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Any MeFites in the Hannibal, MO area? I'm going on a vacation to visit family, but I think I'll have a lot of free time in between the family gatherings. If anyone wants to suggest something to do or even have a meetup, lemme know.

In case I'm not online and people come up with something to do, send me a text at (nine - oh - eight) 635 - Four Five Two Four. That should evade the spammers.

I'll be there from Wednesday (tomorrow) to Tuesday. I won't have my own car, so I'll either need to beg a ride from family or a fellow MeFite if anyone wants to meet up. I might drag along some family members, too, if they're in the mood to meet people from the internet.

Unfortunately, I don't plan on packing a straw hat or corn cob pipe, so we can't have an area-appropriate Huck Finn meetup. But I do have my MeFi shirt!
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My cousin tells me the local hangout is the Java Jive. That sounds good to me, or if anyone knows a good bar or restaurant in the area (say up to a 45 minute drive), that's cool, too.
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Oops, forgot the link for Java Jive.
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What?! Mark Twain?! Noooooo!


It has everything! Ray Walston! Tab Hunter! Gwen Verdon! Gwen Verdon's legs!


And of course, Joe uses Hannibal, MO as his mysterious origins leading to the song excerpted in that little montage above.
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Why not take a quick trip south and see if you can spot the Hornet Spook Light?
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Oh, Chaff. The Spooklight is more in my neighborhood (and quite fun to go see). However, it would be a six hour drive from Hannibal. mccarty.tim may not want to trek that far (though we could have our own meet up on a gravel road in the middle of the night).
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If you do decide to make it a road trip, you should come to of awesome drink specials and thankfully mostly devoid of bros for the next few months.
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Last call! I didn't see the Spooklight or Columbia, but I've gotten plenty of sleep.
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Whelp, I'm going back home to NJ via PHL. I might stop by metro Philly for a world-class dinner, if my mom and sister have the energy.
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