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New Delhi meetup anyone? Anyone?

I'm exiled here indefinitely and I have no friends here and was wondering whether one of the most populous cities in the world harboured any Mefites who wanted to get together for chat and merriment etc

Looking back at the archives, I don't think there's ever been a New Delhi meetup. I think it is time to correct that.

I have no location/area in mind currently, but it would help if it were a central place. Connaught place comes to mind.
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Oh man. You say this just as I'm leaving! But for the plane ticket, there would go I...

If you decide to go to CP, Sancho's has some passable Mexican food. With guacamole. I nearly cried when I saw that beautiful green pile on my plate.
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Sancho's is still open?

I preferred drinking on the South side, from Chanakya out to Priya Cinema Complex in VV - they've got a cool hybrid TGIF
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Yep, it was in South Ex but they opened a branch in CP. Hard to find behind all the construction, but it's there.

If you're willing to venture south, I'd also recommend The Living Room in Hauz Khas Village -- amazing food, nice ambience, fun crowd.
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really? is that where the restaurants along the water used to be? Its so abandoned looking in the broad daylight
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If you're willing to fly an hour west, we can meet in July. :) And actually, I *just might* be in Lucknow in October, so Dilli is a possibility then...
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Oh no, artemesia, if only I'd posted this sooner. Darn.

Thanks for the recommendations guys. Might hit up some of these places...er...alone.

If I'm still around here in July, bardophile, then that just might be a possibility.
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