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Blog Always, You Interest Me (translated) - Even the French are in on it - La Libération weighs in on blogging.
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The French have known about weblogs for quite some time.

LiveJournal was named "Site du Jour" by Le Monde back in December, and there are hundreds and probably thousands of French weblogs out there.
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There's something unFrench about a blog: France has always been a place where the common man doesn't count, and the expert, professional, officially-designed person is deferred to. Mes deux centimes.
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The writer's own blog I believe. PS I think she lives in... California?
posted by Voyageman at 4:47 AM on March 19, 2002

Emmanuelle Richard married Matt Welch, back when he was helping run a paper in Prague.
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I hope that's not the case, PP... we are looking into getting a .fr domain and translating the site into French sometime in the not-too-distant future.

That, I think, is the real barrier. You have to make weblogs a far less American thing, with strong French communities. Meanwhile, there are plenty of French weblogs out there. LiveJournal just got its directory going again, so I can offer up a small sample.
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Oops. Actually, I can't offer up a small sample. You need a LiveJournal account to view the directory currently.
posted by insomnia_lj at 12:08 AM on March 21, 2002

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