!). I think it'll be much cheaper per person. I also think it'll also be much more fun. But I have to put a deposit down on the room, so it really helps if you can be definite.

I'm hoping to make the reservation tomorrow [Wed.] night, so if you're interested, please let me know. I don't want to turn people away because I reserved the smaller room and then suddenly everyone can make it. It also helps if you can indicate what time(s) are best for you, (e.g. 8-11, 7-10, 8-10, etc.). Of course, if you all say you want to come right away, then I can just book the bigger room and then the more the merrier. =D

Obviously, no reservations are needed for Revival. We'll be in the back, as usual.

Thanks so much for helping me kick off a new decade! I love you all! =D =D =D
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And yes, I realize this is intimidating and requires a commitment and is last minute. Sorry, y'all. I just started a new job, and have been out of town (and off the grid) for BOTH of the past weekends. Seriously, I'm just getting a chance to do laundry now. See how much I love you? I put you all ahead of clean laundry.

Now, I hope I can get a machine downstairs...
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FYI: The big room includes (according to the website):
Private Bar, 3 Plasma TV's, discoball, wireless microphones, a private stage, comfortable seatings.

C'mon, our own private DISCOBALL!!! How can you say no?
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Saturday Saturday Saturday!!! Put me down, dude! I'm so there!
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Awesome! Is that a "Saturday only" or a "any time but I really hope we get the big room"?

Also, if it looks close enough to 20 people for Saturday (and some of my non-MeFi friends and family are coming), I'll go ahead and make the deposit. I'm totally willing to take a monetary hit on MeFi people. I mean, c'mon. We had like a 30-person turnout for my farewell party in Boston* (with only like 15 RSVPs).

*oh snap NYC, you gonna take that from Boston? We can totally get 30+ people!
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Saturday only, for me. It just so happens that I'll be driving in from Pittsburgh that day. Your timing is perfect. But, 'tis your birthday. Do as you please!
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Whoa whoa whoa, when's your birthday, Eide? 'Cause here's a chance we might be b-day cousins (sorta like weiner cousins, except, you know, we just share a birth date, not a girl we've slept with).
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C'mon, you know me. I was totally born on a Friday the 13th. =D
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I'm in! why?

1. karaoke: it is the best
2. My 30th was in november in nyc at karaoke, too! pro tip: get drunk!

totally in.
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Y'know, you're in New York, You never write, you never call...you could drop by the store and see me.. (preferably on a friday around six, ok?)
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Also, my 30th was at an Outback Steakhouse in Kendall, FL 9 1/2 years ago. It was OK.
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I want to do this, but the extreme short notice prevents me from saying definitely. Friday is preferable, as there's a read-in in Brooklyn to protest cuts to libraries on Saturday-Sunday.
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I can make it for either date.
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Karaoke 17 is my very favoritest place in the whole city and I would chainsaw my way through a crowd of orphans to sing one song there.

What? I mean, I'm available and will be there. That's all.
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jon, I haven't actually been in the city on a Friday yet this year. I did the math, and in the past three weeks I've done something like 4,000 miles—hence the rushed nature of this post. But I am pretty sure I can stop by this Friday after work!

Meanwhile, we've got about 10 total so far. Halfway to the BIG ROOM! (This is not counting people like kkkkk and jonmc who have commented but not about whether or not they can attend.)

I feel like I'm running a telethon.
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Barring some emergency, I'll be there singing Prince and Morrissey (and My Chemical Romance if I get a drink or two in me)...they got Korean songs too. I am sooo on this shit. And you will enjoy it, regardless of the blood filling your ears.
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I see they have Spanish songs. Yay. Anyone know how good their Spanish list is?

Hopefully none of you'd be opposed to multilingual karaoke
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Grr... unless a miracle takes place (or I unclench my fist enough to take the hit on my savings account) I can't make this one. And I love karaoke!
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Saturday the 12th is my 20-year high school reunion, at 7pm in the same neighborhood. So, if the meetup is Friday, I'm in for the Karaoke + Revival. If it's Saturday, I'll come to Revival after the reunion winds down.
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I would give anything to be there, you know, my dear, you having attended my 50th last year. But, sadly, it cannot be.
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It looks like we're stalled at around ten. I'm going to call to reserve the smaller room tonight unless there's a sudden surge in YES!es by 5-6pm.
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Okay, I made an executive decision. Here's the plan:

Karaoke one7 at 8pm on Saturday. We'll stay there for 2 hours. Then we'll head to Revival where we have the lounge in the back reserved from 10pm on. Both reservations will be under "Nat."

