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MeFi's own CarrotAdventure's dinosaurs-and-keytars band, Synthosaurus (Facebook - YouTube), is going to be playing an all-ages show in Vancouver BC at the Little Mountain Gallery on Wednesday, August 4. Doors at 7pm, show at 8pm, five bucks cover. Assuming I can get across the border, I'll be there. Anyone else interested? We can "hang out"!
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I might be down. Saw Jason Webley perform there during the Olympics. Neat little place for a show!
posted by mannequito at 8:06 PM on July 29, 2010

Also we're having a little meet-up this Saturday (first time for me ! whoo!) so I'll float the idea there.
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Oh damn. I remember the venue recommendation thread where I suggested Little Mountain. Guess what? They're in trouble with the city over the usual bullshit with licensing and noise. Another great venue may be closed for no reason. The volunteer organizers had an emergency meeting with a city councillor today. No news yet. Plenty of shows are scheduled in the next few weeks and so far no-one's been told about any cancellations.

So, assume the show is still on, until we hear otherwise... and I would totally come, but I'll be out of town. Best of luck CarrotAdventure. If the worst happens and LMG has the rug pulled out from under it before your show, ask the LMG organizers to help you find a new place to play; they're great people who love music and will probably go out of their way to make it happen.
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Little Mountain Gallery might not be open for live music next week (long story short, Vancouver lives up to the No Fun City nickname). Would be best to call and confirm before you make the trip.

Here's a letter sent out this Tuesday by the Safe Amplification Society:

"Our beloved Little Mountain Gallery, the city's only affordable, all ages, DIY performing arts venue is feeling the heat from the City of Vancouver's bylaw enforcement.

Last week they were visited by a City Official who deemed them to be operating in violation of their license (they are not zoned or licensed for live performance). LMG was told that the City would be issuing them some sort of notice this week. While it remains unclear what exactly this notice will demand it is quite likely to be a cease and desist order."
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..and that's what the preview button is for. PercussivePaul beat me to it.
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I emailed LMG to ask if there's a chance this show could get cancelled, or what. Will post when I hear back.
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huh, well that's shitty to hear about Little Mountain.

I also remembered I've got couchsurfers staying with me that night, so my plans may depend on what they want to do (wanna be a good host and all).

Paul, are you coming to the meet or going to the fireworks?
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I'll be at the meetup. I went 3 for 3 for fireworks nights this year so I feel I've had my fill.
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Well I'm super bummed that I'm going to miss this show because I think it's going to be amazing, but I'm trying to send a bunch of friends there to make up for it. When I described the act to some friends last night their response was basically 'OMG WANT'. (Still no word from LMG). Hope it all goes well.
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I got an email today from the LMG people today saying the show might be hosted across the street at Nyala, which supposedly has a superior sound system and will also allow the show to go later. Nothing was mentioned about the possibility of cancellation but I asked about it in my reply having read this thread. I'll post here again when I hear back.
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I've heard LMG is moving shows to other venues and trying to lay low for a while. Indeed their website now says this show is at Nyala. I was skeptical about Nyala since I knew it only as a restaurant, but a friend says they have open mics there all the time and it's not bad. Also it seems they are friendly with LMG as they are taking several of their shows in the coming weeks, and still allowing artists to charge the same $5 covers. This is a good sign as it implies they're still treating it as a show rather than background entertainment for their dining clientele. So looks like hopefully it will all work out.

Good luck. I've got at least two friends going.
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