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Is it time for another meetup in Singapore?

So I missed the last meetup in January and m1ndsurfer just arrived in town. How does the weekend of 3rd/4th July sound?
posted by hellopanda to MetaFilter Gatherings at 10:08 PM (6 comments total)

very nice. I wonder....
posted by infini at 3:00 AM on June 13, 2010

Argh- I just left Singapore! :(
posted by Xany at 1:35 AM on June 14, 2010

10PM - 12AM SGT on July 3rd == World cup Quarter Finals 3. Just sayin'. :)
posted by the cydonian at 3:28 AM on June 14, 2010

Ah, I failed to realise that. Another time then!
posted by hellopanda at 8:41 PM on June 15, 2010

Nono, I was merely saying if we're planning something in this one month, incorporating the World Cup into our plans might be fun. :) The dates are fine with me per se.
posted by the cydonian at 11:31 PM on June 15, 2010

Eeep, hope you didn't do the 3rd/4th of July as I missed it :-). Some time in the next couple of weeks would be good though. But I guess not this weekend as it's apparently a public holiday.

Can I get an RSS feed of mefi posts mentioning Singapore (or "m1ndsurfer" for that matter)? I just checked MetaTalk for the first time in a while and found this.
posted by m1ndsurfer at 8:33 AM on September 6, 2010

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