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Come to the 92Y Tribeca this Friday the 4th for "3:10 to YMA", curated by hermitosis and featuring a presentation by kkokkodalk. Show starts at 8PM, drinks and snacks in the cafe after!

hermitosis is awesome and knows how to host a movie so it's about 10x as cool as a normal movie, so, yeah, it will be awesome.
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Also, let it be noted that hermitosis is sporting a dapper new hairstyle which alone makes the ticket worthwhile.
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I can't wait for gigfilter.
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I can't wait for gigfilter.

Me either, but it's not here yet and while this would be okay there a "come pay money to be at this thing" post isn't really a good fit for Metatalk meetup stuff as it exists today. Good luck to hermitosis and all, but we're gonna close this thing up.
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