Otakon meetup? July 22, 2010 7:53 AM   Subscribe

Is anyone going to Otakon in Baltimore the last weekend in July?

Want to meet up? Friday would be best for me if so.
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I'll be there with my fiance. I wouldn't mind meeting up, but would have to check against the programming schedule because there are a few events that I really don't want to miss.
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Not going to Otakon, but live in Baltimore and could be down for a meetup if I don't have to work.
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Not going and don't live in Bodymore, but I'm not too far away (DC-ish) and had a blast at the other meetups. Definite maybe.
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Aw man, Otakon is that week? One of my true pleasures in life is people watching at Otakon during my lunch break.
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I'm really not sure whether the better part of people watching at Otakon is the people in costume, or the people reacting to the people in costume. Either way, it's one of the joys of summer in Baltimore. I'm tempted.
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Dunno about a meetup, but I'll be taking my three daughters again. Good times. pix
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Just moved to the DC area, might be up for popping by a meetup. Especially if there are awesome costumes to stare at.
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