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I just moved to Long Beach, CA. Anyone around for a meet up?

So I find myself living in Long Beach, CA again. I haven't lived here since I was 18, so I have no idea where good drinking places are. Anyone interested in a meet up?

Orange County or South Bay LA is okay too I suppose.
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what does the LBC have?

DRAMA. Snoop Dogg has made it impossible for me to think about Long Beach w/o Gin & Juice becoming a song stuck in my head.
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I had a really excellent fish sandwich at Pike's Fish Grill recently. Seemed like a pretty cool place for a meetup.

LB's not that far depending on traffic, I'd be willing to come down given date and location info.
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Um, YES!

I'm headed out the door right now, but there are sooo many things to do in Long Beach. I'm an unabashed Long Beach lover. It's to the point now where enjoying Long Beach is like, my hobby. There's the Pine Ave area, Belmont Shore, Shoreline Village, the arts district, and whatever else.

There's a good sushi place on PCH that has a great happy hour during the week... I'll post later with some other ideas.
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Alex's Bar is one of the best places I've ever been to.
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Former LBCer here, willing to come down depending on the meetup date. I'd vote for the Pike, but as malapropist says, Long Beach has many good places.
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Yknow, Alex's Bar isn't a bad idea... It's got a reputation as a great place, and I've never actually checked it out. I'd be down for a meetup there. What time works for you guys? I'm open between now and Wednesday, and again starting next Sunday.
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I'd be interested, but don't have a suggested spot as I'm fairly new too.
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I'm available any evening the next few weeks. Do we want to schedule it a little in advance so more people have a chance to respond or should we take the current momentum and just run with it?

Alex's bar does look interesting, but it also looks like they have bands and a cover most nights. Monday night drink specials there look decent and Tuesday is free karaoke, which could be hilarious.

What are other people's thoughts? Any other ideas?
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Oh how I LOVE Long Beach! I am going to move there come October of this year. I am there quite often.

Alex's Bar is supposed to be a great place. Reno Room is another good one. I don't know what kind of bar your looking for...there are some great dive bars as well.
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We could schedule it a week or two from now and put it up on the sidebar to attract some attention. Some of the LA metafiltarians may even come down...

But yeah, I hear ya, I don't really want to pay a cover either, and Alex's might not be conducive to an actual conversation (i.e. too loud).
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There's a good sushi place on PCH that has a great happy hour during the week... I'll post later with some other ideas.
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Ummm, do you mean Sushi Studio? Because I hope you do, I love that place! But I think it might be a little small though.
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Since no one mentioned it yet, I'd point out that if you like True Blood, Alex's is where they shoot Fangtasia.
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I might be up for a meeting somewhere in Belmont Shore, somewhere on 2nd street. Or at Joe Josts. I like Alex's Bar and all, but I'm not sure it's the best place for a meetup (I've only been there with bands playing).
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Joe Josts looks like fun. Does anyone know if they can comfortably fit us on some random weeknight?

How does Wed., the 28th sound to people? Say sometime between 6-8pm as a starting time? At the very least it'd be helpful to get a date locked down even if we haven't agreed on a specific place yet.
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The date sounds fine to me.
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So I'm gonna go ahead and say 6:30pm on Wednesday July 28th at Joe Josts. This way we can get it on the sidebar and maybe attract a bit more attention.

If anyone objects, speak up now.
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I've made a post in the IRL section. Dunno if we're supposed to move the discussion over there not. Figured I'd link to it. *shrug*
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Is the venue a 21 and over sort of ditty?
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I see some weird testimony on Yelp that underagers can get into the pub area but not the pool room in the back. Odd.

Also of note: Cash only.
                  Beer only.
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Oh awesome, a meetup! I'm in OC for a training thing and checked in here hoping against hope that there might be something happening. I'll be there, in my sketchy white company cargo van! Hope to see you there, carsonb.
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Ack!! I thought it was tonight. craps
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