I'm going to put a deposit on the party room tonight. It's a flat rate for the party room, so the more of you who come, the cheaper it is per person. I won't ask for more than the original $16 I quoted (but feel free to chip in whatever you like =D); I'll take the hit for whatever the shortfall is. It's worth it to me just to have a good time with you guys. =)

There is a $270 minimum drink order for the party room. Again, I'll cover the shortfall; don't feel pressured to drink. But everyone has to be over 21, and must bring ID. The party room apparently comes with its own bar, so there's that. It should be a good time, and I think it's totally worth the money. You're worth it, dahhlink!

And if you get to Revival early, feel free to mill around. We have the lounge reserved, but they don't allow reservations for the garden area in the back (so you might want to find a spot there *hint hint*).

Please feel free to drop any questions you have in the thread, in my inbox (e-mail's in profile), or MeFi mail me. I hope having a definite time helps y'all plan, and I hope to see you there!
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Sadly I'm busy making some bands loud that evening. Party hard all.
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I will be waiting. If I have left work, I will be here.
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Yay! I love birthdays! And karaoke! And NYC! So stoked!
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I went to the place last night to put the deposit down. Looks good! And yes, cmg, they have Spanish songbooks a-plenty.
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And in case it's not clear (someone had a question on IRC), you can still come if you haven't already RSVPed. Just let me know you're coming.
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I'm in.
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Omg, can we share? =( I want people to say happy birthday to me too. And the meet up is like smack dab in the middle of our respective days of entering this world.
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OK that previous comment made no sense, it's 2:30 am. I meant can we share b-day wishes =(....
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Only if we can duet on the birthday song.
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So how did it go??????????

OH WAIT! I was confused. I might be there saturday the 11th, but I definitely couldn't make it saturday 5th. I'll only be going to the bar though.
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Sokay... I got a call at 9:30 last night from a friend telling me he was getting on the train. I don't turn 30 for another week, folks! Stop trying to age me prematurely!
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If you can't prematurely age a whole year on your birthday, you're doing it wrong. In fact, that's how aging works. I'm trying to see if I can do the dance to T-Ara's Like the First Time and sing it at the same time, but it's proving difficult. If the karaoke place has it, I hope they don't have the version with the awkward rap in the middle where the girls just shake their butts like an alcoholic marionette going cold turkey. Awkward rap and ass shaking is awkward.
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Pretty damn sure I'm in, if worky stuff allows. YAY!
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I will be there.
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Depending on how my editorial meeting goes on Saturday, I may be there. Then again, I may end up working on backend matters all day.

I'm sorry for being so wishy-washy.
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Seriously, I'm excited. I just got change at the bank so y'all don't have to worry about breaking your yuppie food stamps.
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We're just now leaving Pittsburgh, so I'm not sure if I'll make it to karaoke, but I'll definitely be at revival. Would someone mind MeMailing me their cell phone number in case I get horribly lost? This is only my second time in NYC. I can't wait to meet you all!
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Well this sucks. A situation has just arisen that will prevent me from being there. Happy 30th, Eideteker and enjoy, everyone.
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I'm at my high school reunion and dressed to the nines, so I'll definitely see you all at Revival later.
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@ Hollywood Diner now for food, heading to Kone7 soon. See you there!
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Will try to make revival. Have been celebrating WC and must take nap now.
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Eideteker takes exactly one word of "Creep" seriously, and that word is "run.". He takes that word VERY seriously, though.
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Fabulous night, all! Glad to see you!
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Tonight was so much fun that I have this imminent sense that my life is all downhill from here.
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Y'all rock my face off. I'm still super-bummed that I missed karaoke, but hanging out with everyone tonight definitely made up for it. Thanks for making my first official night in NYC super-awesome.
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Can I just say, our group version of "Springtime for Hitler" is surely one of my all-time karaoke highlights.
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Karaoke machine quirks always make things better. ("smeal"? "traction"???) Though I was annoyed how the whole word shading thing was a beat or two off from the actual progression of the song when I was trying to do some of the more faster ones.

Also Russian businessman version of DMX also needs an honorable mention in evening highlights.
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I'm crazy like Putin! There ain't no disputin'!

fucking epic.
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Seriously, this meetup has officially bumped "kill Hitler" to third on my list of things to do if I get a time machine.

If you suddenly have a memory of me rapping with myself on a RUN DMC track that wasn't there before, then you know it worked.

You're all wonderful people. Thank you for helping me rock in a new decade in the best possible way. I traction the way you make me smeal.
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