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Hey New Yorkers, oinopaponton moved to our hood! Let's show her how the New York nerds throw the best meetups. How's Saturday, July 24th?

Manhattan gurus, do you know of any West Village bars that will not be packed, sweaty and deafening on a Saturday night? Or any bars off the 1 or A where people can adequately convene and hear each other talk?

I might suggest ReBar myself, since it's just one stop into Brooklyn on the A and proved to be a great meetup locale in December, but it might be a bit of a hike.
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Definitely can't make that day. Any other is fine.

Not that I'm suggesting you retool your plans to suit my concert-going schedule. I'm just saying since you asked.
posted by Eideteker at 10:43 AM on July 16, 2010

Brooklyn's not too far! And I can also do that Friday, if that would work better for people.
posted by oinopaponton at 10:43 AM on July 16, 2010

Smashing! The 24th would be delightful for me, wherever people want to go.
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Is there a Jonathon Coulton show involved?
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ReBar was good times. I'd be down for that.

Welcome to New York, oinopaponton.
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Can't. :( My brother-in-law is visiting with his family from out of the country that weekend. I can't ditch 'em.

Welcome to NY oinoponton!!!
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errrrrrr...... oinopaponton
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If its in Brooklyn, I am more likely to make it!
posted by rosswald at 11:07 AM on July 16, 2010

Is this the same ReBar whose web page says they will close at 6PM on July 24th for a wedding?
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Oh for fuck's sake. Welp, there goes my bar recommendation. Thanks for catching that, Obscure Reference.
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We could always just crash the wedding.
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Been there, done that. Actually, it was just a wedding reception, and we managed to integrate pretty seamlessly with the party. By the end of the night, most of the MeFites were drinking champagne and eating dessert with everyone else.
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How about The Greenwich Treehouse? 46 Greenwich Avenue between Charles St. and 7th Ave. A two minute walk from the 1-2-3 at 14th Street. Never too loud, never too packed, none too pricey.

I mean, not that I hang out there a lot. Or anything.
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Just show up in a bridal gown and nobody will knew the difference...
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The groom?
posted by Splunge at 3:38 AM on July 17, 2010

Poo - I've already booked a campsite on Governor's Island that night. (Loooooooooong story.)

I leave you all to entertain yourself with thoughts of me sitting in a leaky tent and swatting mosquitoes while you all sit in comfy chairs with malt Scotch. (You lucky stiffs.)
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Let's move it to the Saturday of the 31st. Everyone I know from MeFi is tellng me that the 24th is a lot more work, and ReBar should be open on the 31st. win win!
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Also i_cola obviously hasn't been to a meetup where "someone" pukes in my sink after drinking whiskey from ramekins in my kitchen
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I think the 31st works for me, but I'll have to skip out on the early side (by 10 or 11).
posted by oinopaponton at 2:20 PM on July 18, 2010

the 31st is great for me and I will be there.

our last meetup at ReBar was awesome pants, so I'm totally down for that. if you love me, you too will be there.
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The 31st is so much better for me, thanks for bending to my whims.
posted by Eideteker at 12:18 PM on July 19, 2010

oh shit are you in town again?! fuck yeah! now everybody has to come, because eideteker is fucking awesome.
posted by shmegegge at 12:54 PM on July 19, 2010

by my watch, it's 1:12pm.
posted by shmegegge at 10:18 AM on July 20, 2010

Let's say 7pm-ish at ReBar on July 31st. I know that a few MeFi retirees are also coming.
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Terrific! Last time I was at reBar for a meetup I accidentally undertipped the bartender for my food order. Probably won't see the same bartender this time, but, I will come and overtip someone for the sake of my karma.
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Sounds good! Thanks for taking charge of the planning, zoomorphic.
posted by oinopaponton at 6:41 PM on July 20, 2010

I will be there! I don't count as a retiree yet, do I?
posted by hermitosis at 7:38 PM on July 20, 2010

I'd like to be there. We'll see... =)
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I just got 3 pounds of Maui Onion & Garlic Macadamia nuts in the mail. Life is good.
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I will be there.
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I don't know how! I also don't really understand the point of IRL vs. Metatalk, but fine, I'll head over there now and gather my bearings.

Also Greg you pretty much have to come.
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Well that wasn't so hard.
posted by zoomorphic at 11:52 AM on July 23, 2010

I also don't really understand the point of IRL vs. Metatalk

(1) People can add their own usernames to who is/might be/isn't attending (including their guests, so you can get a better head count).

(2) The interface gives clearer, better-organized info about dates, locations, etc. than the MeTa meetup sidebar.

(3) There's a map.
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You forgot

(4) Excuse to use fancy internet abbreviations.
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I will come!
posted by jerkfaceirl at 1:03 PM on July 26, 2010

Oh yeah. That might be the most important one of all.
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Hey, I move to NYC this weekend too! I will try to fit in my first mefi meetup as well, cause I wanna meet you all the hell up!
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I will try and make it, but my folks are in town, so its iffy.
posted by rosswald at 11:16 AM on July 27, 2010

I'm going to be there.
posted by fuq at 8:50 AM on July 29, 2010

I'm not. Maybe next time.
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Dig it. I'm in. Awesome opportunity to celebrate the bar exam shifting incredibly this week from a thing in the future to a thing most decidedly in the past.
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Hey! I'm new, can I come too!?
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Hey, should the people who are coming visit the thread over here and RSVP?
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I posted this on IRL and figured I put it here as well. According to their event calendar they are closed all day today for a wedding. Has anyone checked on this? Their Open Table status is "Restaurant is currently unavailable."

I called but there is a recorded message and no answer at the bar itself. Of course it's 7:44AM so that doesn't mean anything. Maybe call in the afternoon?
posted by Splunge at 4:45 AM on July 31, 2010

This is the secret place to discuss the other thread...
posted by fuq at 3:05 PM on July 31, 2010

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